Have you ever experienced staying in 3 different rooms in 1 boutique hotel with 36-themed-room-choices, impeccable service, accessible location at a very affordable cost? Those ideal qualities are absolutely difficult to find in one accomodation but very possible. Ask TripAdvisor. 😉

mystic place bangkok 1

When Tina and I decided to revisit Bangkok for our weeklong Hari Raya holiday from work and Gabby from school, we narrowed down the list of hotels that we thought would best cater to our budget and needs. From the existing blogs and tripadvisor reviews available online, we finally made a choice a few months back, to book at Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok for a 4D3N accomodation.

mystic place bangkok 3

I immediately received a response from Mystic Place after I reserved a room by emailing them directly. That was an early-plus-points for the hotel and left a very nice impression of the team. Customer service to me, should never be compromise at all times, regardless if it’s expensive or otherwise.

Fast-forward to August 18, 2012, Saturday, we arrived at Mo Chit Central Bus Station in Bangkok from Penang-Hat Yai route (I’ll have a separate blog post for our trip on this series) at 6AM, Thailand time (Thailand ‘s clock is an hour late of Malaysia’s & the Philippines’).  We took a taxi cab from the bus station to Pradipat Road where Mystic Place is located. The trip took less than 10 minutes only for a fixed rate of 150 baht (most of our taxi fares in this Bangkok holiday were metered except for this).

It was Taz who’s on duty at the reception when we arrived. He welcomed us warmly and knew my name even before providing him my passport for check in. We didn’t expect either of the two rooms we reserved to be available at that hour since I didn’t notify them of an early arrival. Nonetheless, luck was on our side after learning from Taz that there’s one available room for us to check in and to freshen up. With assurance that our luggage and bags will be transferred to our chosen room at 12 noon despite we’re out, we’re grateful to avail of the early check in at a reasonable additional charge of 500 baht.
mystic place bangkok 8
mystic place bangkok 2
mystic place bangkok 7

After we checked in at the reception, we’re led to our temporary room passing via the breakfast nook, computer lounge and to the stairs. Because the two buildings of Mystic Place only have 3 floors, there’s no lift; but it’s not a big deal and wasn’t a hassle to us; seeing the quirky designs in each level actually made the going up and down the stairs more interesting and healthy actually! 🙂
mystic place bangkok 16
mystic place bangkok 14
mystic place bangkok 13
mystic place bangkok 15
mystic place bangkok lobby 1
mystic place bangkok 9
mystic place bangkok lobby
mystic place bangkok lobby 2

The lounge and breakfast area has that charming atmosphere; it can put anyone into relaxed mood instantly.

mystic place bangkok 11
I personally liked the fact that Mystic Place features functional recycled arts and materials. Case in point – those handmade curtains, they’re made of plastic red beads and old pages of newspapers and magazines…
mystic place bangkok 10
mystic place bangkok 13

The package we availed for 4D3N accommodation all in Superior Rooms plus the additional charge for early-check-in was only less than 6000 baht and it came with complimentary services :

  • Tuk Tuk Shuttle to BTS, MRT and Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Cable TV
  • Fast Wireless Internet Access all over Mystic Place
  • Breakfast (7AM-10AM)

How wonderful was that? It’s a steal if you ask me.

We’re happy even with the breakfast they provided. The buffet spread had fried and scrambled eggs, BACON (honestly, this made our Bangkok stay glorious!!!), sausages, ham, noodles, fried rice, a vegetable dish, cereals -much to Tina and Gabby’s delight, choices of bread with jams and garlic butter spread (it’s our favorite!!!) plus fresh fruits, yoghurt, free-flowing juices and a cup of coffee. We had buffet breakfast for 2 mornings and on our last day, a set meal was offered and something similar on the spread. Everything was delicious! 😀
mystic place bangkok 12
my breakfast plate mystic place bangkok
tropical fruits mystic place bangkok
breakfast plate mystic place bangkok
mystic place bangkok breakfast
mystic place bangkok 17
gabby + breakfast mystic place bangkok
gabby & me at mystic place bangkok

Now, the rooms.

Availing of the early check in at another room that we did not book only made our experience even better. Besides the expected 2 hotel rooms to try, we ended up sampling 3! 😀

Our Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok # 1 : Room 408 (No name yet)

mystic place bangkok 18
Obviously, Gabby was overjoyed. 😀 He tried to pose as meditating…
mystic place bangkok 19
Then I asked him jump onto the bed, he obliged effortlessly…
happy at mystic place bangkok
Then his personal bliss or must be the room suddenly possessed him! Tell me, this boy has pure talent! hehehehe! 😛
gabby funny at mystic place bangkok
All the 3 rooms we had have split-type air conditioning units. You don’t get that in other budget or even other boutique hotels, much more in backpackers inn, do you? 😉
mystic place bangkok 20
Let the photos speak for this room with no name yet…
mystic place bangkok 25
mystic place bangkok 40
mystic place bangkok 21
mystic place bangkok 22
mystic place bangkok 23
How do you like to take warm or cold shower with those eyes on the planks and Marilyn Monroe watching you? 🙂
mystic place bangkok 24
mystic place bangkok 29
Here’s my family after few hours of rest and freshening up, all set to go to Chatuchak Market! (It will be on a separte blog post!)
tina and gabby at mystic place bangkokgabby & tina at mystic place bangkok
at mystic place bangkok
gabby & me at mystic place bangkok

