“It is never too late to begin. Remember that you always wanted to play the piano, paint, write poetry, start a journal, read that challenging book, begin stargazing, learn a little Spanish, take up yoga or qigong, build something special. There will never be a better day to begin than today. Just do it.” –Jonathan Lockwood Huie

At 34, I know it’s never that late to learn new things and pursue other fields of fascination.

I never thought that homesickness and boredom out of living and working abroad would lead me to do things I wanted to do since God knows when.

This beautiful sunny Sunday morning, I went to Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth, a 5-minute-bus-ride and a 10-minute walk from our place in Taman Robina.

The Chinese owner of the music school and her receptionist were both amazed that I came on the dot at 9AM as I have committed over the phone yesterday.

I cannot hide my excitement to meet her; that’s why! 😀 I cannot wait to take her home!  My wife, Tina already gave her nod for me to have an affair with my new love.

Meet Amanda, my new love…

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I just hope she’ll love me back! *wink*

She’s brand new; they ordered for me from their supplier and did not come from their display…

I scouted a music store in a mall yesterday and also google the web to compare prices, the cost is still cheaper and more affordable in music school.  

I will join 3 other MD-lecturer-colleagues in a beginner class for violin on 09 February when the music school reopens after the long Chinese New Year holiday here in Penang (CNY celebration starts Feb 3-4-5-6) and every Wednesdays at 6:30PM (after our office hours end at 5PM) thereafter.  Our class is scheduled an hour per week; 30-min theoretical, 30-min practicals.

Like a kid who wanted to explore and try new things, I am extremely excited to learn the basics of violin.  Little by little, I believe I can pull it off, who knows, after few months time, I’ll be able to play The Corrs’ Runaway and other beautiful music that Amanda and I will enjoy.

I’ll keep you posted. 

Do you know how to play any musical instrument?

For anyone who knows how to play this string instrument, would you mind giving me some tips and pieces of advice about its care, and whatnot?  Do you have any songs to suggest for me to play someday soon? *naks!* 😀

Enjoy your new week, everyone!


AKADEMI MUZIC NEE.  13 Tkt Mawar, Taman Mawar, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Seberang Prai, Pulau Pinang, West Malaysia. It’s only right across my senior colleagues’ place, Kondominium Cassia Their website here –> CLICK!

PS : I’m planning to enrol my son, Gabby to play+learn any musical instrument of his choice after he arrives here in Penang on late March with his mom.  It’s nice if we can play the violin together but when I asked him on Skype last week, he prefers piano at this early.  We’ll see.


45 thoughts on “AMANDA

    1. sabi nga ng kasamahan ko dito na magiging classmate ko sa violin,
      “the world awaits us! hahaha…
      it’s as if may grand concert kami at the end of the year, LOL!

      seriously, life indeed, is a continuous learning process.

    1. dockie, general! thanks for the kind words. 🙂
      let’s continue to rock penang! haha…

      ps: dapat nga siguro sa ny countdown, philippines night, ano?! hehe…

  1. that’s great docgelo! tama ka, it’s never too late! so kelan ang concret? he he!

    my sister knows how to play my violin…and one of my mother’s favorite pastimes is to hear her play.

  2. Wow! Nakaka-amaze talaga yung mga taong marunong mag-play ng any instruments. Me kasi, I don’t know to play any, not even one, instrument. Tanging boses ko lang ang puhunan ko sa larangan ng musika. haha.

    wish you the best in learning to play that violin. Good luck. 🙂

  3. .. hi amanda! tumanda ako ng ganito na di natuto to play a musical instrument! next year maisama nga sa list ko, haha.

    .. okay, i can suggest you play virtuosic pieces in the violin repertoire, such as paganini’s caprices, the introduction et rondo capriccioso, the carmen fantasy, and zigeunerwiesen. syempre joke lang yun docgelo! hehe.

