Last week, everything was unplanned when my family and I had a glutton’s gastronomic adventure from breakfast at Starbucks Coffee and lunch at Filipino restaurant, KKK,  to ultimate dessert at  HAAGEN-DAZS and ending the day at YAKIMIX!  

My wife, Tina, our son, Gabby and I, all came with hungry tummies with my youngest brother, JC  for dinner to this buffet-and-grill-all-you-want-restaurant that we’ve been wanting to try for several weeks now.  Initially, we planned to try it months ago as we spotted Yakimix in their branch along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City near those seaside-‘dampa’ restos. But unexpectedly, after long hours of strolling in SM-Mall of Asia last week, finding difficulties in deciding where to chow down from so many choices, we’re just lucky to find Yakimix’s  posters at the entrances of the mall as one of its newest food places. 

We had to wait for few minutes when we came to Yakimix-SM-MOA before 5:30PM as it re-opens in the evening.  When we’re ushered in to our table, we saw this impressively spacious buffet place…

This was just one view taken from where we’re seated. Another section is available to accomodate, more or less 60 to 70 pax inside and few more tables are outside catering to those who prefer al fresco dining.  Believe it or not, before we get to taste our first choices from the spread, the place was packed in a heartbeat…

I know you’ll agree with me that whenever an oriental food place is full of chinky-eyed diners, then it verifies the taste of Japanese and Chinese foods it offers. 😀  That was so apparent when we dined at Yakimix; the more we got excited to try all dishes at the buffet table.

I got this plate filled with raw seafoods and marinated meat for us to cook in our smokeless grill at our table…

Soon after the wait staff smeared oil on the grill and turned it on, our little ‘chef’, Gabby became too busy 😛

Obviously, our son enjoyed cooking for us 😀  Look at his ‘masterpiece’…

We’ve tried Shabu-shabu few times before and still enjoyed Yakimix for it’s purely grilling pleasure.  Everything was browned by Gabby to almost perfection 😀

There were more seasoned cut meats and seafoods on the buffet spread; skewers which we failed to sampled; there’s always a next time. 😀

It may not be the best Sukiyaki in town but it satisfied my craving for that sweet and salty Japanese soup. For me, UMU in DUSIT THANI, Makati City serves the best Sukiyaki.  My brother, JC had the other bowl of Hot and Sour soup which was also just OK.

I got few sushi and two slices of sashimi 😀

On Tina’s ONLY plate :  ebi tempura, fried unbattered prawns, california maki, bacon-wrapped shrimps,  crab sticks, mushroom and veggies,  and according to her, the best among she tasted from Yakimix were those “seafood balls” .  I cannot agree because I failed to bite at them 😦

On my plate : almost the same thing but I got to try the noodles.  There were more on the spread that we passed on simply because we’re so satiated already. And unlike what you might be thinking, we don’t have bottomless gastric pits, LOL.  😀   There were just so many dishes, but so little time! 😀

There were salad bar, fresh tropical fruits and yes, cakes and pastries too, mostly from Red Ribbon and Goldilocks. 🙂

On our table :

Yakimix offers Selecta Ice Cream included in the buffet! Gabby went several times to the dessert table for these ice cream sprinkles…

Although I found Yakimix’s dishes plain and ordinary,  it gets our nod because of its wide-array of choices, better traffic of diners and spacious ambiance.  Our drinks were refilled at an instant even without asking, but nothing special for the commonly tasting instant juices and iced tea.  Far from the other blog reviews of Yakimix-Macapagal branch,  service at SM-MOA was quick and friendly exceeding my expectations.  🙂   Yakimix’s buffet costs half as hotel buffet prices and can surely give Dad’s Saisaki Kamayan Ultimate Buffet a stiff competition.

Another reason to give Yakimix a try :  where else can you find an eat-all-you-want-Selecta Ice Drops ? LOL 😛

We’ll visit their branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City whenever possible because it’s closer to our place. 😀

Have you been to Yakimix?  How’s your experience ?  🙂


YAKIMIX /Unit 122-126 Ground Floor SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City /

Yakimix Weekend Buffet rate : PhP 580 per pax; bottomless drinks at PhP 55.