FREE shuttle tuk tuk service to Chatuchak Market and/or BTS Train station. The ride only took few minutes; it certainly spelled convenience!
mystic place bangkok 4
mystic place bangkok 6
mystic place bangkok 5
As we value location in choosing hotels other than affordability, Mystic Place is 10 minutes away by foot and less than that by tuk tuk or taxi cab from BTS -Saphan Khwai Station. From there, BTS took us to a few malls and sites we visited.

After a little shopping for good finds and great eats in Chatuchak Weekend Market, we arrived at the reception of Mystic Place and was informed that our luggage and bags were already transferred by the very reliable bellboys to our reserved room. This was our second room! 🙂

Our Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok # 2 : Room 403, TRASH CHIC

Again, we love the fact that rooms in Mystic Place has those split type air conditioning units! Comfortability at its best! The beds also have a great size (could pass as king-size beds or maybe larger than a bit), it’s even bigger to fit the three of us; perhaps Mystic Place thought of the length or height of non-Asian tourists. We love it! Now, how do you like the interiors made up of recycled materials put together to come up with Trash Chic Room?

mystic place bangkok 32
mystic place bangkok 31
mystic place bangkok 30
mystic place bangkok 33
mystic place bangkok 34

The walls were made funky and edgy with those sacks of rice in various local prints. Also remarkable things were those side tables made up of crumpled soda cans on the left, and on the other side, crumpled Heineken beer cans.

mystic place bangkok 35
mystic place bangkok 38
mystic place bangkok 39
The bed cover laid over the immaculate white comforters and sheets were made of various colored zippers…
mystic place bangkok 36
Despite this room is located roadside, we’re never disturbed by any noise whatsoever. A small veranda opens from the room to a view of the busy Pradipat Street.
mystic place bangkok 37
The doors in Trash Chic…
mystic place bangkok 42
The advocacy of recycling and artistic expression continue to to the toilet and shower. That small bag made of sack of rice contains the toiletries. They provide the essentials like conditioning shampoo and body shower gel in pleasant scents, comb, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shower cap and cotton buds. Hot and cold shower is available too! What more can you ask for?
mystic place bangkok 41
Rooms also have 2 bath robes in atypical prints. Tina and I tried these on; she even posed as Sadako in one of the photos I have yet to post publicly. 🙂
mystic place bangkok 44
The only downside of Mystic Place for Tina and I was the lack of sachets of instant coffee; we’re coffee lovers more than tea drinkers. Tea making facilities and complimentary bottles of drinking water were there but no coffee. 😦 Good thing we brought some and bought Gabby a few sachets of instant chocolate drink at the nearby convenience store.
mystic place bangkok 46

On our 3rd and last night in Bangkok, we slept in a room called Tropic Cool located at the second level of the other building of Mystic Place. Of the 3 rooms we tried, this one’s our favorite!
mystic place bangkok 51
mystic place bangkok 49
mystic place bangkok 50

Our Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok # 3 : Room 201, TROPIC COOL

mystic place bangkok 54
mystic place bangkok 52
mystic place bangkok 57
mystic place bangkok 59
mystic place bangkok 60
mystic place bangkok 62
mystic place bangkok 56
mystic place bangkok 63
This is the toilet of Tropic Cool room and if you go few steps up, you’ll find its shower (go find the shower curtain in the next pic) Cool eh? 🙂
mystic place bangkok 64
Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok also has Mystic Cafe located adjacent to the breakfast nook and lounge; it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. We enjoyed one dinner here (food photos on separate blog post soon!)
mystic place bangkok 65
mystic place bangkok 66
mystic place bangkok 67

As for customer service, the team of Mystic Place exceeded our expectation. They deserve a salary raise, in my humble opinion and Mystic Place should keep them forever. They define Thai hospitality and honest service. Imagine Nok, the lady receptionist with very chic short hair and high heels, hailing a taxi cab for us in the street due to the absence of the bellboy who probably was busy tending to other guests. As mentioned earlier, the male front desk receptionist, Taz was also warm in receiving us despite we arrived early in the morning. Transferring from one room to the other was never a problem too; we only needed to pack and prepare our things at night then they took care of carrying them to our next hotel room.  And because their tuk tuk driver was not around for some reason on our last day, they offered to call and pay for our tuk tuk to shuttle us to our desired destination.

