There’s never a dull moment for my family when it’s chow time.  Whether we’re enjoying home-cooked dishes or dining out, our choices remain simple. 

And one of our favorite mall-based restaurants is Mann Hann.  We like it for their unpretentious Chinese dishes with Pinoy taste and their casual and never intimidating ambiance.

Upon browsing my files, I found pictures of our late lunch from Mann Hann in TriNoma several weeks ago. 

Although it drizzled a bit today at some places in the Metro, it’s still Summer and Halo-Halo is just perfect whether for lunch, an afternoon snack or for some, even as an after dinner dessert.

Any guess who among us requested for Halo-Halo that time?

I remember Tina suggested a noodle dish, so we opted for Seafood Chami…


It’s a little greasy but the taste is just flavorful!

We also had that much required Yang Chow Fried Rice for extra Carbo-loading… (for what? nothing, LOL! we just felt we like to eat fried rice even if we’re having noodle dish too! Mann Hann’s version doesn’t disappoint).

That time, we passed on one of our Mann Hann favorites, Spicy Squid which is always serve with Chinese Bagoong (now, I’m craving!), and favored another crunchy delight, Lechon Macau…

I know, I know… you’re counting the calories and cholesterol levels!  OK, we’re guilty of savoring those sinful foods! LOL!  But we also try to eat fruit and veggies on a daily basis; lots of them, actually to help washed out those artery-clogging lipids *defensive*.

 And yes, Gabby had one of his comfort foods…


Why do we like Mann Hann? Gabby’s smile says it all.


Mann Hann / TriNoma Mall, Quezon City (also located in other malls).


  1. Too bad it’s just a drizzle, I would really like it to rain harder! The crops in the provinces haven’t been properly watered for a while now!

    That Halo-halo looks amazing. I’m suddenly craving Chowking Halo-Halo cos I’ve never tried Mann Hann!

    When eating, I nevermind about the cholesterol or the carbohydrates! That’s cos I need to gain weight LOL! I like oily food too!

    Sakto lang ba ang presyohan dyan sa Mann Hann? 😀

    P.S., Doc, kailangan ko po ng medyo fresh na utak para sa isang klase ko po. Meron po ba kayong alam kung san makakahanap nito na merong easy access? Kailangan po kasi ma picturean yung brain kasama ako! LOL weird assignment and it’s pretty tough to gain access too.

    1. prices of food from mann hann are reasonably affordable; range from less than a hunded pesos for dimsums to around PhP 250 for each entree to share.

      human brain? i suggest you go to a medical school’s anatomy laboratory; then try to ask for assistance of a lab technician about your concern. fyi, during my time one whole brain costs around P900 plus but i didn’t avail. anatomy atlas was enough for me.
      i didn’t find it as weird assignment for a biology class; only unusual querry for a food-family post like this but i don’t mind, actually.

      good luck on the photoshoot with a brain! LOL! and try mann hann one of these days.
      thanks, halfcrazy!

  2. NOOOOOO! It’s just the strat of the day and i’m drooling like there’s no tomorrow. Arrrrghhh. Remind me not to visit this site on a morning. (LOL)

  3. The first resto in mind when me and my wife are in trinoma. Haba lang ng waiting time to be seated, but its okay! Thanks for your comment..=)

  4. docgelo!!! when was this taken? we were at TriNoma yesterday and was looking to eat at Mann Hann pero may pila na ng 6pm. naku, malapit na tayong magkasalubong nito 🙂

    we love Mann Hann also. fave namin yung sweet and sour spareribs nila at roasted chicken 🙂

  5. I love the food at Mann Hann! My favorites are the oyster cake and the tofu tempura. Throw in a pot of hot tea or a ginger ale and I’m good. 😀

  6. oh that looks yummy especially the pancit! 😀

    I’ve read lots of good reviews about this resto I have to try it real son! 😀 I love Chinese food, especially noodles but we’re frequent;y in North Park.

  7. Wow, and I thought Mann Hann was very expensive so I’m afraid to enter LOL! Okay, someday I’ll have the courage to enter that place, thanks to you!

    Wow, P900 plus? What if hindi ko naman talaga bibilhin yung utak? View lang then picture. Do you know a med school na ganun? Haha thanks!

    I’m sorry na nagtatanong ako tungkol sa utak tapos food entry ito LOL!

  8. there’s also nothing dull about reading your eating sprees docgelo! ang downside, lagi ako nagugutom after magbasa ng mga post mo! 🙂

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