Last Monday, Tina and I had a free schedule to fetch our son, Gabby from his 8 to 11AM kindergarten class.   We went to the school on the dot but the kids weren’t dismissed until after their 30-minute-rehearsal for their dance performance for the school’s celebration of Linggo ng Wika which was scheduled by their school on a later date, the 28th of this month, next Friday.  While my wife was happy to see Gabby dancing to the tune of a folk song,  I grabbed that waiting period to go to a nearest bank and settled our domestic bills. After which, I went back to them and Gabby was surprised to see us together instead of his yaya fetching him that day. 

After 10 minutes, we were at a mall called Il Terrazzo, along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  I’ve been reading and hearing about this mall that has Rustan’s supermarket, and a number of affordable and upscale restaurants and food stalls.  One of those is BANAPPLE  PIES  and  CHEESECAKES . 

Since I did my Post-Medical-Graduate Internship at Quirino Memorial Medical Center along Katipunan Avenue  almost a decade ago, I’ve been passing along BANAPPLE’s original branch few steps from that tertiary hospital but for no particular reason,  it took years and a family and Banapple’s second branch for me to try and taste the goodies they serve. 

We only saw a couple of women dining outside Banapple at the second floor of Il Terrazo before noon last Monday.  But soon after we ordered, people came in troop. 😀 

Tina noticed that wherever we dine, it always happens as if Gabby’s attracting more customers for the restaurant.  Is this an indication that he has to pursue his early inclination to becoming a chef for us to put up a restaurant years from now?  *wishful thinking*  

Bannaple in Il Terrazo is a small but with homey and charming appeal to families and friends.  Though with limited space, it has high ceiling and is well interiored that gives that welcoming ambiance.  This was the view from where we sat…

                IMG_3317     IMG_3316 


A huge multi-layered glass fridge keeps the cakes fresh and a smaller one is used near the counter to display those delectable yummies.  

We occupied two round tables and it was delightful to see art on them!  Colored glass marbles were embedded in round cemented tables in different mosaic patterns. These simple details make dining experience remarkable! 😀


We had different cravings that day.  I ordered one of Banapple’s entrees, Tina only had sandwich and Gabby, pancakes.




I was able to taste this sandwich; the salad dressing was OK, slices of mango were sweet, the toasts were nearly perfect but Tina and I were expecting that the crabs sticks are thinly shredded but were not, so it’s quite disappointing.  Another comment from my discriminating wife, lol, she didn’t like the cheese-flavored chips as sidings of her sandwich.  Plain salted potato chips could’ve save the entire plate.

While Tina was partly satisfied with what she ate, I enjoyed mine.


PAN-FRIED PORKLOIN WITH HERB MUSHROOM GRAVY, PhP 160.   I like its sidings – freshly blanched and seasoned carrots slices. I have high regard to those carinderias and restaurants that prepare their own vegetable side dishes instead of the chilled-readily available carrots and corn packs from groceries.   The porkloin strips fried in olive oil were so tender and its thick gravy was flavorful.  I might order this again on our future visits. 😀

Gabby, who was a little tired from their dance rehearsal, ordered pancakes… IMG_3320

BUTTERMILK  PANCAKES, PhP 100.  As expected, Gabby wasn’t able to finish this plate because it’s too much for him. But we were again disappointed with its consistency.  The menu says their fluffy but were not.  It has the poorest pancake consistency. Sorry 😦

A visit to Banapple isn’t complete without tasting pies or cakes.  With the variety of flavors, it took us few minutes before finally deciding what cakes to order…

IMG_3331  IMG_3309


BANAPPLE’S  BANOFFEE  PIE, PhP 70.   I love Starbucks’ Banoffee pie. But Banapple’s version at almost half the price of Starbucks’ is also satisfying, hands down! 😀


TIRAMISU, PhP 95.  It’s a multi-layered mocha-coffee cake with different textures that’ll stimulate your palate. Sarap!

We didn’t order pasta and only tasted two of the many cakes. With few flaws on what we ordered and with those uniquely delicous cakes that are different from those too-commercialized ones, we’ll definitely visit Banapple again soon.

IMG_3342BANAPPLE PIES & CHEESECAKES, 2L  Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato cor Sct Madrinan, South Triangle, Quezon City.  The other branch is located along Katipunan Avenue, Project 4 Quezon City.


18 thoughts on “BANAPPLE GOODIES

  1. While Banapple has been consistent with regard to the quality of its cakes and pies, I agree with you that their sandwiches and pancakes need work.

    I have to admit that your plate of porkloin made me hungry, though. 🙂

  2. we had breakfast in banapple along katipuanan some weeks ago after running along the UP oval. maliit lang yung palce but very cozy. i had the hearty breakfast which consists of cured pork (i think hamonado sya) and brewed coffee. i ate a lot and didn’t have any more room for dessert. next time i will make sure i try the cakes! but i dont think i want the bannofee pie – for some reason ayoko ng saging sa cake. hehe… choosy ba? hahaha!

    1. sayang, we didn’t had brewed coffee after our lunch at banapple. you’re like my wife, both of you don’t want bananas in cakes. she dislikes banana loaf; while i like it not only of the taste but its health benefits. a single medium sized banana has 20 mEq of potassium and is rich in fiber to aid in digestion; bigla na naman akong naglecture, lol 😀 good for you, you had time to ran along UP oval.

    1. hey, thanks for frequenting my site u8mypinkcookies; i really appreciate your comments though i also wish you leave your url if you have one so i can visit your site too. thanks again! and have that banoffee pie real soon. 😀

  3. nice post docgelo. we go to banapple if we want to eat good affordable food (more affordable pa than eating fast food) you should definitely go back to try other entrees. I recommend the hickory smoked ribs, lasagna roll ups, beef salpicao and other cakes. Try din the chicken pies and other breads. thanks for the heads up with the sandwiches and pancakes.

  4. I’ve seen Banapple dozens of times already whenever I go to King’s Kebab in Katipunan but I’ve never had the chance to try it out. I guess I better visit soon. Parang ako nalang ang huli sa balita. 🙂

    1. the original branch along katipunan ave is quite small; try the il terrazo branch ms b’ley in tomas morato extension, it’s more spacious. tapos dami pa restos dun other banapple may pink pepper, 145 fahrenheit, etc 😀

    1. at his early age and with interest on watching iron chef america and being exposed to restos and food, he already professed his ambition to become a chef. 😀

  5. docgelo – I heard their banoffee pie is to die for. Looking at your lovely picture though, I find the whipped topping too thick for my taste. How was it? I think I still prefer the one by red ribbon.

    1. applesH, thanks for swinging into my blog and leaving a comment. welcome to my humble site. 😀
      i can’t comment about red ribbon’s banoffee pie as i haven’t tasted it yet. but as for banapple’s, though with thick whipped cream, it isn’t that sweet and i like its thick graham-something crust. as i have stated, i may order this again on our future visits, but i am bias with starbucks’ banoffee pie. 😀

  6. looooove their banoffee pie and honeylovin’ crunch cake!! 😀 i found the fudgymugdymud pie too sweet though and the muffin a bit dry.

    would love to go back to try the other cakes! yummm! 🙂

  7. Hey… you know what one of the our doctor friend here in washington actually is related to the owner, its her brother/sister i think. I’ll confirm it later

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