“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11.

From this post, I’ll be blogging until God knows when far from our home as I begin a new challenging chapter in my life.

I have been to a  few places abroad; Tokyo, California and Las Vegas, Bangkok, Bendar Seri Begawan, Auckland, New Zealand and Hong Kong but this is the very first time that I am in a foreign shore not as a vacationist but as a father and a husband who seeks better life for his family.

I have made the decision to temporarily leave my wife and our preschooler son, to RESTART AND  REBUILD OUR FUTURE as a FAMILY. It is however with high hopes that in several weeks time, they can also follow and stay with me in my new work place abroad.  It’s a mutual decision between Tina and I as we both take part and contribute in EACH OTHER GROWTHS.

The thought  isn’t new to me.  In fact, my wife and I long to work abroad NOT because we don’t have hopes in our own country but personally, I believe we can CHALLENGE more our POTENTIALS to SUCCEED and further IMPROVE OURSELVES if we continue to pursue our dreams and gradually bring them to reality.

I am a child of OFWs; figuratively, “KATAS ng SAUDI.”  My dad was a former Supermarket Manager all over KSA, Kuwait and UAE for more than 17 years.   And just 2 years ago, my mom has extended her being an Accountant and Administrative Manager to the Middle East too.  But neither of them influenced me nor forced me to become one as well.  In fact, they constantly INSPIRE me with their perseverance, dedication, hard work, and above all, their LOVE FOR FAMILY.

I do have great respect to those Filipinos who continuously sacrifice their physical absence to most important occasions in their family in exchange of a more lucrative career.  I admire those Filipinos who tirelessly complete and often times, renew and extend their contracts with their employers abroad with indirect efforts to motivate others to do the same.

I wish that I can also do well in the job that has been MY PASSION and I’ll continuously pray hard for me to deliver the work effectively, beyond expectations.

To my dearest wife, Tina and our preschool son, Gabby, apparently your unconditional love and support drive me to be on my toes and be willed enough to do this for our family’s future.  With our constant communication and prayers, I know everything will yield positive things and bountiful blessings.

See you on Skype nightly and do keep your phone lines open to melt my homesickness away. 😀

I am doing this for the Glory of God and for the sake of MY FAMILY, benefiting our country eventually.

Come follow me as this blog takes you to MALAYSIA and more.

This is it.

Let’s do this.



  1. Goodluck and congrats there Doc. Wishing you and your family all the blessings 🙂

    Sabi nga God always plans better things for us. And this is something that God has planned for you and your family.

  2. awww.. I hope life grants you more blessings in this new chapter. i also hope tina and gabby like it there! 🙂 and i also hope you win the award. Nagclick na ako ha! Hehe!

  3. Matagal akong di nakadalaw, at pagbalik ko may dalawang balita tungkol sa inyo. Nasa Malaysia na pala, at sumali pa sa PEBA! Panibagong adventures ‘to!

    Good luck, ang may God bless you and your family, Doc Gelo!

  4. hi, good luck with your ofw life and since tina and gab will follow you in malaysia, di ka na masyado mahohomesick nyan. you are lucky doc. congrats sa entry mo sa PEBA.

  5. Hi! Voted for your blog already. 🙂

    Malaysia isn’t that far from home. The people there are nice, too. So I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to adjust (but of course, it’s really sad to be away from the family)

    God bless you and good luck on your endeavor. 🙂

  6. Hi doc… just read your blog… well, i have the same sentiment that i can relate to your writing… as if i am the one speaking… in sept12 i will be flying to az, usa… leaving behind my husband and two sons… doc, i will be praying for you, same thing that i will be praying for myself and my family… thanks a lot for “speaking for me”…

    1. thanks my, and good luck on your endeavors in US. Arizona ka pala, i’ll try to remember that when i get the chance to be there, hehehe.
      seriously, God bless us and our families. 🙂

  7. doc gelo deserves victory and success in life.. thank you for inspiring us to work hard to reach for our dreams.. isang patunay na si doc gelo ay kabilang s mga taong naging bahagi ng tagumpay q during my NLE JUNE 2009.. thank you for those contributions! goodluck and have faith in our LORD.

  8. doc santos, i just want to thank you for everything. i can always remember that you are always scolding me because of my wrong decisions.but with that sir, im still happy that once in my life i’ve met a good person like you. you helped me changed to be a better person. thanks sir! and goodluck!

  9. yes, indeed. God knows that which is best for us; and it will always be to prosper us so long as we continue to put our faith in Him.

    This is our faith. And this is what will indeed become of us.

    See you at the top!

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