😀 Can you remember the day you learned to eat with chopsticks ? 

I must admit I’m jologs a late-bloomer; I was already in my pre-med back in the mid 90s when I started using chopsticks when eating Chinese and until now I am not an expert. I mean, i still prefer spoon and fork particularly when eating fried rice. What about you? 

Tina and I smiled our widest again when Gabby enjoyed a bowl of siomai-mami using chopsticks. It wasn’t his first time to use a pair but previously, he would just poke kani tempura with them and that’s it.  But last weekend’s eat-out was really a milestone for him as he almost finished the entire bowl of mami with his chopsticks.

We had our late lunch at MA CHICKEN MAMI HOUSE in TriNoma last Sunday. It’s one of those small food places near the cinemas of that mall.  We only had light meals before we hit the grocery.

Although with barely 4 to 6 tables, we noticed people coming in to buy siopao and siomai to-go, and some to dine in.  I thought it was a positive sign that we’re in for a good meal.

We sat comfortably and noticed the laminated menu on our table.  Tina can’t help but ask the waitress about the spelling of PANCIT (a local-Chinese noodle dish) on their menu.


The waitress smiled and told us she didn’t know either. Was it wrongly spelled? Can anyone tell ? I’m too lazy to google. 🙂  At least it really caught our attention to give it a try. 

So we ordered CRISPY PIENCIT CANTON (PhP 168) served with 2 FRIED BUNS (other option was to have it steamed but since we’re having BOLA-BOLA SIOPAO (PhP 48) too, we opted our buns fried; turned out to be nice; not that oily. 😀 We like it –a bit crispy outside and soft inside. The Crispy PIENCIT Canton’s also distinctly yummy! 🙂

I ordered SIOMAI-MAMI (PhP 68) because I wanted to sip a warm broth but when it was served, our son gave it a look and asked me if he can have it. Who am I to say NO? 🙂

Their siopao’s smaller than the usual size but nonetheless worth a try. The filling has slices of mushroom (we like mushrooms!) that made it more flavorful. Sarap but too small for my appetite. 🙂

And since it has been months since the 3 of us vowed not to drink sodas anymore, we settled to their RED and BLACK GULAMAN (PhP 68 per glass) which were both refreshing.

With affordable and delicious meals, Ma Chicken Mami House deserves more visits from us. 

It’s so nice to find a slice of Binondo in Quezon City. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!


  1. hehhe natawa ako dun sa spelling. sabagay malapit ang a at e. nadulas siguro ang kamay nung nag type. sayang hindi ako madalas sa trinoma. parang ang daming good resto dun.

    1. i think the spelling has some meaning to it.
      too bad that the wait staffs weren’t informed about it.
      we just failed to check the other menus on the other tables but on ours, it was redundant as PIENCIT on several entries.. *puzzled* 🙂

  2. bala slang sila kaya ganun haha. naku i can’t eat din using chopsticks haha. same tayo i ask for spoon and fork pa din. guess what doc? marunong na mag chopsticks si aleksei! iba talaga mga bata ngayon hehe! 😛

  3. .. akala ko nung una ibang klaseng pancit yang ‘piencit’!

    .. i have never learned to use chopsticks though, tinidor pa rin!

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