Last year, I celebrated Chinese New Year here…

I strolled this charming street of Manila called  Binondo with a bunch of fellow bloggers; was my first time to appreciate dancing lions and dragons with people of common interest.

This year, I am excited to witness how Penang people observe such occasion. And who would not be excited if there will be a very loooooong holiday next week because of the event?

It’s holiday here in Penang on February 3, 4 (Thursday and Friday next week), and of course the fun, definitely will be carried over to the weekend, Feb 5 and 6! *hooray for paid holiday!*

Those dates will be perfect to see cultural shows on the streets and to be delighted with those ornaments of red and gold. Indulging in some dimsums and dumplings would be so apt too for the occasion.

Other than going to Georgetown next week, my colleague-friends and I will try to explore more of Pulau Pinang (Penang Island).  I just wish the weather will continue to cooperate (FYI, we only experience very occasional rains here unlike in Pinas; no storms for the past 6 months here for Malaysia is located outside typhoon-risk areas).

But more than anything, I am looking forward to PAYDAY (we only get our salary every end of the month).

Can’t wait to send remittance to Tina+Gabby.

Do you have plans on celebrating CNY?

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Be blessed and be safe! 😀



  1. buti pa dyan holiday. we were expecting na i-declare din ang feb 3 kaso hindi. i want to go back to binondo and do another round of foodtrip but exploring other restos.

    1. madaming holiday dito sa penang! forced leave pa nga kami pag hari-raya (end of ramadan; kaya lang bawas yun sa paid leave namin).

      penang offers a fusion of gastronomic delights from different cultures present here -Malays, Indians and Chinese. i’m sure a lot of things are in store for us next week. 😀

  2. doc, isang taon na pala nung pumunta tayo sa binondo. bilis lang. i have no plans yet since it will be a weekday. 😦

    we’re looking forward to your feature on penang’s cny celebration and a part of the remittance from your salary (kunwaring kasama kami sa budget). lol

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