    .. parinig mo sa kin yan sa march! 😉

    1. WHY the name AMANDA?

      Tina and I wanted to have a baby girl to be named Amanda (and some other names/second name in mind) but since Gabby won’t become a kuya yet, let my violin be my princess. 😀

      If I will own a ‘new toy’ soon, I’ll name ‘him’ another baby’s name that we’re considering. Since my surname sounds Spanish/Italian, expect more vowels, hahaha.. Question is, ano kayang ‘toy’ yun… Abangan, next month. 😀

  4. wow!ang ganda ni Amanda!!! Gusto ko din! C ‘romeo’…pero dapat pink! hahah!!!! enjoy!!!! i know ur sooooo excited na!!!!!:-))

    1. hello, rod! thank you so much for leaving a comment here; you’re very welcome to frequent here. famous? nah! i’m only popular to my wife and kid but thanks for those kind words.

      i’m adding you up in facebook, if you don’t mind.

      and thanks for that wonderful suggestion! i have no idea that eminem’s song would sound better in violin. nice! i wish to learn it one day! thanks! 😀

      1. I’m really honored to have you as a friend in facebook. It’s a pleasure docgelo!
        If ever I will have a family in the future, your family will be my role model.

        Saludo ako docgelo the way you had brought up your son. And pardon my english…thanks again!

        1. thanks, rod!
          I mistaken you to be a foreigner from california because your first comment, your name bears the fb URL of a certain “rod” from sanfo when i clicked it. nonetheless, thank you again for the follow.
          browse my previous posts, you might like them too.

  5. I’m envious! I wish I have the time to learn anything new. I actually like listening to violin since I’m an opera lover and music at the Met in NYC is always accompanied by a full orchestra. The sound of a violin is so emotionally-driven!

    1. glad you also appreciate violin, dennis!
      if you’re envious that i will soon learn a to play violin, i am more green with envy with your travel adventures! you’ve been to almost four corners of the globe and are so generous in sharing your experiences via your blog. sama naman kami minsan sa trips mo! *wishful thinking*

      at least kung maliligaw kami minsan sa NYC, i’ll just drop you a line or two, haha! *kailan kaya iyon?*

  6. congrats doc! mabuti pala nacheck ko ang blog ko, super busy nga ako, kala ko naman kung sino si Amanda hehehe, bakit naman napili mo ang name na Amanda???? bakit di na lang Alice?? bwahahaha

    Ako puro umpisa ang alam ko sa gitara at bandurya pero kahit paano may natatapos na kanta pero yun electronic organ di ako makatapos ng isang kanta e hehehe, at least marunong akong magplay ng dalawang kamay….sana ako rin matuto ng violin hehehe pero mas gusto kong matuto ng ukulele 😉 aabangan ko ang una mong master piece hehehe…..paki post kagad ha 😉

    1. hi marvin! “lumalawak ang horizons” talaga ha! hehe…
      di pa ako nag uumpisa; i’ll join the beginners’ class on feb 9 here with my 3 other friend-colleagues. pampalipas oras din kasi at anti-stress, anti-homesickness, anti-boredom.

      thanks for the visit here. musta na kaya mga ka-batch mo?

      1. si justin lupisan us-rn na, sila arante and paulo dacanay may work kaso di lang sure kung as a nurse..nalawak naman talaga 🙂 may friend ako doc si anton not sure with the last name, kasama ko sa photography kilala ka niya eh , ang cocover kasi siya lately nung mga events nang bloggers 🙂

        1. justin often communicates with me via fb inbox; sila ni alex lopez na nasa US na din na US-RNs din.

          i know anton! he’s known as pusangkalye in blogging world. kasama mo pala sya sa young photographers.

  7. WOW! So sya pala si Amanda! Hello Amanda! 🙂 Woot! Its never too late nga! Kaya mo yan Doc! Video mo Doc pag magaling ka na ah! Runaway FTW! Wag na kanta Doc ah! Okay na yung instrumental nalang ahahahha!! 😀

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