What do you think of Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok?
As for us, we give it our thumbs up and Gabby his high jump, hehehe!

gabby doing jump shot at mystic place :)


To the very friendly team of Mystic Place :

Taz, Nok, Ploy, Sun, Joy, Elle, Vut,

Maraming Salamat!

Terima Kasih!


Thank you, for making our entire stay in Bangkok

pleasant and memorable!

We hope to come back soon!

~Doc Gelo, Cristina & Gabby 🙂


mystic place bangkok team
nok and gabb<a href=nok gabby and tina at mystic place bangkokmystic place bangkok 68

MYSTIC PLACE ROOMS IN BANGKOK | 224/5-9, 224/11-18  Pradipat Rd., Phayathai, Bangkok 10400, THAILAND | Check out the location map and other details of the hotel –> HERE!


This Bangkok 2012 Blog Series includes :




  1. The room is so colorful, I bet even if you’re tired you’d still feel lively. I checked their website and they are near Chatuchak. When I went to Bangkok, my hotel was very very far from Chatuchak. This will definitely be a good hotel to consider especially if I go there for “SHOPPING”! 😀

    1. yes, i wrote it in this post that they offer FREE tuk tuk shuttle to chatuchak. i’ll post my entry on chatuchak weekend market soon! we really LOVE mystic place. ang bait nila, sobra! ang lamig ng rooms, very comfortable. and i forgot to mention, they have massage parlor within the compound, plus the fact they’re near those food stalls that sell cheap thai food too in the sidestreet! very convenient, comfortable and affordable indeed!

      it has been 8 years since we first went to bangkok. ang saya, KC! and shopping? wow! stay tuned on this series, i have more to share! thank you! 🙂

    1. korek, mura sya with all the inclusive di ba?
      ang aircon, nina, split type! 🙂

      …it’s kaleidoscope world in mystic place rooms in bangkok! 🙂

  2. Wow Doc i love the rooms especially the last one parang pang nursery school ang peg hahaha. The 6T THB is for the 4d3N stay already? if so, super good steal nga. in case i go back to BKK, i’ll look for that place. Buti you are allowed to transfer from one room to another.

    1. I’m glad you liked it too, Marian! 🙂

      Yes, it was even less than 6,000 baht for 4D3N plus the additional charge of 500 baht for early check in kasama na sa 6K! mura di ba? Sana wag silang magtaas.

      The only difficult part with Mystic Place Rooms in Bangkok is selecting your room preference. They have 36 themed rooms done by various Thai artists.
      I was told by Taz, one of the receptionist, to try Bird’s Nest Room next time we visit the hotel again.

      We booked 2 rooms early on, as mentioned in the post, then we arrived early in the morning so we needed to avail of the early check in and a room that’s left available, so we sampled 3 rooms! 😀

  3. Mama Mia! Ang gandaaaaa ng mga rooms, DocGelo! And plus points talaga coz they use recycled materials. Ang gaping. ANG GALING TALAGA!!! At base sa write-up mo, talagang they treat you as a king! Woohoo!

    PS: Napakaadorable ni Gabby! Especially the ‘possessed’ photo :))

  4. LOVE IT. the decor is eclectic and whimsical. really spells vacation. i’ll keep this in mind when and if i ever find myself in bangkok.

    ps. i almost went to bangkok this time. i was choosing between india and thailand for destination. however india turned out to be less expensive. so we chose india. sana there’s a next time so i can see bangkok also.

    1. thanks, maria! mystic place isn’t ordinary hotel. nice, ano? 🙂
      it made our second time in bangkok more memorable and extra-special.

      i’d love to go to india and initially planned to go with one of my best buddies late this year but limited finances kept me from joining him. nonetheless, i’m crossing my fingers and toes, hahaha for the hope that one day, i get to savor taj mahal and the rest of india.

  5. Wow! Great, we’re always looking for places to recommend and never checked out Mystic Place. After all you wrote and showed about them, we’ll check them out and add them to our list 🙂 Thanks for pointing out this little treasure 🙂

  6. awesome! thank you docgelo for introducing us to this place! there’s a hotel in Cebu na ganun din ang concept. pero ang themes naman ay mga countries. i forgot the name kasi 5 years ago na yun haha.

  7. Hi Doc Gelo, may I ask how much for the buffet breakfast in Mystic Place? Your blog is so nice I plan to stay here in my next visit to Bangkok 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you for appreciating my blog.
      We didn’t pay anything for the buffet breakfast at Mystic Place; it’s included in the package we availed.
      Imagine, less than 6000 baht (or less than 600 ringgit) for 4D3N plus early check-in charge; affordable!

  8. hey bro !
    great review on the hotel and your bangkok trip!

    may i ask you book through their website or just email them to confirm the room?

    thank you..hope you’ll get back to me as soon =)

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