For most married couples, dealing with difficult in-laws is always an issue. Thank God that I don’t have to worry about that thought because I am blessed (I believe so does Tina) with nice and warm “second family.”

Tina’s mom and her brother came home from San Leandro, California last Saturday for a month-long vacation here. They have to attend to some social gatherings and facilitate process of some insurance documents.

We’re thankful that despite the haziness and almost zero visibility in NAIA terminal 1 on the day of their arrival, their flight wasn’t diverted to other local airports unlike the others.

My mother-in-law who has been living and working in California for more than 5 years now, is usually mistaken by most people in the U.S. not as a Filipino or any other Asian woman, but as Spanish and/or Latin-American because of her natural and ageless physical and inner beauty.Β  Tina, I and her siblings would agree that their mom is prettier than them!Β  What made her even more simply attractive is her pleasant disposition in life; that includes being my biyanan. She’s really cool, inside-out. πŸ™‚

Needless to say, she’s easy to get along with. And so am I. πŸ™‚Β Β  That is why when she requested her daughters (my wife included) her preferred food for their arrival dinner, we didn’t think twice to obliged. After all, what she wished to savor as they reached home were those all-time-favorite Pinoy foods that I’m guessing she dearly missed.

clockwise from top left : bagoong, hilaw na mangga, adobong pusit, saging pang-himagas, pork sinigang, pritong tilapia fillet.

That Adobong Pusit and Pork Sinigang were only substitutes to my mom-in-law’s original request : Alupihang Dagat or Mantis Shrimp that wasn’t available when we went to Nepa Q-Mart to buy.

Have you tasted Alupihang Dagat already?Β  I haven’t.

And did they like the dinner we prepare?Β  Of course! πŸ™‚

For married people who read this, how are you with your in-laws?Β  Are you the same with one of my long-time friends who call hers as “out-laws!” ? lol!


13 thoughts on “BIYANAN

  1. My husband and family get along so well,too. Whenever we’re in Manila, we enjoying going out together, as well as eating out. It’s great that you have a wonderful relationship with your in laws. Long may it continue!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Here’s to a great week ahead!

  2. I only have a mom-in-law. The hubby’s father passed away when hubby was six. And we get along well, my MIL, yes, we are like best friends, and I’m easy to get along with I believe too, despite my being maldita in rare times…

  3. so good that you kept good relationship with them as it is important. and the food… a great reward next to good relationship. i wish ill have in laws who are either from ilocos or bicol.

  4. Naks naman sipsip sa byenan hahaha, you’re lucky that you have a cool byenan. Well I could also say that I’m fortunate enough to have cool byenan too (wag lang ako siguro titira sa bahay nila LOL). I have tried the alupihang dagat here in Japan but they have here small like shrimp’s size only. My husbby said in the Philippines we have bigger like lobster’s size. Doc lapit na kong umuwi ng Pinas at pareho kami ng byenan mo ng request hehehe. Di pwedeng di mawawala ang mangga at bagoong sa hapag kainan namin hehehe. Pero di ako magrerequest ng alupihang dagat hehehe.

  5. My in-laws are cool and I believe that my husband doesnt have any problems with my side of the family too.

    You know my belief is that if you as the newcomer to the family approaches the idea of having in-laws as getting a new family, the relationship would fare well. There shouldn’t be team wife versus team husband – we’re in the same team including all the in-laws.

    Love the mangga and bagoong.

  6. I love everything on the menu except for the adobong pusit. I think its the ink that is not very appealing to me. If it was calamari friti, hehehehe, I would go for it!

    I have no problem getting along with in-laws. Except my parents were long gone before I got married.

  7. Hi Elo… I was just reading your blog to see what’s up with you! Anyway… re: out-laws, they came by two weeks ago for jr’s residency graduation. we’re civil but I still envy you for having such wonderful in-laws… wish i got one hehehe. Anyway… hope things are getting better. Take care

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