In less than 30 days, I will be officially a year older; hopefully a year wiser and happier. 

Every single day, I am grateful for everything. 

I guess happiness and fulfillment do not come from the parties we have, but on how we share our moments with our love ones and how we inspire them and others.

This year, I thought of celebrating my day by putting more MEANING into it.   However, since I’ll be working 5 days straight on the week of my birthdate, and on THE DAY itself,  I’m skeptical if I can still push through with my plan.  Don’t you wish your birthday falls on a holiday?  Nevertheless, I still want to make this year a different one.  Is this a sign of maturity, literally? 😀

Anyway, before I turn thirty three on the eighteenth of next month, I am sharing with you what I had last year.

I went to work as usual that day, but because I was on a budget and got nothing to treat my colleagues at work, I just bought some pastries from Le Couer de France on way to work and gave it to the staff.  I was surprised to see that my coordinator came to office that day earlier than expected just to set up a powerpoint slide on our LCD projector screen with birthday greetings for me.   That was sweet. 😀  

Then at the table were our office T-shirt, and the biggest birthday greeting card I have ever received in my entire existence.  The card which I am keeping until now contained well wishes of my colleagues and my bosses. That was sweeter! 😀 

The day went on with my usual lectures on Medical-Surgical topics but as I call for a lunch break, two of our nurse-reviewees then reported back to class late.  I was clueless that they were caught in traffic or something on way back to the center after they had purchased a cake for me. 


Then after my lecture ended in the late afternoon, the entire office staff and our bosses came in with another chocolate cake, pancit, tubs of ice cream and cold soft drinks.  What a way to end a tiring day!  C’mmon, not everbody is valued at their office but in ours, everyone is regarded as special – not only on birthdays but on a daily basis.

My birthday last year did not end without celebrating it with the people I love dearest; who else but Tina and Gabby.  I met them in TriNoma mall early evening to have dinner after my long day at work.  We were with our two friends, Rob and LG who dined with us in T.G.I.Fridays…


Sans party treat and other expenses, don’t you wish everyday is your birthday?

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How do you celebrate your birthday?

9 thoughts on “CELEBRATE !

  1. I can’t even remember the last time I celebrated my birthday. Getting too old ha ha! Thanks for pointing out “species” to me though – I learned something. And Advance happy birthday!

  2. Goodness, doc! I just realized we’re the same age and I’m also turning thirty-three next month! (I can’t lie about my age; it shows in my face!) Happy birthday to you in advance. 😀

    1. thanks, mdige. wow, aside from interest on food and blogging, we’re both dragons and virgos. 😀 i don’t hide my age either; and it also shows on my metabolism, lol.
      age, as you know, is only a figure. what’s essential is how we enjoy every minute of it. 😀

  3. wow you’re younger than me pala and look what you have achieved compared to me :S

    i celebrated my birthday this year working… actually my past birthdays have been forgetable. the best ones are when i was young — mama would wake me up with a happy birthday greeting, give me my gift to open soon as i woke up and we would go to church together.

    next year i’m planning to do charity work on my birthday 🙂

    1. i knew it! i should have called you ATE ANNE long before, lol.
      pareho tayo, i’m actually planning to do some little charity work para naman may kaunting sense ang pagiging teinta y tres años ko sa susunod na buwan. sana matuloy ang plano.., actually, bf-gf pa lang kami ng wife ko before, we always have talks on putting up a small foundation to help the needies, especially kids and geriatrics in our own little way… it remains to be an aspiration until such time that we become financially stable. di ba dapat we help first ourselves before reaching out to others of course.

      i guess all our childhood recall of our own bdays with our love ones, with parties or not, will always be special. 😀 thanks, ate anne. lol.

  4. most birthdays was lunch or dinner given by co-workers and friends. two years ago, my husband gave me a grown-up McDonald’s party. It was the merriest 🙂

    1. hi january. glad to have you back here. you’re lucky to have that themed party on one of your birthdays. i bet it was whole lot of fun. i appreciate things like this, for probably like you, i’m such a kid-at-heart too. 😀

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