A few months back, there was one weekend morning that Tina, Gabby and I woke up with a great drive for eating. You might be thinking that there’s nothing uncommon about it as my family and I truly have passion for dining (READ : Gluttony is far different from being self-declared food enthusiasts or foodies; spelling pa lang po magkaiba na!)  but that day was totally exceptional. We oddly tried two Steamboat and BBQ buffet restaurants in a day.

The marbling of the meat says it all. Tender, moist and flavorful!
Lunch was at Asian BBQ located at Prangin Mall, George Town, Penang. It was less ordinary compared to Yakimix in SM Mall of Asia, Manila, more so with Don K! Yakiniku Buffet in Tokyo  which absolutely earned a spot in my taste buds. 🙂
With its price less than 50 ringgit (PhP 700 or USD 15.63), Tina chose a package meal that allowed Gabby to practice his “cooking expertise” (Consider this part of his chef-wannabe immersion). 
This was our table. Clean and almost spotless however the grill isn’t smokeless. 😦 
But wait, I know we shouldn’t be complaining because grilling and barbecue are 2 different things. Agree? (READ : Muli, spelling pa lang po, magkaiba na!). To those who are still in the dark, allow me to enlighten you a bit (Violent reactions are welcome on the comment thread but you’re too much if you expect a reply…*biro lang!).
If you must know, I read somewhere that if and when there’s use of direct high heat, it’s grilling.  And cooking meat, fish, or anything you fancy over a low heat slowly with a smoke is barbecuing. Ergo, what we had for this lunch was actually barbecue, not to forget the name of the restaurant’s Asian BBQ, hehe! 🙂 
Res Ipsi Loquitor : The evidence speaks for itself.  
Smokin' !!!
Despite we smelled like what we chow down, the fambam had fun!
After stuffing ourselves with that Asian BBQ package that came with cups of rice, we burned those calories by strolling inside the mall and another mall across the street and hopped on a bus to spend the rest of the afternoon at a public beach in Tajung Bungah, a coast line 12 km away from George Town.
Sunset signaled us to take dinner somewhere. And because it will take a while before we reach our home here in Penang, Tina gave her green light for us to pay Town’s Steamboat  Buffet Restaurant a visit again. 
A sight of a packed food place is always an indicator that we're in the right venue.
If you’re following this blog for some time now, you should be familiar with this food place in Jalan Macalister (Macalister Road) in George Town where (binge) eating is best just disregard the disturbing presence of those LPG gas tanks beside each table (If you’re suffering from paranoia, you’ll instantly entertain the thought that these tanks might explode while you munch and digest a feast–morbid!).
The fantastic and voluminous spread of this place makes up for its lack of proper ambiance.  Food choices and value-for-money are the things that make us go back here once in a while.
Piping Hot Dimsum and Dumplings : Bottomless and Self-Service. YUM! 🙂
Tong tong tong tong pakitong kitong….
There are spreads of cooked and raw ingredients. You either barbecue or throw them down and simmer on a hot soup base. We always do both!
 How sweet it is to end a day with sweets! 🙂
Not the perfect Portugese egg tarts but nonetheless can satisfy one's craving.
 We never had dessert at lunch that day so I we downed cups of ice cream and ice  drops for Gabby (not in photo).
The strawberry and chocolate flavors were mediocre however the coffee ice cream was excellent!
Food is and will always be a substantial part of our great appetite to engage in family bonding.  
Until our next one! 🙂


  1. Nagutom ako sa post niyo Doc! The first photo made me drool.. I’m now craving for some good meat for grilling.. >.< Btw although I love food and buffets, I haven't tried lunch and dinner buffets, both in a single day. Haha.. But glad you and your family enjoyed that gluttonic day. 🙂

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