My family (referring to Tina & Gabby) and I have glucose levels going haywire lately.

Good thing we know how to control it (referring to our craving, lol). 😀

We usually dwell on Starbucks with venti cups of white choco mocha frappuccinos and caramel macchiato beside a slice of heavenly cake or corned beef pandesal and we still long for more cups and dose of caffeine, but our sweet tooth also desires for more sublime desserts…

We’ve been enjoying both the regular and Italian ice cream called gelato…

–>click on photo and view post about it.

AMICI / CARA MIA's gelato
AMICI / CARA MIA's gelato

Then, there was a day we began to look for great-tasting yogurt…

Golden Spoon : Yogurt that tastes like Ice Cream
Red Mango frozen yogurt
Red Mango frozen yogurt
RED MANGO's green tea and original frozen yogurt
RED MANGO's green tea and original frozen yogurt
Yoh Gurt Froz
Yoh Gurt Froz
Tina likes fro yo of YOH GURT FROZ over others for their CHILLED/FROZEN toppings that don't melt the yogurt quickly. :D
Tina likes fro yo of YOH GURT FROZ over others for their CHILLED/FROZEN toppings that don't melt the yogurt quickly. 😀

Last weekend, we got to taste WHITE HAT FROZEN YOGURT from their branch at Shangri la mall.


Our four-year-old son ordered regular sized yogurt from White Hat with KITKAT chocolate wafer toppings..


I had blueberries, mandarin oranges and kiwi as toppings while our friend Rob, enjoyed heaping cup of cherry-topped White Hat yogurt.

The staff at the counter was sweeter than her yogurt when she handed me a discount promo card…


White Hat staff should be trained more on how to properly topped those yummy yogurt so it won’t spill and would still be appetizing once served.  We also finished those cups and enjoyed till the last scoops, nonetheless.

Then this afternoon, we went to Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato for lunch (I’ll post it soon) and after that hearty Japanese pig-out,  Gabby asked his mom and I to buy him what else but yogurt, this time from FYI…

IMG_3397 IMG_3398

Gabby had his favorite Kitkat-topped yogurt again!  Note that FYI’s kitkat yogurt was crushed to bits as against to The White Hat’s kitkat cut into cubes-toppings.  I don’t know with Gabby’s  but Tina and I liked what we shared…


This is FYI’s yogurt topped with maltesers and almond chips, sarap!

Do you like yogurt too ?



13 thoughts on “YOGURT LOVE

  1. love yoghurt! i particularly love the green tea yoghurt of red mango. Asan po ang location ng white hat sa shangri-la? im a purist when it comes to yoghurt. I try them plain first then add toppings the next visit one topping at a time. hahahahah para sigurado na babalik ako. Happy weekend docgelo.

  2. i have tried white hat (i have the loyalty card too, hehehe), california berry, froyo and red mango. yung red mango i’ve meaning to try in megamall as you have posted but never has the chance. i did try it in seoul though. yummy! they offer it with four toppings + your choice of syrup 🙂

    so far my taste buds can’t decide which is best — froyo and red mango.

    when i travel and i enjoy the buffet breakfast, i always finish breskfast with a bowl of plain yogurt with fresh fruits… i think im addicted now to yogurt :S

    1. i’m also guilty of the same addiction to yogurt. not just because of the fact that like coffee shops, yogurt places has become a fad now, but simply i just like its sweety sour taste. and who can resist those wide variety of toppings? only someone who’s not a kid-at-heart, 😀

  3. Meron akong frozen yogurt addiction these past few months. I just ate at Red Mango in Greenbelt for the nth time and I can’t post it because I didn’t bring Nestor with me. Hehe. I’m not really a fruit person but when it’s mixed with fro-yo, I can stand eating fruits. I usually get mango, peach and kiwi. 🙂

    1. nestor! yes, you’ve introduce ‘him’ to us at one of your posts before. ‘he’s your dslr, lol! …. i also like mango, peaches and kiwi as yogurt toppings!

  4. red mango!! thank God they opened their newest branch in GB coz i can’t afford to go to eastwood or trinoma kasi super far and sa megamall naman ang traffic hehe! my toppings when i tried red mango were mochi balls and almond chips! wee!! saraaap! 🙂

    ps: meron bang branch yung YOH-GURT FROZ dito sa south? hehe 😉 i wanna try that! 🙂

      1. Thanks Yoh-gurt Froz for visiting my blog. We love your yogurt especially my wife. We usually have it from your branch at Tomas Morato and also saw the one in Shangri la and TriNoma (inside Hobbes & Landes). More Power! 😀

      2. One more thing, you should train your staff at Tomas Morato and other branches to allow bloggers and consumers to photograph your kiosk. Go tell them that bloggers like us give you a FREE space on our sites.
        Honestly, i was expecting a simple thank you in your comment but i guess you forgot.
        FYI, the owner of gelato in greenbelt, the owner of bizu, the owner of steak md and others have been grateful for the FREE AD here in my humble blog without them asking me to feature their businesses. I and my family just love them 😀

  5. Just refreshed your page and saw that the follow-up comment to our first comment did not load. Sorry about that mix-up. What it said was thank you very much for your mentioning Yoh-gurt Froz in your blog, we appreciate loyal customers such as yourself who help spread the word about our product 🙂

    Also, will talk to our staff at Tomas Morato, thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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