We seriously miss cakes from Red Ribbon, Bizu, Goldilocks and Conti's but Secret Recipe's fill the emptiness somehow, hehe!

Last Sunday afternoon, I traveled and was out for almost 5 hours from home and back just to buy some ingredients and bring home a box of cake.  Despite hassles in the trips via buses and ferry, I was nonetheless successful.

I wrote the spelling of our names correctly of course, before I handed in the small sheet of paper to the Malaysian lady at the counter for her to decorate on the cake. I also checked it before leaving  the shop but perhaps, my eyes really do have error of refraction because when Tina opened the box at home, she instantly noticed Gabby’s name was mispelled as DABBY. It made her laugh though. 🙂

Chocolate Indulgence : our favorite from Secret Recipe -bar none!

I made sure that our little surprises for Tina’s big day that fell on a Wednesday were already at hand 3 days prior. We didn’t plan to be absent from work but it happened.  On the morning of her birthday, she didn’t feel well and can’t go up to report to work (blame her Vertigo again). I cannot leave her alone at home thus, I decided not to go to work too (anyway, I had no class schedules); so did Gabby for his school. 

It tastes better than it looks!

Gabby became excited to safely use my favorite kitchen gadget, the peeler with one long carrot. Together, we prepared and cooked our own version of Seafood Marinara with only mushrooms, diced carrots, onions, a kilo of prawns and a kilo of scallops! Sarap! 🙂

Tina cooked Pasta Carbonara last September on my birthday, and last October on Gabby's. Now, we had roasted garlic and parmesan tomato-based sauce for our own version of Seafood Marina! 🙂

 Thank you for everything, honey and I’m sorry for my shortcoming.  Gabby and I love you so much!

Thank you so much, Lord for giving her to me and Gabby!  She’s one of Your greatest blessings to our family! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


13 thoughts on “IT’S HER DAY!

  1. wow true love…5 hours ang inendure mo for the cake? sweet! 🙂

    buti nga “DABBY”, hindi “DOBBY.” hehe!

    happy birthday to miss tina! more blessings and healthy and happy years for her! 🙂

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