PS : Gabby ate for free 😀 (children below 4 feet get to dine free of charge)



  1. wow we’ll try this place this weekend. BUT im not sure kung meron pa sila sa Morato area, I passed by Morato 2 nights ago lights out yung ground floor which i believe located ang Yakimix. I have to double check muna. Thanks for the post Doc Gelo. 🙂

    1. hey, ingrid! i haven’t been to tomas morato yet after i’ve posted this and got no idea if yakimix’s branch there is still open or not…better call to confirm firm. there’s their number on my last photo here. once you’ve tried yakimix, i’ll appreciate if you can share your experience too. thanks! 🙂

  2. We love grilling so much that we bought this non-stick stove-top grill from a mall at only Php150. It’s awesome.
    Will have to try Yakimix. Isn’t it fun to grill your own food?! Will invite a few other friends too.

    1. who doesn’t love grilling, rico? 🙂 did i read your comment right that you got your non-stick stove-top grill for only PhP 150? or was it PhP1500? dowell has it for more than PhP1500… we really enjoyed yakimix for the experience of grilling!

      1. Php150 lang po. Originally priced at Php200. So cheap! Bought it at Shopwise Sucat about three weeks ago. Hindi ko maalala yung brand. Once pa lang namin nagamit to grill chops, and it was great! Will try to feature it soon. We’re kinda busy because we’re moving to a new apartment. Just keep a lookout for it though.

  3. Wow it’s truly a Japanese yakiniku style, here it’s 999 yen during weekdays and 1499 yen weekends it’s probably $17 so cheap there and we have that smokeless grill too. I should bring my family there or maybe in T. Morato hay kakahomesick tuloy hehe

    1. missy! you’ve got to try japanese food places here when you come home for vacation.
      other than yakimix, i recommend umu at dusit thani, the restaurants in little tokyo in makati, saisaki and a lot more! 😀 i’m craving for sushi and sashimi now! 🙂

    1. hello, upto6only! i got a ton of eat-all-you-want posts here. you’re welcome to hit my search engine at my sidebar. have fun! try yakimix, although i found our dining experience better than their food 🙂

  4. wow buffet! doc pwede ask how much buffet nila? ka price ba ng saisaki-dads? ay wait, yung deserts nila, hindi homemade? kuha lang sila from red ribbon and goldi?

    1. dyanie, i think you missed out the price of yakimix buffet on the last part of this post. it’s PhP 580 on weekends; refillable drinks at PhP 55.
      …i don’t mind if yakimix doesn’t have their own signature cakes; after all, you can’t go wrong with red ribbon and goldilocks, right? 😀
      …we enjoyed yakimix and tina wants a revisit, but we like dad’s blue plates too =)

    1. hey iya, thanks for swinging here. welcome to my blog 😀
      dami pa ko food posts, buffets in restaurants and hotels; whenever you have cravings, you’re welcome to hit my search engine on my sidebar.
      …i know how you feel of missing those old growing days with our own folks.

    1. so you’ve been to korea, for work? leisure ? or both?
      anyway, give a yakimix a try and let me know if it can please your ‘korean’ taste buds 🙂

  5. After reading your blog lalo na akong na-homesick! Walang ganyan dito sa Florida. Sawa na ako sa mga pagkain dito, favorite ko pa naman ang Japanese food, hayyy! Anyway, may Disney World naman dito, I guess you can’t win them all. More power to your blog!

    1. welcome to my blog, ram! how’s the weather in florida? 😀
      …most of my friends and relatives living in US really miss all the foods here in manila. 😀 anyway, thanks for the visit here and you’re so welcome to frequent my site.

  6. Yey, you finally made it there! My friend informed me that they already have a branch in Tomas Morato, but it’s smaller I reckon. I had a nifty time enjoying the desserts there at their Macapagal Ave. branch. And you are correct in observing that the place is usually filled in a heartbeat.

    1. hey flf, we have been to yakimix tomas morato just last night and was disappointed to know that they were charging gabby a whopping PhP 380!!! when in fact the manager at yakimix SM-MOA last november 15 did not charge a cent for Gabby and was even nicer to tell our son to eat a lot and enjoy the buffet for free. FYI, Gabby only eats kani and ebi tempura and some bites at pastries and cakes -nothing more; nothing less. so though we can afford, tina and i found it so illogical for him to be charged more than half of the price of adults.

      so what we did last night -we walked out of the door of yakimix morato with smiles on our faces and enjoyed dinner at one of chinese restaurants in morato.

      simple lang yun e : one place’s loss is another dining place’s gain 😀

      am i recommending yakimix tomas morato branch? hell, NO!

      a trip to SM-MOA is worth it!

