My family and I have been keeping our love affair with gelato, yogurt and ice cream.  Perhaps with different intensity but we love ’em all. 🙂  Personally, they’re few of my comfort foods.  I always say that the world is incomplete and unhappy, at least for me, without these cold treats.

We may have forgotten the brands but the tastes were so remarkable that even after 5 years had passed, my wife and I can still remember how rich and creamy ice creams in Auckland, NZ were.

Locally, we’ve only sampled a handful of delights.  We like GELATONEAMICI + CARAMIA  for gelati. GOLDEN SPOON , RED MANGO , YOH-GURT-FROZ, THE WHITE HAT,   FYI FROYO  for yogurts.  SELECTA GOLD SERIES,  ARCE DAIRY (Have you tried their Atis / Sugar Apple flavor?), MAGNOLIA  and of course, HAAGEN-DAZS  which tops our favorites for ice cream.

Last Sunday, another would-be-favorite has been added to our list. We’ve finally tasted premium ice cream from SEBASTIAN’S…

Try hard not to drool  blink and feast your eyes on the 3  flavors we enjoyed…  




They all taste great! 😀  Tina, Gabby and I give Sebastian’s our two-thumbs up! And definitely we’ll come back soon for more flavors!

Can you match those 3 flavors to us as to who had what?  😀 Katuwaan lang.  

Special thanks to one of my blog-buddies, Ingrid who suggested for us to try Sebastian’s.  🙂

Have a great weekend everyone. 😀

25 thoughts on “SEBASTIAN’S

  1. my favorite is White Macadamia (imagine a melted white toblerone topped with roasted macadamia then served chilled)! not a fan of fro yo and gelato, since I tasted this super creamy ice cream, wala ng ibang masarap! haha

    Gabby had the Blueberry Cheesecake
    Tine got the CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE

    1. i have yet to taste that white macadamia from sebastian’s.
      macadamia ice cream from haagen-dazs natikman na namin 🙂

      thanks for guessing, chyng! saya di ba.. hehehe
      but you got 1/3 only. nice try! 🙂

  2. btw, yes I’ve tasted Flaming Alaska. looks fabulous lang, photogenic sa blog, but i dont like anything about that dessert. Sayang pera ko.

  3. yehey!! you’ve finally tasted Sebastian’s!!! kakakulit ko sayo try nyo na.

    my guess are: Gabby with the choco cream pie, Ms. Tina with the Blueberry cheesecake and you had the chocolate chip cookie dough. I thought you’ll try the mango sansrival coz I know you like mangoes, anyways there’s always next time.

    i hope some day we’ll bump into each other at Sebastian’s TriNoma… bloggable yun! LoL

    (me thinks of another treat docgelo and family will try) hehehehe

    1. you’re absolutely right about sebastian’s, ingrid.
      sarap! and definitely it won’t be our last.

      guessing stops here for ingrid got it all right (clap, clap!)
      that mango sansrival will have a day with me soon. ha ha!

      till our ‘meeting’ in sebastian’s triNoma, 😀

  4. Sarap! I love the cookie dough.. so ang hula ko, that was what Gabby had. Because us kids love them. HAHAHAHHA!

    Pero based sa hands.. parang Wifey had the cheesecake, you had the cookie dough, Gabby had the chocolate? ;D

    1. us kids?! sama ko sa kids ha hahaha…

      correct cza! thanks for guessing..
      siguro sa blog anniversary ko sa may i’ll provide some little tokens para cute, haha

  5. Hi Doc Gelo. Been seeing this ice cream in MOA and other places. Will try soon;) i need something to beat the summer heat…phew! 😀

    1. hi ajay! how’s the pregnancy! it’s cool that you’ve visited my site again,
      thanks, thanks! have some ice cream; you know it will make you smile more!
      have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. You know you could taste each one before ordering though. Because of this post, parang gusto ko na pumunta ATC, especially now that it’s HOT!

  7. I loved Sebastian’s ever since I had it! I tried it in SM Mall of Asia and their service were friendly. I love the water they give out too! It was my first time to drink water with lemon slices in it! Haha, it was refreshing and a cool pair with their sweet ice creams =)

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