In a span of 9 months, I take pride that I have published 2 travel coffee table books that highlight not only the photographs that were taken from my unforgettable trips, more so the stories and prose from my journey.

carla 2
*photo by Carla of (@myyellowbells on Instagram)

#TravelMemories and People.Places.Memories

#TravelMemories was published in the USA on the last week of December 2014. It features Jordan, Nepal and Morocco.

And my newest book to date, People.Places.Memories in which I shared remarkable tales and inspiring photos taken from Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and my current home, United Arab Emirates, was published last September 2015 officially by Partridge Singapore, copyrighted and registered at US Library of Congress, and printed in the United Kingdom.

mark wilson
*photo by Mark Wilson (@markwilson on Instagram).

How to avail People.Places.Memories ?

Both books, #TravelMemories and People.Places.Memories are available worldwide via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, MegaBooks, through its official website,; or should you want a signed copy, you may send email to me or leave comment below expressing your intention to purchase the book, and we can arrange payment and delivery.

*photo from Lady of (@ladyandhersweetescapes on Instagram).

The Official Media Book Launch

People.Places.Memories was officially launched last 19th November, 2015, Thursday at Liwan Restaurant, Al Ghurair Rayhaan Hotel in Dubai. It was an evening of celebration for the book’s introduction to UAE’s Social Media Influencers who apparently, enjoyed meeting each others over delightful hors d’oeuvres and drinks, prepared and served by the efficient staff of Liwan. Hats off to people of Al Ghurair Rayhaan Hotel for surprising me and the guests with a congratulatory cake! The gesture was so sweet!

The event was hosted by fellow Filipino Travel Blogger, Kenneth Surat, who also contributed so much for the completion of People.Places.Memories, as he wrote the foreword and shared 4 of his travel illustrations to the book.  Kenneth also designed and prepared the media-kit print outs and the beautiful notepads where one of his illustrations serves as the colorful cover.

Also present with me to welcome our guests that evening was the genius behind the impressive layout of the book, Yna Domingo.
*photo by Joy of (@iamjhoysi on Instagram).
*photo by Ion of (@ohboydubai on Instagram).
*photo by Minna of (@minnahe on Instagram).
*Media kits and notepad-giveaway! photo by Sheila of (@ab_andme on Instagram).
*Notepad-giveaways designed by Kenneth Surat of  for @thetravelingjournalproject; photo by @kennethsurat and @suratjournals on Instagram.

jill 9
*Kenneth, photo by Arence of (@arencejean and @jillykitchen on Ig).
*photo by Sheila, posted by Brigitte of (@iambrigitte on Instagram).
arence 5
*Media kits with bookmarks and notepads as our humble tokens to guests, created by Kenneth Surat; photo by @arencejean.

Reading An Excerpt from People.Places.Memories

The book launch was kept casual, friendly and interactive. An excerpt from the chapter about United Arab Emirates was read to all the guests. Amazing how everyone gave their undivided attention and lent open ears during this part of the program!

*photo by Dennen of (@janesarab on Instagram).

Book Signing!

The event also provided me a chance to sign copies of People.Places.Memories, and to personally dedicate the books to our friends who have been supportive. Thank you so much, everyone!

*photo by Ricky and Myla of (@findmeabreak on Instagram).
*With Blake, Alvin and Sheila of; photo by @ladyandhersweetescapes
*With Cocoy, Kuya V, Chloe and Abigail of, (@cuddlesncrumbs on Ig) *photo by @ladyandhersweetescapes
*Kuya V, photo taken by his mom, Abigail of, (@cuddlesncrumbs on Ig).
*With Lyn of (@filipina_expat on Instagram).

jill 10
*With Minna of (@minnahe on Instagram).
*With Jill and Arence of (@arencejean and @jillykitchen on Ig).
*With Jana and Edcel of (@soloflighted on Instagram); *photo by @arencejean

*With Ed and Lady of (@ed_abit and @ladyandhersweetescapes on Ig).
jill 8
*With Levi and Jose (@jbbalitian on Instagram).
*With Harold (@harold.evangelista), Mark (@markwilson) and Jerome (@jeromerafael).
*With Carla of (@myyellowbells on Instagram) and Jhea.
*With Edcel, Ion of (@ohboydubai on Instagram) and Arence.
jill 7
joy fb
*Last few shots were taken by Arence and Jill of (@arencejean and @jillykitchen on Ig).

*Watch the short but sweet video prelude to People.Places.Memories created by Kenneth Surat :


MYLA 2*photo by Ricky and Myla of (@findmeabreak on Instagram).

Thank you to everyone who graced the book launch and supported People.Places.Memories in more ways than one.

Maraming salamat to Yna and Kenneth for their priceless contributions to PPM!

Special thanks goes to our sponsors, Liwan Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rayhaan Hotel by Rotana in Dubai.  Thank you to Ferry who coordinated everything with Liwan. For more details, visit their website :


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