21 August 2010, Saturday – Finally, we moved in to our new home in Penang. πŸ™‚ From our temporary abode somewhere in Kepala Batas for more than 3 weeks, 4 of my male colleagues and I have began rocking a 2-storey-5-bedroom-penthouse at the 4th level of a condominium in Butterworth.

Look at the handsome lobby…

The first floor of this condo boasts of an inviting swimming pool, a gym and a sauna and a quaint Japanese kois pond.Β  I can’t wait till I bring Tina and Gabby here in late October for a short break, I bet Gabby will enjoy frolicking in the kiddie pool…

The 4 male-medical educators whom I am sharing the place with are my batchmates back in Med school.Β  Getting along with them isn’t new and far from being difficult. We all have experiences of living in dormitories and appartments during those days that we’re all cramming for exams, medical duties and other school stuffs ergo, living in a condo now in a foreign land is just a step higher from what we’re used to.

It was almost high noon when we transferred our luggages and essentials to our spacious new home.

Here’s a peek at day-1 of our penthouse-living…

The first floor has the dining and living areas, a kitchen and a laundry room. The unit is somewhat fully furnished except for 2 rooms without beds and wardrobes. But we’re not complaining because the fixtures and electric appliances seemed all new and what’s more amazing is the presence of split-type air conditioningΒ  units even in dining and living rooms.

I am grateful to my fellows that they allowed me to occupy the master’s bedroom for I have a kid and wife who’ll be visiting every now and then and who knows, might consider living with me here next year (our contract to this beautiful unit is only for a year but renewable to another one, hence options are open!). The monthly rate is affordable specially when shared at RM 1500 (PhP 21,0000).Β  I say it’s hard to chance upon a place like this in Manila or possibly else where.

Take a peek at my room…

It’s equipped with Elba split-type a/c, a bath tub, wardrobe, a dresser and a king size chiropractic bed that’s so comfy I had a restful sleep on my first night.

I know you’ll agree to the fact that having a daily good night’s sleep or even a cat nap on a lazy weekend is priceless. So I prioritized to include in my first and few purchases in Penang a set of bedsheets, pair of pillows and a bolster.

My sleeping heaven is still a work in progress; I’ll try to save to buy few more sets of linens. I also want a firmer pillow; I prefer it than those softy ones.

I bought a wooden laptop mini desk with cooling pad in a furniture shop where my friends bought their other fixtures. I haggled it from the friendly Chinese owner from RM 99 to RM 88.Β  *best when Skyping with Tina+Gabby*

My room opens to its own veranda that’s too perfect for a coffee or reading nook.Β  Take note that the gorgeous sight of lush greens before the bay across George Town in Penang Island can also be appreciated morning after mornings from my windows.

The view from my veranda…

Almost all houses within the vicinity are outrageously huge and expensive; most are with luxury cars and whatnot.Β  We were told that the community is mostly of rich Chinese families and Malaysian aviators who report for duty at a nearby air base.

Despite the fact that we’re all boys in the unit, we managed to pull our resources, headed to the grocery and bought foods and stuffs needed for the next days until payday comes.

The boys got so excited in seeing non-Halal section in Jusco Supermarket in Prai City that they hoarded few pieces of raw meat; chicken (possibly for tinola for we got enough of curried and spicy chix at work place), and yes finally, PORK and BEEF!

One of us volunteered to cook (sarap ng luto mo Doc Dante!), another fixed things in place, while I washed the dishes.

FYI, after almost 3 weeks of being OFWs in Penang,Β  it was only last night that we get to cook our own meal. And guess what we had for our very first dinner after that long and tiring Saturday?

One of Pinoy favorites, PORK ADOBO spruced up with mushrooms and pineapple juice… Sarap! πŸ™‚

Being in a country that does not patronize eating pork except in few Chinese eateries where grilled liempo is served, eating lean pork meat in soy sauce and vinegar (that’s also hard to find!) is such a big deal for us!

To Drs. Alvin, Carlo, Dante and Ronnie, here’s to more adobo-sessions in our little sanctuary!

36 thoughts on “MY OTHER UNIVERSE

  1. .. a 5-bedroom penthouse for 21k pesos?! ayos yan ah, good thing you got the master’s bedroom and have a great view outside. then you got the bathtub (don’t forget your rubber ducky, lol!) and an ass washer! ahaha! di na kailangan ng tabo! yey!