  7. hi it reasonable for php580?ive been to japan before and i experienced already their original yakiniku was good..were planning to go to yakimix this tuesday march2 to celebrate our wat do i get if its weekdays?is the eat all u can promo not available?do reply my message ..thank u very much:))

    1. hello prettykhat and welcome to my blog!
      yakimix tends to be cramped any day of the week, so i suggest you call them (see contact details on my last photo on this post). if you like a romantic dinner with your special someone, i guess you should find another place. but if you want casual eat-all-you-want-dinner, make a reservation with yakimix at sm mall of asia and you’ll definitely enjoy their spread.

      compared to other buffets with almost similar price, dad’s saisaki kamayan ultimate buffet offers greater choices but doesn’t have the grilling part which yakimix have.

      i also suggest circles of makati shangri la, dusit hotel nikko’s sunday family crossover brunch, heat buffet in edsa shangri la if you like hotel set up. you may hit my search engine at my right sidebar here for the respective posts of those eat-all-you-can places.

      yakimix’s weekday price is a lot cheaper than weekend rates, i guess.
      thanks for asking. enjoy your dinner and have a happy anniversary!

  8. hi again..thanks for the very useful info..and also for the greeting:)well i have to ask you again if the dessert and rice are included in d eat all u can promo?i just read another blog site that says drink is not included as well as the dessert..i dont know if its i decided to leave again another question..thanxs again docgelo..i hope u wont mind:) im really lookin forward to try very soon yakimix..

    1. go through this post again and you’ll find answers to your querries.
      don’t get me wrong, i appreciate you for asking questions.
      desserts (cakes from goldilocks and pastries), selecta-ice drops-all-you-want, fruits, choco fondue and more are inclusive of the buffet rates, and so does rice.

      but bottomless drinks (which taste like powdered commercial juices) are sold for P55 per pax. have fun and come back here again and share your experience with yakimix! enjoy!

  9. What does ‘Yaki’ means? By the photos and your descriptions, Doc Gelo, I may recommend to the owner/s to rename their restaurant- YUMMYmix. Maybe yes for Japanese but for my ears YUCKYmix doesn’t really sound very good.

  10. I SUPER LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i super love their grillers! not to mention the sushi rolls!!! super winner!!!!!!!

  11. doc, how did you find the service in the MOA branch? i’m planning a surprise dinner there for Francis tomorrow night. it’s just that i’ve read bad reviews about the service in the pasay city branches [MOA & macapagal]. please advise. thanks! Ü

    1. hi dash! thank God we didn’t experience mean or bad service with yakimix mall of asia. in fact, the manager on duty was kind enough to usher as in our table and waived gabby’s meal fee because of his height (and age) then. so go ahead, try yakimix if you want; it’s worth it. i suggest you notify them beforehand that your dinner/lunch will be for a special occasion. reservation is of course required as it gets packed easily. enjoy! 🙂

  12. I have been to MOA YAKIMIX with many kids and as a foreigner, I found their service very rude to the kids and to me, where I pay the same amount like the others. They placed a none grill table to my seats where it is a grill buffet. I don’t know whether they are telling us to grill or to just do nothing. I am going there with so many kids at least twice a year, but the service today was like that they don’t need customers to be there. They were saying in Tagalog that there are also others waiting and they don’t need us thinking that I don’t understand Tagalog. as a customer, I felt so bad and I would like to directly complain to the owner of the restaurant.

  13. wow! food looks good! never been to yakimix. I saw your post about “6 only”. Did you mean you can only refill your plate 6 times? thought it’s eat-all-you-can..

    1. jhoana, thanks for dropping by my blog.
      to answer your query -there are tel #s of yakimix at the last photo of this post; you may want to inquire directly from them.

  14. .. hello we’re planning to try yakimix for my son’s bday, i want to ask if there’s a charge for my 2 kids ages 8 years old and the other one is 4…i thought if they avail eat all u can bka ndi nla maubos msayang lng…we’re planning to try it at SM MOA…waiting for ur response..tnx

  15. .. hello we’re planning to try yakimix for my son’s bday, i want to ask if there’s a charge for my 2 kids ages 8 years old and the other one is 4…i thought if they avail eat all u can bka ndi nla maubos msayang lng…we’re planning to try it at SM MOA…waiting for ur response..tnx

    1. hi there! thanks for taking time visiting my blog. about your query, you may want to contact yakimix SM MOA for your specific concerns; their landline telephone numbers are on the last photo of this post. thank you!

      ps: i’m sorry but i am not connected with yakimix or any establishments, tourist spots and whantnot that i feature here on my blog. i’m just happen to be a blogger who loves and fun! 🙂

  16. Yaki means grill – niku means meat in Japanese.. Yakitori is grilled chiken coz chicken means tori in Japanese.

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