When we went to SM Megamall last Sunday to accompany my balikbayang-in-laws for their very first glimpse of the Metro after their 5 years of living in California, Tina, Gabby and I spotted one kiosk that sells crustaceans as pets. We’re so amused.

These are hermit crabs with shells that are hand-painted with colorful cartoon characters.Β  We found them too cute for words!

Imagine how Gabby giggled over Spongebob and Mr. Krabs-painted shelled pets. They’re a visual delight!

Located at the basement of SM Megamall building A, the store is called Lucky Hermits. Wonder how lucky can you get once you own one. πŸ™‚

I didn’t ask for the bigger ones but those in photos above are priced at PhP 300 per set that includes one hermit crab, a small plastic container and its food for limited duration, I guess.

Did we buy Gabby a clawed creature for him to own as pet?


Although it’s a given fact that it’s very rewarding to have pet/s, it’s also too demanding to own one and we felt that our almost 6-year-old son isn’t ready yet to care for such living thing.

I, personally cannot imagine if he’ll become so attached to it then one day, it’ll bid him goodbye due to natural cause.Β  *paranoid* 😦

We want Gabby to learn how to care for himself first before he shares his love to others (for now, his love is exclusively ours *greedy smile*.)Β  Some weeks ago, he began to take showers on his own.

We don’t even own a dog yet; but if time comes that we’re ready to care for one, the three of us would like to have a pug one day. We like it so adorably wrinkled. We also want to set up a salt water aquarium once we’re ready to pay incredibly high electric bills.

What about you? What’s your pet?Β  Would you like to have a hermit crab as house pet?

If you do, you might want to read this site regarding basic care of hermit crabs (oh yes, an association of crab owners even exists, would you believe? πŸ™‚ ) –>hermit


27 thoughts on “NOT YOUR ORDINARY PET

  1. alam mo docgelo, pinupulot lang namin ang hermit crab in a resort in batangas. super dami namin nyan dami, and i also let wendy paint the shells. kaya i find those hermit crabs for sale super expensive! yun nga lang, cute din sila! πŸ™‚

    1. really? eh di super daming PhP 300-worth of cute crabs mayroon sa resort na iyon; must be a treasure island, hehehe! πŸ™‚ what’s the name of the resort?

  2. thats a good training. πŸ™‚

    teaching them how to love themselves or take care of themselves before they take care of other things.

    i think i get those crabs whenever nasa beach ako nung bata pa. unfortunately at that time walang internet to look for info’s on how to care for them hermit crabs… so.. ayun.. ilang days lang sya. 😦

  3. Ang cute naman niyan, we had a pet dog last April, he was 2 months and was infected with Parvo, dinala namin sa vet, when we visited the following day, patay na, the kids were saddened, hanggang bahay ang iyak. Ayoko na munang magka pet, na-trauma mga kids eh.

  4. hi doc gelo, we wdont have a pet at the moment but my daughter would love to have gold fishes she adores them, she like to have a clown fish too like nemo. hindi ba masama sa health ng mge hermit crabs yung paint? (wink)

  5. oh ang cute. ang galing naman they’ve handpainted it for added attraction.

    naku my brother used to have a hermit crab long long time ago. ayun sa simula lang then afterwards parang namatay din. now i have a dog. used to have 2 kaso kakamatay lang nung mini pin due to ascitis. i really felt sad kasi hindi man lang cya nabuntis tas pinagamot pa cya day before she died. hayyy.

  6. .. i used to have a pet dog named ‘ronto’. nung bata ako, binibli ako ng hermit crab ng mama ko galing sa palengke pero madali sila mamatay, most likely i was taking care of them the wrong way.

    1. you’ll of course agree that it’s hard to survive if you’re not in your natural habitat. siguro ganun nangyayari sa mga pet na hermit crabs. if proper basic care isn’t provided to them, lifespan is shortened. 😦

  7. The best pet you can get for Gabby is a dog – perhaps a yellow lab or a Japanese Spitz! Dogs are the best. They teach us about unconditional love AND responsibility πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your well wishes on Norwich Daily Photo‘s 3rd birthday. Here’s to another great year of photos.

  8. Awww… ang cute-cute naman! Ang colorful! Gusto ko nyan! Hehehe πŸ™‚

    Ako wala akong pet. Kase walang mag-aalaga dito. 😦 We had several dogs before (shih-tzu, shih-tzu/poodle, sharpei, pitbull) kaso di naman sila naalagaan kaya namatay lang.. 😦

  9. buhay pla akala ko dead na at pang decor lang. i guess that’s too much responsibility for a kid gabby’s age. i once gifted a nephew about gabby’s age a beta fish. my nephew’s name is christopher and i thought since he always admired our fishes he would be up to the challenge of caring for one by himself so we got him a fish we fondly named christofish. he lost interest after a few days, his mom said and let the poor beta fish die 😦

  10. Hi Doc! Kamusta? It’s been a while huh?!
    I am so with you on Gabby learning to take care of himself before taking care of a pet. Good judgment call. We had quite a few pets when we were growing up: dog, cat, fish, and rabbit. And the condition set by our parents was that we would take of them. And we did! Though there were times when a fish or bird would die! hehe

  11. Doc, you are the best in giving training to your Gabby. Yes, let him take care of himself first.

    I had an aquarium before but it was too much effort maintaining one, so I gave it away. Right now, I have 2 adopted cats, one adopted a year ago in May, and one Pixie Bob cat adopted 2 months ago. After a week, they got along well.

  12. Getting endeared to pets is part of a very memorable childhood for me. When one of them died, it was quite heartbreaking but then, we gradually learned a thing about mortality. I would want another dog but probably not a crustacean for a pet. My only problem is, I’m not around all the time:)

  13. hello… stumbled upon this site while researching about hermit crabs =) i just bought one for my daughters, also at lucky hermits but at a different branch (robinsons place — by the way, mas mura benta dun, P250 only for the whole set!). whether they can take care of it properly or whether it lives long remains to be seen… the whole time we were choosing which one to buy, my yaya was scoffing coz at her province, these crabs are just like all over the place, free for the taking =)

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