Let’s have a brief rundown of some of my blogged digestive feasts…

Obviously, we love eat-all-you-want-dining.  Whether it’s in a premier hotel or simply inside a mall, for as long as the place offers decent buffet spread, my family and I are more than willing to take our taste buds to gastronomic adventure (but no exotic foods, please!).

This lifestyle which we don’t boast (you know for a fact that there’s a huge difference between sharing in blogging and boasting), has inspired our 6-year-old son to dream of becoming a hotelier, chef and restaurateur someday. We like it when he tells us he will do this and that in his own hotel or whenever he comes up with ideas of what to prepare in the kitchen in the future.

Last weekend was another memorable one.  Scroll down and you’ll understand.

Salads came first :  Thinly sliced veggies tossed over deeply fried fillet-o-fish shared a plate with prawns and fruits. yum, yum, yum!

Noodles for Gabby…

Seafoods for Tina…

Must have Peking Duck and Smoked Chicken…

Entrees of seafoods and mushrooms are always comfort foods!

Beef fajitas and seafood skewers… can’t get enough of seafoods!

The Golden Rule : Always make room for desserts!

Contrasting temptations : After ice cream must come coffee; can deliciously numb your teeth!

As we end our wonderful meal at G CAFE, G HOTEL, PERSIARAN GURNEY, PENANG, MALAYSIA which we have tried for the second time (read : on 2 consecutive weekends!),  the waitress offered and came back with cups of coffee for me and Tina and I was honestly surprised of what she told me,

Waitress Hema :  “Sir, your bill for today’s lunch buffet is on the house!”

This must be because the management and staff of the said generous hotel-restaurant were grateful of my blog post about our dining experience there about a week ago.

Blessings indeed, come unexpectedly.

I requested Ms. Hema to call Mr. Alwee, the G Cafe Manager to personally thank him of his kind gesture but I was told that he went off from work already and will be back at 6PM the same day.  I could have taken a photo of him with Gabby for posterity. Nonetheless, I kept his call card sent him SMS. He replied that evening with a phone call inviting us for a dinner one of these days.

So how did I celebrate Father’s Day this year? Simple.

Priceless hugs and kisses from Gabby and Tina, plus a buffet lunch that’s perchance, free! 😀


Sincerest thanks to the generosity of G Cafe, G Hotel!

G Cafe, G Hotel
168A Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel +604-2380000


  1. claps for the unexpected free buffet!
    pero may araw din talaga yang Circles na yan! tagal magpromo.. di ko fford regular rate! haha

    i also got the same surprise. i blogged about my SunLife insurance last Feb. it was a not sponsored post of course. then last week, someone from the Digital Marketing team of Sunlife emailed me, informing that theyll give me a free Cirque du Soleil ticket! panalo! =)

    1. chyng, ang husay naman FREE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in manila?!!! wow!!!
      what’s showing there in pinas?
      i’ve been dreaming to watch CDS’ “Ka” in Vegas *wishful thinking*

  2. im sorry to hear about your difficulties.. Be strong doc Gelo.. Stay cool as what you are usually be.. 🙂

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