weekly photo challenge : urban

The very first thing that popped out of my mind when I learned that the theme for Weekly Photo Challenge is URBAN  was this.  A photo of traffic jam I captured during our recent leisure trip in Bangkok. It reminded me of the few cities I grew up with in the Philippines. Major thoroughfares are usually congested during rush hours or as ordinary Filipino would put it, “bumper-to-bumper-traffic” 😀  Obviously, traffic jam is one of the hassles of daily urban living that one has to deal with.



  1. nice pic!

    when some people criticize the traffic in Manila and say “only in the philippines,” they don’t know how wrong they are… (although talaga naman nakaka-inis minsan ang traffic diba? hehe!)

    1. i agree, grace! traffic isn’t exclusive to manila (or as many would put it, “only in the philippines) but it’s certainly everywhere! even the longest and widest highways can get blocked when there’s accidents, digging up and the result, jam!

      thanks! ang bilis ng comment ha! 🙂

  2. An excellent selection for the theme. Wherever we live… traffic is usually a problem. But it looks like you have more than your share!

    1. hello, myra! don’t you miss the traffic in qc? i bet not, haha! with the efficient mrt lines in sg, i’m sure you’re beating the traffic rush any time, any day. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. i don’t know if you notice, vehicles here are not literally ‘buhol-buhol’, unlike the traffic we see in Pinas. its still quite orderly if you ask me, its just jammed 🙂 hahaha, now prolly the ‘buhol-buhol’ part is what we can claim to be ‘only in the Philippines.’

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