One of the simple pleasures in life that I am enjoying is having a wife whose appetite  cravings mimics mine 😀  I am blessed with Tina being a foodie in her own right and you can blame genetics, for our  5-year-old-would-be-chef-son, Gabby has already developed his own preference too.

Other than Japanese, Italian and  Pinoy foods, we like Chinese!  It has always been a topic of our usual talks that both Tina and I can probably thrive either in Hong Kong, Mainland China or best, Japan basically because of our love for Asian foods. 😀  At times, I would imagine how wonderful it is to live near Binondo and Ongpin Streets in Sta. Cruz, Manila where access to authentic oriental cuisine is just a step away.  On the otherhand, I am also disillusioned with the daily traffic in that heart of Manila which is considered as one of its busiest business districts. When we miss going to Hong Kong or at least Ongpin, we’re just grateful for the many restaurants around the Metro that more or less offer the same menu. 😀

I don’t know about you but we like dimsum and dumplings; we love hot thick soup; peking duck and lots of flavorful fried rice! (we’re not eating it anyway on a daily basis and perhaps like you, we go easy on salt and cholesterol intake too, lol) 😀 

Sometimes when we’re in the mood, it would only take an eye-to-eye  between me and Tina to  know we’re craving for Chinese! 😀  Need I say more?

It only took exactly 7-day apart when we last enjoyed 2 of our favorite Chinese food places -Superbowl of China and Flavors of China.

On November 30, Tina, Gabby and I had dinner at Flavors of China in Tomas Morato…On our table : 

Complimentary SHRIMP CRACKERS (Gabby’s favorite; he always asks for a refill!), SEAFOOD BEANCURD SOUP, PhP 175+ (We just love this soup! affordable yummy!), FLAVORS of CHINA SEAFOOD FRIED RICE, PhP 190+ (We like it for its smoked taste plus can you resist those fish roe on top of flavorful fried rice with what else but shrimps and scallops?),  BEEF BROCCOLI FLOWER, PhP 215+ (its thick soyed sauce and freshly blanched and crisp broccoli makes it so delicious!), BOLA-BOLA SIOPAO, PhP 75+ (it may not be the best siopao in town but it doesn’t disappoint too), STEAMED SHARKSFIN, PhP 85+.  and we had 2 glasses of riped mango shake at PhP 65 each. 

We were looking for SHRIMP DUMPLINGS or HAKAO in their menu but we’re told by the waiter that they already dephase it 😦

On November 23, we had a lazy afternoon but a very fulfilling early dinner at SUPERBOWL OF CHINA in Gateway Mall 😀

Not in the photo : Complimentary Prawn Crackers.  Our SBC favorites : SUPERBOWL LEMON CHICKEN, PhP 260+ (it’s our favorite version to date),  LECHON MACAU, PhP 205+ (Tina dislikes the sauce; biased with this restaurant’s ),  YANG CHOW FRIED RICE, PhP 199+, and our best order whenever we dine at SBC : TAHO, PhP 70+ that comes with the usual tapioca and caramel sauce! 😀  Bottomless Lemonade, PhP 79+ completed the meal.

As you may know, Taho is rich in protein! Simply satisfying! 😀

I am missing DONG BEI DUMPLINGS in Yuchengco Street!  Note to self : I have to bring my family to Ongpin whenever possible.

It has also been years since we last dined at Gloria Maris.

Of course, there’s always our other favorite, MANN HANN  and the affordable LUK YUEN and LE CHING TEA HOUSE.


😀 Do you like Chinese dishes ?  What are your favorites ?


😀 SUPERBOWL OF CHINA -Gateway Mall, Level 3 Unit 323 Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City.

😀 FLAVORS OF CHINA – 170 Tomas Morato Avenue St Thomas Square, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City.


21 thoughts on “HALF-BLOOD CHINESE (PART 1)

  1. Glad to know you’re also into Chinese dishes. I couldn’t imagine not seeing one Chinese restaurant anywhere I travel because once I realize I’m not sure what to eat in a strange place, it’s always Chinese food that comes to mind even before I look for a McDonalds. I usually go for any meat with oyster sauce,Peking duck and dim sum.

  2. doc gelo, nde kaya mag kamag-anak tayo? LoL we love Chinese food too! We go out of our way (and at times reap our wallets) just to eat Chinese food. My parents frequent North Park while John and I like Gloria Maris. I celebrated my 30th last May at Peking Garden – super sarap! My parents’ office is in Intramuros so when I was young we would have lunch in Ongpin – which is a jeepney away and eat pigeon, eel and goose. I haven’t persuaded John to go because he’s a bit OC when it comes to places. Fave dishes? I like Peking Duck and Hot pot eel. Orgasmic! hahahaha
    Naku sarap sa Emerald! Which branch did you go? The one near the US Embassy? I bet you tried their siopao. 🙂

    1. we share the same cravings for chinese dishes, ingrid! 😀
      …oops, with this comment, you just made me realized that tina and i are 3 years older than you, haha! but we remain kid-at-hearts 😀

      we ate at emerald garden across US embassy. check out my post after this.
      and yes, we love their siopao!
      thanks! 😀

  3. We love Chinese food too, esp hakaw!
    But we’re very much into Korean food nowadays. We’ve been to three restos, and I think I should write about those.
    Waiting for your review on Emerald Garden. It’s rumored to have great-tasting siopaos too!

    1. hi rico. whatever you’ve heard or read about emerald garden’s siopaos are not rumors but truth! they’re one of the best we’ve tasted; made us crave for more! 😀

      …i’ll also wait for your posts about korean gastronomic adventures!

  4. i looove chinese food! sa sobrang pagka love ko, minsan comfort food ko na sya hehe. ay sayang walang hakao. i like mann hann and i love north park! for me ah, sa kanila yung best lemon chicken. yay, namiss ko din ang dong bei dumplings!

    1. give me high five, dyanie! we’re on the same boat in loving chinese dishes! 😀
      …sarap ng kuchay dumplings ng dong bei ‘no?! i have to find time to back and pig out in ongpin again! have to bring tina and gabby there soon 😀

  5. how i wish i have a family like yours – who loves to eat and ok to take photos when dining out. we love to eat but as to taking photos hehehe hindi.

    i love Dong Bei Dumplings and Le Ching

  6. love it too!

    we usually eat in NOrth Park! love their 3 kinds of mushroom or shrimp dumplings noodle soup!! Try Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen too.. really yummy & affordable. And Causeway too!!!

    For chinese food, i love siomai, siopao, hakaw, beef w/ brocolli and the noodles!!

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