More than a ton of photos and various souvenirs from ref magnets to picture frames, we collect memories when we travel. 😀 Moments spent together on a trip aboard a plane or a tourist bus going to a particular destination are the most precious and priceless experiences we cherish as a family. 😀

Blame my mom who greatly exposed me and my 3 brothers to leisure and pleasure of having vacations especially whenever our dad comes home for his break as an OFW during  our wonder years.  We’ve been to some of the most wonderful places both here and abroad. I’ve never explored the rest of the country but have enjoyed Ilocos, Baguio, La Union, Subic, Laguna, Batangas, Tagaytay, Cavite, Quezon, Cebu, CDO, Roxas City and recently, Boracay. 

I can still vividly remember my very first trip abroad  with my entire family happened during my High School years;  it was via Cathay Pacific bound for Hong Kong (where else?!) and was followed by 2 more travels to the same city of  lights.  Several years and pounds after, we spent 22 glorious days in California and Las Vegas. 

My wife, Tina and I chose Bangkok, Thailand for our honeymoon 2 days after we got married back in January 2004.  About 37 weeks after, our little bundle of joy, Gabby was born. 😀  Fastforward to few more months –at exactly 2 weeks after I sworn my oath as a physician, my parents treated me and my family to a 7-week-vacation in Auckland, New Zealand.  En Route to NZ, we had an overnight stay in Brunei Darrussalam and toured the city of Bendar Seri Begawan for half day 😀  We also spent transit hours at Brisbane Airport, Australia.  Few more months after and we’re off to Hong Kong again. 😀

Trimming down my favorite travel places into 3 isn’t easy.  I’d say HONG KONG,  NEW ZEALAND,  and a toss between USA and THAILAND are countries I consider unforgettable!

In times of  problems at work, news like Martial Law in the South and recessions in the other parts of the globe, don’t you just want to take a deep breath, pause from all these hassles and just reminisce those fun moments spent traveling with your love ones?  😀

(Scroll over the photos for the name of the place.)

HONG KONG : New Year of 2007 (We love this tiny country for being a fantastic shopping and dining haven in Asia!  I love everything in Hong Kong but I wish their cab drivers would know more English!)


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND , Summer of 2005  (The place that celebrates mornings and New Years first above all countries! We love the weather; we experienced a single digit centigrade! I miss Kelly Tarlton’s Ocean Adventure, the Sky City Tower, Northshore and Pupuke Lake! (yes, you read it right!  try reading it again slowly, LOL!), I miss Halfmoon Bay, Downtown Auckland and Waiheke Island.  I miss Westfield and Botany Malls, I miss the 5PM-closing time of malls and other establishments! I miss this place where Mother Nature is always at her best!)

USA & THAILAND : toss between California to Las Vegas and Bangkok 😀  (We stayed in LA at my aunt and uncle’s place before, and joined a-9-day tour from LA-San Francisco-LA.  We’ve been to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco, Fresno and National Parks like Sequoia and Yosemite.  We’ve been to Anaheim – Disneyland and Universal Studios in Hollywood; watched Shamu the Killer Whale in San Diego’ s Sea World and stayed in defunct Stardust and the ever fabulous MGM Grand hotel in LV.  In Vegas, we had bliss at hotel hopping – from Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, NY NY, Bellagio and Paris Hotels. Life can’t be better than those moments!    In BANGKOK, we stayed at Amarri Watergate Hotel and walked the Jatujak and Swan Loom Markets; best part of our trip then–it was sweetest trip ever! Do I need to explain why?)

My top 3 places I wish to experience before I die :  PARIS, FRANCE,  ROME & VENICE, ITALY,  TOKYO, JAPAN

I want to bring my family to Paris and do nothing but breath the air in Eiffel Tower.

I want to explore Rome and walk the steps in Da Vinci Code 😀  I want to see how faint Mona Lisa’s smile is at Louvre Museum.

I want to eat authentic sushi and sashimi and ramen and lots of tempura and cross the streets of Tokyo amidst its neon lit forest!

And the list goes on… for as long as the budget allows us to do so, the world remains big for people like us who made traveling a little passion. 😀 

😀 Where would you spend your dream vacation?

😀 Can you be more generous in sharing your most remarkable travels ?  

This is post is my entry to the blog contest of  my newest blog buddy, KG  (applause, applause!)

Prize will go to nobody but Tina if I’ll win 😀

To end, here’s my son’s wink taken at you know where…

23 thoughts on “WE LOVE TRAVELING !

    1. hello eks! welcome to my blog; thanks for commenting. 😀
      initially we only expect to see cows and sheeps in auckland but we were dead wrong!
      it was more advanced and urbanized than other key cities abroad! we’d love to go back given a chance. 😀

  1. wow, hands down ako sa inyo ni Ms. Tina to travel with Gabby at a very young age. How did you guys manage to do that? The farthest Peewee had gone is Tagaytay which is pahirapan na what more if I try to board him in a plane!?

    Traveling is a wonderful thing talaga. It gives you a chance to see other places and culture, taste their food and meet new friends. Our first travel as a married couple was in HK(nope its not our honeymoon LOL), the bad thing about the trip was on our way home to the air port the cam went dead – all of the photos were erased! John was upset but I wasn’t. Memories of the trip will remain with me(particularly with my feet) with or without the pictures. But we have been around when we were still BF-GF with my parents.

