Dear Tina and Gabby,

I thank God that I and my other colleagues arrived safely at Kuala Lumpur Airport an hour past midnight yesterday.  From the 3 and a half hour trip, we were ushered to an exclusive deluxe bus provided by the company that took us to 2 bus stops from the airport to our new place in Penang.

This is my first authentic NASI LEMAK experience…

Most of us had this entire plate of their so-called national dish at RM 5 (PhP 65 to 70 or perhaps there are even cheaper Nasi Lemak in other areas); in an instance, it reminded me of  our very own Binalot, less the salted egg and tomatoes.  I didn’t forget to have something to wash down the spice by getting myself a glass of calamansi-iced tea for RM 1.50 (PhP 20).

“Traditionally, this comes as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaf, with cucumber slices, small dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) at its core.” Sourced via Wiki

‘ney, although unexpectedly, I liked it, I don’t think you’ll love it the first bite; it’s hot that you might need a liter of fluids to washed it down. The glass of iced tea I had felt short to the requirement.  The chicken looked and tasted curried; was ok but not that tender as I wanted. I liked the slice of cucumber, dilis and peanut combination. It’s just too early to tell if  my digestive would take it easily as I, God forbid, might have this as breakfast on a daily basis. *kidding*

After that 2AM chow, we headed to another bus stop for our much needed bladder-break then we reached our work place’s office at around 7AM and was delighted to a FREE-Malaysian breakfast and some delicacies.

The turon-looking thing at the middle of the platter was actually like Okoy for it has bean sprouts filling but wrapped and coated with sugar and sesame seads. I just failed to get the names of these sweet treats, can anyone identify?  I like the green and white thing; tasted like suman, biko and maja blanco combined! yum!

At around 10AM we’re brought to our villas.

This will be our temporary homes provided by our employer until we get our permanent abodes (parang ang hirap i-type yung salitang “permanent”) soon.

The villa is right across the clubhouse with wonderful swimming pool.

Look, Gabby, there’s a kiddie pool and a playground too! 🙂

A peek at my temporary own room… It’s not that grand, but complete with essentials. Thank God, my first sleep was restful.

After we checked in our villas, we changed into our business attires and attended to the first meeting with the CEO of the company. He warmly welcomed us and brief exchange of smiles were done.

Then our last stop for the day was shopping for our own survival kits. We bought bottles of distilled water, some crackers, hangers for suits etc.

First dinner in Penang was only at a food court of the same department store we went to.

I avoided being adventurous at my plate last night, probably because I was literally tired the whole day and would like to keep everything safe.  Among the many must-try dishes from Malaysia, I only had  SWEET and SOUR CHICKEN which I purchased for RM 5.90 (Php 80).

I know we have more days (and years!) to savor, taste and experience Malaysia.

Today, we’re off to Penang Island before lunch time.

Stay safe there, ‘ney and Gabby.  I’ll try my best to check out the place and everything here first; and in God’s will, I may bring you here soon. I love you and incredibly miss you.



  1. your place was like any subdivision here in the Philippines. and their nasi lemak hehehe para nga binalot at may egg pa 🙂 adobo style pero curry yung sa kanila. by the way, yung sweet and sour yun mismo yung plate 😛

    1. nasi lemak is as expected, spicy.

      and yes, i bought my dinner in a foodcourt stall called LITTLE WOK so every rice and noodle dish they have are served in a little pan; don’t be fooled by the photo, the serving is just right for one person.

    1. it’s an entire secluded private villas own by the medical university we’re working with.
      it’s provided with 24/7 security so everyone’s safe.

  2. make the most out of that trip. stay safe doc. looking forward to your posts about Malaysia. don’t forget to buy Famous Amos cookies and muffins 😀 whenever you pass by their stalls in the mall, it smells so good, nakakagutom! bring home some for gabby.

  3. Glad to know you arrived there safe and sound. My dad has also been an OFW for a very long time and I know the pains of being separated with family. I admire your courage and perseverance. May God always be with you in everything that you do. Ingat always Doc! 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you arrived safely in Malaysia. I can’t imagine myself away from John and Peewee. I admire your courage and perseverance. Hopefully your separation with Ms. Tina and Gabby will be short lang.

    Ang bongga naman ng university may sariling housing facility – parang UP diliman. :)Can’t for your Malaysian food adventure Doc Gelo. May God be always with you.

  5. HI DOC

    Keep me up date pls over a possibility of my food there and gelato of course..

    ciao chef Maurizio

  6. welcome indeed to a new chapter in your life Doc Gelo! your place looks just like you’re in another part of Manila, no? even the warm weather I suppose will make you feel at home. Tina and Gabby will have no hard time adjusting once they follow you.

  7. Looks like you’ve got an excellent start in your foreign adventure – a nice job and a comfy place to stay. When I left for abroad, I did not have a job waiting for me and I was sharing a one bedroom apartment with five other FOBs (fresh off the boat).

  8. glad to know your safely arrived. Glad may free wifi din dyan para tuloy tuloy ang communication with the family and updates sa bloggign world.

    Ngats dyan Doc and hopefully makadalaw ako dyan sa Penang

  9. oh my gosh doc! i’ve been out of circulation for 2 months and didn’t know you even had plans of leaving! i’m sure it must be tough to be without your loved ones but you’re doing what is best! stay safe and enjoy your stay! we’ll be watching out for your good finds in Malaysia!

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