As I wanted to seize the day with my family after we had lunch buffet at Flamingo Hotel  last weekend, we gave in to my son’s request to finally conquer Toys R Us at Gurney Plaza Mall…

Exhibit  A :  Ben 10 Ultimate Echo Echo

If you must know, Gabby has monthly earnings. Since we don’t have a car and our 11th-floor-seaview-appartment here in Penang comes with a car port, we’re having it leased by our neighbor for RM50 or almost PhP700 (USD 15.66) per month and the rental fee goes directly to Gabby’s toy fund personal savings. Whenever needed, I borrow money from Gabby too, so it becomes an emergency fund, hahaha!  (yes, the world revolves clockwise sometimes!) 🙂  But last weekend, opportunity presented itself when we found our feet inside Toys R Us and Gabby got hold of that Ben 10 Ultimate Echo Echo action figure for 70 ringgit (Too expensive if you ask me, but it has been a while since Gabby had a new toy so Tina and I allowed the boy to be happy, he saved the money anyway). He walked away from Toys R Us with Ultimate Echo Echo despite Tina and I were eyeing on those Avengers plushies at the backdrop, hahaha!

Exhibit  B : Gabby in long pants

Yes, our soon-to-be-8-year-old-kiddo bid temporary goodbye to his cropped pants (puruntongs) for denim long pants and corduroys.  He’s no longer a baby! *cue in crocodile tears*

Exhibit C :  Mangoes and Strawberries

We had afternoon coolers from Chatime; took some photos of course….And I believe my family can pass as Chatime’s ambassadors, don’t you think? hahaha! 😀

Exhibit D :  Eating Japanese favorites for FREE!

We had our early dinner at Sakae Sushi in Gurney Mall and used our 50 ringgit (PhP 700) vouchers which I got when Tina and I attended the invitational Bloggers’ Event at Sakae Sushi First Avenue Mall (view blog post HERE).

Since Tina and I had already tasted Sakae Sushi’s 2012 newest menu during the Bloggers’ Event weeks ago, our choices for this early dinner were our personal favorites. My wife had Chicken Teriyaki which according to her was tender enough and tasteful however could have been better if they added more sauce on the rice toppings. Our wonder boy, Gabby had his default order of Ebi Tempura and had him smiled ear to ear. My mom savored grilled salmon with mentaiko mayo; the dish is called Salmon Mentaiyaki. And I opted for my favorite Japanese noodle dish, Sukiyaki. I liked it but sadly not as close as the authentic ones I’ve tasted in Tokyo back in 2010 (view blog post HERE get ready to drool, hehehe!)

Happiness from Tokyo 2010

Apparently, our family life isn’t perfect and challenges come and go. But come hell or high water, Tina and Gabby remain my life till I breathe my last.

*When did you last experienced moments you wanted to freeze?

Carpe Diem, everyone! 😉

7 thoughts on “CARPE DIEM

  1. not perfect but a real happy family 🙂

    Cheers to that Doc G.

    Nga pala, i click the link that directed to your 2010 post. Binasa ko yugn commets, nag comment pla ako at that time nasa Sydney ako…awwwww na miss ko naman ang Sydney hehehe.

  2. great advice doc.

    hahaha, so glad gabby can leave a toy store with only one purchase. some kids would like to fill a shopping cart, you know and would make a scene if they don’t get it.

    love to have the tea concoctions. my japanese dining experience is very limited to sushis and sashimis so i cannot really tell if i like japanese food. i know for sure that udon and i don’t agree 🙂

    happy weekend.

  3. Yum. Remember my japanese food i posted in FB? i wanted to try their ramen but good thing i did not coz i would not be able to eat it already.

    nice family bonding you always have 🙂

  4. apir tayo doc! si wendy din may earnings…at minsan inuutang ko! haha! kahapon lang, she treated me to merienda at alabang town center! haha! funny! sabi ko din sa sarili ko…parang baliktad ang mundo ngayon….ang nanay walang pera kaya nilibre ng anak! haha!

    we also went to toys r’ us yesterday because wendy wanted to buy something. pero pagdatin doon nagbago isip. ang ending wala kaming nabili! hehe!

    mahilig pala si gabbysa ben 10 ano? 🙂

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