In response to a colleague’s invitation for lunch, we headed to Glorietta 3 about a couple of weeks ago.  I+Tina=Gabby were treated to one of our favorite pig-out places : Dad’s Ultimate Buffet (includes Saisaki + Kamayan). 

We noticed they’ve changed their old blue plates for the crossover/ultimate buffet to immaculate white. I’m not sure if it’s only for that day or only for that branch.  Nevertheless, the eat-all-you-want spread remains the same–satisfyingly good for affordable price than others.

These were digested several days before Ash Wednesday. *defensive*

If you’re Catholic like us, do you also observe little sacrifices like porkless days during Lent ?   We usually avoid meat on Ash Wednesday, and all the Fridays that follows until Black Saturday.  Our menu during Fridays of Lent typically consists of Ginisang Monggo, Paksiw na Bangus, Chopsuey, Fresh or Fried Lumpia, Tinapa, Ginisang Mais or Suam, Lugaw+egg and the like.  Last year, Tina prepared Lumpiang Shanghai using Tilapia fillet instead of ground pork.   We don’t skip meals or fast literally; we only lessen our intake. Then of course, we try to feast again on Easter!  What about you?  What do you eat during Holy Week ?


29 thoughts on “BLUE TO WHITE

  1. hi doc gelo! yes they have changed plates parang late last year. We were there November its white na then this Feb white na. Yellow is for Kamayan only, Blue for Saisaki and white for the cross over.

    We don’t observe the no-meat-on-fridays but we sacrifice other stuff like once a week trip to the mall and less on the indulgent stuff like cake,ice cream and dining out.

  2. i love eating at Dad’s too especially at Saisaki when iam craving for some japanese cuisine. Eat All Can is really good for people who loves to eat (sulit0 cya.

    by the way thanks for mentioning suam, i am trying to think that for this fast few days :p

    we also dont eat meat during ash wednesday and fridays only. and correct when easter comes, super feast talaga :p

  3. I’m Catholic and proud of it – and I’m not just saying that because my brother’s a priest and my family is active in Church! I usually follow the fasting (one meal only) rule on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and refrain from eating meat on all Fridays of Lent.

    Pinaputok na tilapia is what we have for dinner at home on Good Friday; it’s great after a long Santo Entierro procession. Lumpiang bangus is another popular Lenten dish at our house.

  4. I have this meat abstinence from Ash Wednesday till Black Saturday as part of my Lenten sacrifice. Actually, this was a tradition samin sa province pero parang ako nalang ang nag oobserve haha. When the clock strikes at 12am Easter Sunday, ayun, todo meat na. Goodbye pork, beef and chicken muna ko. Hello to fish, veggies and seafoods. 😛

    1. welcome to my blog, slaveboi.
      you’re welcome to frequent here.
      the white plates at dad’s saisaki kamayan cost around P549+ for adults and almost half for kids 4ft and above. thanks!

  5. wow they have ice cream now? dont remember them having ice cream dati. the japanese food on your plate just got me craving for some maki and sushi. hehe

    nope not catholic po doc. so free to indulge. 🙂

  6. “isn’t she the one who planned your recent holy land trip?” Yes, she did and it took her endless persistence to persuade me to go. I decided to go to get her off my back and it turned out to be one of the best trip of my life so far.

    Yes, I am lucky to have her but don’t let her know…she already know because she can read me like an open book. Scary LOL.

  7. ay white na pala sila. last kain namin ay blue pa nga. 🙂 doc napansin ko konti lang ebi tempura mo ah. nung kami nanjan, isang basket na kinuha ko hahahah!

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