08 December, 2009, Tuesday — After we had a hearty late lunch in a classic Chinese restaurant, EMERALD GARDEN in Manila, we explored a place that is exclusively dedicated to fun and learning. 😀

My wife, Tina and I usually maximized our days off from work by spending extra quality time with our preschooler son, Gabby.  And whenever we go out, we always make sure that Gabby will enjoy.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we went to PHILIPPINE SCIENCE CENTRUM in Riverbanks, Marikina City and seven days back we had another special trip to MUSEO PAMBATA in Roxas Blvd., Manila.

This interactive children’s museum allows visitors, both kids and young-at-hearts to touch exhibits, play and experienced everything hands-on. It’s a place that encourages a total-senses-child learning.  I believe in that too –I always tell my nursing students and reviewees that ‘learning is easy when all senses are utilized’.

Since Museo Pambata was only established in 1994 when Tina and I were already college students, we had no chance to be there during our wonder years.  Nevertheless, it isn’t too late to become a kid again; not that we’re having 2nd childhood already, heck no! we’re too young to have dementia and all, LOL 😀 But with Museo Pambata, the kids in us were unleashed once more! 😀

Illustration above via MUSEO PAMBATA.

Who says learning can’t be fun? 😀

The museum is divided into several sections : PAMILIHANG-BAYAN / Market Place,  PAGLAKI KO / Career Options, KATAWAN KO / Body Works,  TUKLAS!/Science Through Discovery, MAYNILA NOON / Old Manila, KALIKASAN/Environment, and many more.

I personally found the MARKET PLACE as most amusing.  Kids can assume to tend a store or pretend shopping in wet and dry sections or perhaps in a shoe or drug stores.

In PAGLAKI KO / Career Options, Museo Pambata gives children a bird’s eye view of work opportunities when they grow old.  Gabby enjoyed becoming a community worker for a while…

Money matters! 😀 Even kids should learn that hard-earned money should be valued at all cost.

There’s a small section near the Market Place where kids get to feel how it is to be in rural areas of the country…

While the Market Place seemed the most amusing, KATAWAN KO /Body Works section’s the most interesting for us. 😀  Just like in the old  Science Centrum years ago, there’s a similar version of those anatomical parts in humongous scales! It’s hard to resist not to go through the exhibit’s main entrance – a wide-mouth! One will pass through it down to esophagus, stomach, and intestines and out to you-know-where! 😀

In TUKLAS / Science Through Discovery, there are similar pieces that we’ve seen already in PHILIPPINE SCIENCE CENTRUM but Museo Pambata’s versions are more well-maintained; thus, more inviting for visitors.

What’s a museum without retelling a history ?  On the first floor of the museum are 2 fascinating exhibits — KALIKASAN / Environment on the left side, and on the right, MAYNILA NOON / Old Manila.  

Have you seen a small scale of Binondo Church or Basilica Minor de San Lorenzo Ruiz? FYI, It’s a nice replica where visitors can go inside and take pictures of the church. 😀  This section of Old Maynila also brings back museum goers to the era of Galleon Trade and the days when Meralco Tranvia de Manila was still one of the modes of transportation in Manila.  Sayang, authorities could have kept this tram until now for people to appreciate and still serve its purpose like the tram in San Francisco. Oh,well, at least we have the LRTs now. 😀 

Who says learning history is always boring ? 😀

I cannot imagine Pinoy History without Dr. Jose Rizal, Katipunan and the evolution of flags…

The old Pinoy house, furnitures and all also caught our interest…

Some important aspects of Mother Nature is replicated at the section called KALIKASAN /Environment…

Do you agree with me that every Pinoy kids should be brought to this fun place ?  I wish parents are reading this post.

Have you been to Museo Pambata ?  How was your experience ?

MUSEO PAMBATA, Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, Manila (It’s beside US Embassy in Manila and at the end corner of Kalaw Ave. and Roxas Blvd.)  Entrance fee is PhP 100 for kids and adults, walk-in. Teachers with valid ID are free; Manila residents are given discount.  Museum is closed every Mondays.  Museum hours : 8AM-5PM (Aug-March) and 9AM-5PM (April-July).


  1. we’ve long planned to go to this place, pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin natutuloy! my daughter would learn so mcuh from this place! and to think medyo malapit lang kami dyan. 🙂

    i remember my nephew when i saw your son…he has the same shirt. 🙂

    1. hi kg. it was nice that the place was well-maintained and airconditioning is still good. go visit museo pambata with your daiughter whenever possible.
      …as to the shirt, it was a cheap buy at sm; we found it cute for gabby. 😀

    1. hey wilfred! i guess we’re really late-bloomers, haha. it’s only last week that we’ve enjoyed the place. or does it really show our age? haha… but there’s no age-limits when it comes to fun, right?

  2. Some of these photos bring back happy memories… nipa hut, pumpwell, kalesa and oh gee, the sewing machine and typewriter! he he he … am i showing my age? lol

  3. looking at these pictures brings so much memories for me when i was young and lived in Philippines. I’m glad that the museum isn’t ‘westernized’ and features solely what is truly ours and not borrowed culture.

    1. i’m glad meg, that you’re keeping and valuing your roots and even salute you for sharing our culture in your own way to your kids. have a blessed holiday in florida! (or will you be in other part/s of the globe?) 😀

    1. whether you’ll go there with a kid/s or not, i’m sure young-at-hearts like you (and me) will find the place fun, educational and amusing! 😀 go visit museo pambata whenever you find time, iya. 😀 thanks for hopping here.

  4. Museo Pambata is one of those overlooked places for kids. Kelangan talagang sadjain to see it plus its not heavy promoted. Ive been here before with my little nieces and nephews. A definite “field trip” for my son this Christmas vacation. 🙂 thanks Doc Gelo

  5. I think I will learn a lot from Museong Pambata too, hehehe The Katawan Ko exhibit looks fun, esp. learning how the body works, including the farts, hehe.

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