You know that a restaurant serves yummiest and reasonably priced foods when diners need to queue and wait for a table during lunch and dinner. Luckily for the three of us (my wife Tina, son Gabby & I), even if we arrived at exactly 12 noon today, we didn’t have to wait that long as we revisited Mann Hann in TriNoma mall, Quezon City.

Among the many chinese restaurants in the Metro, Mann Hann is one of our favorites. We already had lunches and dinners with our families and friends at their branches in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and ofcourse, TriNoma. Ambiance in all of its branches, is plain and simple, unpretentious, very unlikely other oriental restos. The entrees in Mann Hann’s menu have distinct taste served within few minutes after you made the order, by courteous and efficient staff.

And these are among our favorites :
LECHON MACAU, PhP 205. Crisp, deep fried pork belly.

SPICY SQUID, PhP 215. Not-so-spicy, tender slices of fried squid with bagoong & calamansi dip.


LECHE FLAN, PhP 50. for Gabby. We also had WONTON SOUP, PhP 125
and a liter of HONEY LEMON ICED TEA, PhP 100.


Unit 1007 Level M1 TriNoma
North Ave., cor EDSA, PAGASA,
Quezon City
Tel/fax : (63-2) 901 3133

8 thoughts on “MANN HANN

  1. never tried mann hann but I like mister choi.. by the way you son is so adorable, hindi kayo nahihirapan with him when dinning out? behave ba? my two older boys are not, siguro kase dalawa sila kaya makulit 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ms. Pehpot. You should try Mann Hann.
      Our 4 y/o son likes going out, in fact, his frequent stroll places are Glorietta & Trinoma malls. Just like other kids of his age, he’s a bit malikot but knows how to act properly. He’s well behave whether we’re at home or enjoying out. Probably because at a young age, we instilled to him the value of family bonding and GMRC, LOL and the fact that he has traveled few countries makes him a better kid than we were before. I attribute my son’s lovable traits to my lovely wife ofcourse.

  2. My wife and I really like Mann Hann at Trinoma. Service is normally good but they do get quite busy at times. It is the only restaurant in Trinoma Mall where there is normally a wait at lunch. As you walk to Mann Hann you will pass four or five other restaurants that are near empty only to find a que at Mann Hann. We liked the mixed vegetables, the lechon dishes, the beef brisket, sweet and sour pork and wonton soup. The Mann Hann in Trinoma also has a few other dishes on a blackboard. Only one time out of ten plus visits have we had a selection we did not like and that was the pata tim which was too fatty to enjoy.

  3. I accidentally got to your blog when I was looking for pictures of Mann Hann. I like the interiors of the restaurant and of course love the food. I was hoping I could achieve the same look as I put up a Filipino restaurant here in Canada but turns out wood furniture are so expensive here.

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