    Like you, we traveled as a family often. Our first trip was in Singapore. Then in Asia we’ve been to HK, Thailand, KL and Indonesia. We’ve been to the US (Cali and NY) and Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy and Holland). When everybody started doing their own things, the traveling stopped. 😦

    Its hard to narrow down my top three places but i’ll give it a try
    1. Japan for the the food and culture. Sushi, Yokohama, Mt. Fuji and the geishas. 🙂
    2. Palawan for the white sands and spectacular marine life
    3. a toss up between Egypt and Greece for the rich history and culture.

    (Sigh) makatawag nga ng travel agent….:)

    1. hey ingrid! we brought gabby to new zealand at 6 months old and we believed he enjoyed his bassinet on royal brunei airlines because he was sleeping during take offs and touch downs. we even had his graco stroller even on a bus in auckland! buses there, like some in the US are wheeler-friendly.

      wow, you and your family have travelled more than we do! we haven’t been to any part of europe yet and still wishing to set foot on those picturesques places. my youngest brother who had a short stint in costa atlantica cruise already been to 30 countries across europe and carribean. and until now, his collection of ref magnets are drool-worthy, LOL 😀 I even blog about it here https://docgelo.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/irreplaceable/

      how i wish we could travel at least every year! got to work hard for that, 😀

  2. oohhh! new zealand! i want to go there too!!!! so beautiful!!! bangkok is perhaps one of the culturally rich places one can go to. besides it being a shopping heaven also [besides hong kong], a taste of the culture is always a fun experience!

    i hope you get to go on a trip to france and italy! europe is such a great, great place! 🙂

    thanks for joining!

  3. Wow…you are a globe trotter!
    I agree travelling is a great joy…

    What????? Belgium is not on your list ! Tsk, tsk !
    What about the waffles, the chocolates, the beers, the French fries…. 😉

    1. hello sidney! tina, gabby and i will hunt you the moment we find time and finances for europe; i’m sure you’ll be a perfect tour guide and i bet you’ll do it for free for us, LOL 😀 belgium and most parts of europe are included in my top 10 list but the contest conducted by one of my blog buddies require 3 top choices only 😀

  4. beautiful memories! Korea and Japan are on top of my list for vacation, in terms of food, culture and sights :). Been to both for work but I’d like to explore more 🙂

  5. Hey, Doc. I find plane rides to be therapeutic because it gives you time to think and pray dahil mas malapit na ang langit. I was born and raised in Palawan, but I haven’t been to most of the places there especially El Nido. Someday, hopefully. Dream vacation?

    1. Backpack in Europe- Prague, Italy, Belgium, Paris
    2. Beppu In Japan for Open Air Bedrock Spa experience
    3. Greece

    Thanks! Nice pics. Wonderful family you have. All the best!



    1. hi Z! thanks for swinging here for the first time. you’re so welcome to frequent here, 😀
      can we be blog buddies? i’ll link your site with mine in a while.

      and guess what? i also like plane rides! call me weird or something but i don’t have problems even with turbulence… for as long as everything remains safe and in control. my wife is exactly my opposite when it comes to these things; she hates take offs and touch downs for she has vertigo.

      …nice choices of travel places 😀

  6. I rode the cab in HKG just twice and luckily they spoke English fairly. Pero extra challenge when we dined in some restos, ang tagal bago nagkaintindihan ng orders. It was nice looking at your family’s travel photos. =)

    1. hahaha! we also had the same moments in bangkok! charade talaga pagdating sa orderan ng pagkain!!! may lines pa silang, “no have, no have!!!” kala ko “no rice” LOL…

      one funny thing happened to us during our honeymoon (not that thing you’re thinking LOL); when we rode a cab in bangkok, i asked the driver to take us to a specific mall near our hotel. we didn’t know that he barely speak english, suddenly, we got so scared and panicky when he called someone over his nokia 5110. tina and i thought that we’ve been kidnapped, LOL!!! i held my wife’s hand and got off the cab! -talk about communication gap!!!

  7. You have done quite a bit of traveling already. You’ll probably be able to cover the rest of the world before you retire. Keep on traveling! I know I will, till my legs or my wallet give up LOL.

    1. we’re neophyte small-time travellers compared to you, bert! i admire your cruise and escapades all over the globe! keep it coming, bert! more posts, more blogging!!! more travels 😀 ang mahal lang kasi magbiyahe, kung mura lang ba e sarap gawing quiapo ang US or Europe.

  8. wow you’ve been to NZ na pala. gusto ko rin diyan! pati sa sister country nito na Aussie! doc, very serious ka naman sa picture mo sa US hehe 😉

    1. we love nz, dyanie. 😀 our relatives who lived there for more than 12 years are now in melbourne, au and enjoying the same status as they are nz citizens already.
      ..my photo at palace of fine arts? hindi naka-smile ano? hehehe… bigla yata nagclick ng cam daddy ko noon, haha..

  9. Traveling is wickedly addicting. By the time Gabby grows up to manhood, your family would have already visited your dream destinations in Japan, Italy and France. I have many in my wish list to visit but for the most remarkable countries I’ve been to, I’d say Bolivia for the Salar de Uyuni, Peru for Macchu Picchu, India for Taj Mahal and Morocco for Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. Of course, eating local food like grilled Guinea Pig(Peru), stewed Llama(Bolivia), Chicken Amok(Cambodia), frogs legs (Vietnam), Tajine(Morocco) and Tandoori chicken(India.

  10. Thailand is such a cultural place. So many things to see. It’s also on out list.
    With KG’s contest and reading the other entries, feeling ko lalong humaba yung places to visit namin.

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