Dining out with a 7-year-old-kid who absolutely knows what his palate wants and a wife who can whip almost everything in the kitchen with her disciminating taste, in Malaysian states where predominant dishes are richly flavored with herbs & spices (read : ultra hot, hot, hot!) may be a little challenge.  Because of this and due to limited budget, we don’t really go out to eat on a weekly basis nor as frequent as others might think.

For someone whose family’s gustatory sense was not accustomed to spicy cuisine, I often bring them to something we’re familiar with. Our priority has always been Gabby’s preferences or something that he would agree where he can also eat and enjoy dining.  Luckily, there are those food places that we all favor that usually reminds of our eating-out-moments back home. One of those restaurants we used to go to in Glorietta in Makati City and Trinoma in Quezon City that has a branch here in Penang and in Kuala Lumpur is T.G.I. Friday’s. 😉

Gabby’s favorites include that Cheesy Macaroni with tomato dip (5th photo above) and Cajun Chicken Fingers with fries and honey mustard dip. He also likes TGIF’s Caesar’s Salad. While Tina’s choices aren’t constant, I am otherwise. My default option if it’s TGIF has been Jack Daniel’s Chicken that’s fire-grilled and basted with that sweet Jack Daniel’s glaze. Sarap!!! 🙂

*Photos were taken randomly from TGI Friday’s branches in Paragon Mall in Gurney Drive, Penang and in Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.


17 thoughts on “ON RED PLATES

  1. Gabby, sabi mo libre mo si mamita this coming Saturday sa movie, gusto ko rin sa TGIF tayo mag eat, like ko yung fish with mashed potato.

  2. .. i knew it from the first pic that the plate looks familiar! remember we also used to eat at tgi fridays’ with lg. 🙂

    1. and LG, Tina & the pescetarian in you used to order that TGIF’s Crispy Crusted Fish Fillet…don’t you just missed those times, kuya rob? ^-^

  3. i’m actually very hungry while reading this at 10:15 pm PDT. hay naku wrong timing ako.

    btw, i have a difficult time loading this page. on all 3 computers that i use (pc and laptop at home and pc at work). it’s been freezing my computer. i’m using both internet explorer and mozilla. did anyone say anything about this?

    that’s the reason why you haven’t seen me around commenting here more often, pachamba chamba lang.

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