  2. Wow, that unit for that price is hard to find! The bonus there is that you’ll be living with people who are not strangers to you. In Abu Dhabi in my area, a flat’s average rent is AED 80,000 per month (1 bedroom), AED 120,000 per month (2 bedrooms). Makes me want to move to Malaysia. πŸ˜‰

    1. i know for my cousin and her hubby who are both nurses are in abu dhabi too. my mom swings to their place from doha once monthly. they all said housing there is pricey compared to others.

      according to what i’ve heard here, penang has affordable cost of living (particularly food and discounts on malls!) than KL; understandably because KL is Malaysia’s capital city.

  3. wow that place is beautiful. im sure your wife and gabby will enjoy there. and adobo with mushroom hmmm ok yan ah never tried putting mushroom sa adobo.

    welcome home. btw, did you bring in salt and rice when you went there. hehehe pamahiin daw πŸ™‚

    1. kakaiba nga yung luto ng adobo pero sobrang sarap! may friend used pineapple juice and mushroom that blended well with the other ingredients. try it some time. πŸ™‚

      i think we brought salt and rice (jasmine pa nga , 5kg) directly from grocery shopping to our new place. pero that thought (or superstition) didn’t come to my mind before we moved in. oo nga ano… thanks.

  4. You really got nice digs there Doc Gelo. And at a price that’s only half of what I pay for my 1-bedroom apartment in NY! Kaya mas mahimbing pa yata ang tulog mo kesa sa akin.

  5. the two will definitely be excited to be there soon doc. just looking at the master’s bedroom and a pool to swim almost everyday.

    ganda din pala ng village from your aerial shot. isa na to sa mga consolation ng pagpunta mo diyan.

    1. oh yes, dom. the place is really gorgeous. at lahat ng neighbors namin luxury cars ang nasa garahe. mga some things to dream about, ika nga. hehehe πŸ˜€

  6. Thats a neat place. I am sure super comfy yan lalo na pag dumating na sila wifey at gabs. πŸ™‚

    I love that adobo. Ako naman I put kangkong sa adobo ko para me adobong pork na me adobong kangkong pa hehehe. Let me try yours naman πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my! There’s Tesco in Penang??? They really are taking over the world! It would be funny if I see a Tesco in Manila.

    Your new crib looks really swanky. Although it’s not the same without your family, living in a nice place like that helps a lot.

    Did you enjoy your weekend?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  8. Hi Docgelo! I’m happy to see you are finally starting to settle in. I hope your family will have the opportunity to be with you asap. You are so selfless in sharing with us your aches, pains, triumphs and joys. I feel like I am part of your journey. My family is rooting for you! Hang in there.

    1. thank you ms. marie for following my blog. it drives me more to continue what i enjoy doing the most. salamat! or as they say here in penang, terima kasih πŸ™‚

  9. Wow, parang gusto ko dyan magbakasyon next year. This October, I cannot make it, super rush ang Doha Bank project namin dito sa Doha Qatar. I love you always son.

    1. mamy, visit me here soon. sige, next year just tell me at least a month prior so i can prepare everything. we love you too! take care. πŸ™‚

  10. Wow Sosyal… House warming naman dyan πŸ˜‰ Gusto ko lechon ang handa hehehhe…. I bet your Gabby will have a great time playing with those Koi…..

    Have a happy one Doc.. Great things happen to Great to people.

  11. That is such sweet! I love the fact that you are all concerned with each other and as housemates, you can pool your resources altogether to save. Best way to go Doc gelo!

  12. certainly impressed with the accommodations. Hope the place gives you lots of inspiration and happiness;) looking forward to your food posts about Penang, especially the hawker stalls ~ god, i miss it!!! hehehe. best regards Doc!

  13. Hello Doc Gelo, I came across your blog while searching for a place to stay for 1-2 months in Kepala Batas for a short research stint at ADMI, USM. Pero wala po akong nahahanap na dormitories or homestay sa Kapala Batas. Reading from your blog, you stayed in Butterworth while you worked in ACMS. Nung nag-search ako ng places to in Butterworth, madami pong lumabas at affordable nga, just like you said, mura na compared sa manila. Pwede po bang magtanong, madali at mura lang po ba mag-commute from Butterworth to Kepala Batas back and forth daily? May ibang lugar din po kaya na ma-irerecommend niyo? Maraming salamat po!

    1. we commute via rapid penang bus. we purchase unlimited pass every month for about 80 ringgit, gamit namin yon both sa isla at sa mainland. sulit naman, kaya lang it will take you 45 minutes to wait for buses. kami, since di kami bumili ng kotse doon, inalam namin ang timings ng daan ng buses sa bus stop. sa vista perdana kami tumira ng pamilya ko for 2 years, 2 bedroom plus 1 stock room, 2 air con units, sea view 950 ringgit ang renta monthly. I hope this helps.

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