Dear Ms. Tess, (owner of Gelatone)

Thank you so much for graciously asking me if you could use my family’s photo in GELATONE’s Anniversary Promo Photo Contest posters and standees.  It’s our pleasure! 😀

Continue to make one of the most flavorful and delicious gelati in town!

More Power to GELATONE and Congratulations on its 3RD YEAR! 😀


Dear Kind Readers,

Whenever you’re in 2F of Greenbelt 3 in Ayala Center, Makati, I suggest you beat the summer heat with GELATONE’s tasteful gelati. Don’t forget to bring your cam and capture those gelato moments to join their contest. Thanks! 😀

Let’s troop to Gelatone and enjoy scoopfuls of  these…

Photo via Gelatone’s facebook.

PS:  my family’s photo taken in Gelatone was posted in this blog entry –> click THIS



  1. grabe certified na certified foodie ka na! btw – how’s the calorie content of gelato? well alam mo kasi i’m trying to lose weight. as in trying really, really hard. :((((

    sorry been away… alam mo na addict sa twitter 🙂 hehehe…

    1. may certification ba dapat, anne? hahaha.. 😀

      what i know with calorie content of gelato; most have around 200 per 1/2 cup so it won’t mess up with your diet unless you consume more than a pint 😀

      you’re not that fat (based on your photos). kami ng wife ko ang chubby, hahaha (but not yet morbidly obese and won’t be on the borderling either; we hope *crossed fingers*

  2. wow… artista na si gabby!!! well print-ad artist.. hehehe. Galing! 😉 We shall give Gelatone a try soon. And I will look for the poster as well. =)

    1. i know, chyng.
      you prefer jelly ace than gelato.
      but is it not a sweet temptation for you try gelatone this summer? 🙂

      dusit’s family sunday crossover buffet is still offered at PhP 1450 nett
      inclusive of tosca, benjarong, UMU (my favorite japanese resto) and basix’s dishes and drinks (don’t miss out the wines from tosca!)…wait, i should have a discount from dusit for promoting them for free.. paging dusit…:)

  3. did that means you are a winner or that you automatically got entered into the contest? the pix should win, just look at the joy in your kid’s and wife’s face after eating the refreshingly delicious gelato 😀

    1. no, ewok1993. gelatone’s photo contest for their loyal patrons on their 3rd anniversary has just been launched recently and my family’s photo taken on our last visit there was only one of those pictures that was used for their posters.

      we’ll visit gelatone soon whenever we find time to go to makati not only to join their promo this april but to enjoy those tasteful gelati. thanks!

    1. gelatone deserves a second, a third, a fourth try and more, dyanie!
      go take a pic of their poster ha. thanks!
      join in their contest too. who knows, you might treat us there come april when you win. 🙂

    1. wow, ann, talagang pag isipan mo pa ng concept!
      you have to treat us when you win, ok? 🙂
      enjoy gelatone and buzz me when you post your entry.
      good luck!

  4. Hi docgelo!

    Many many thanks for you kind words for Gelatone! We are committed to continue to give you, all our friends, the best gelati in town! And, as we start to gather those photos, we shall try put a Gelatone Community in place where we can all connect and communicate with each other- the FB site has been abuzz with comments!. After all, what’s a humble gelateria like Gelatone be, without the support of friends like all of you!

    May I also take this opportunity to invite all of your friends to visit the FB and Multiply sites of Gelatone!

    Anne, I can’t help answering your request for calorie count. Gelatone is still working on that, but suffice it to say that our gelato is made with skimmed milk, so that makes it lighter than the regular milk. The sorbet is a concoction of fresh fruit, water and some sugar. That is healthier and even lighter! And PS, I make the gelato myself!

    See you all @ the store!


    Tess Songco

  5. hi doc! nauna pa po Gelatone blog post ko kesa sa entry ko… hahaha… pero i have an idea in mind na po… hahaha may “po” nanaman.. magagalit ka nnman sakin…

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