Parang Nasa MRT / LRT lang sa Pinas (less the stampede and the bomb threats! *no pun intended*)
Closed. Sarado. Tutup.

Siklistas are mall rats, train riders and bargain hunters too!
To the Left. To the Left

Finally, we reached the CityGate Outlets located at the terminal end of Tung Chung Station via what else but Hong Kong’s very efficient MTR lines (Mass Transit Railway). Although it’s just a ride away from Sunny Bay Station where we hopped off from that awesome Disneyland Resort Train Line, you know what a new place can do for some first-timers-unseasoned-travelers like us. Luckily, our feet didn’t get lost.

CityGate Outlets is one those must-visit spots in Hong Kong particularly when you only have limited time to kill or you’re on a hunt for some branded merchandise on a super bargain price (read : 50 – 70% off, which to us wasn’t a surprise because in malls in Penang, discounts also go as low as those during sale season).  As for us, our game plan for this short trip to CityGate was simply to see the place and while away time as we wait for our 5:45PM flight back to Malaysia. Oh, and to fill our tummies too!


Amongst the many branded stores of rubber shoes, bags, clothes offering huge sale, nothing seemed so enticing (to someone whose wallet was well guarded because the budget is uber limited!) to us than this kiosk…

LEGO. Eye Candy to Gabby and Me. And you? Do you dig Lego too?
Gabby's eyes popped upon the sight of this kiosk filled with Lego goodies. While he was asking Tina and I to buy him at least a piece (read : he still has a new large box of Lego which he got as a gift from my father in law last holiday and he just received an exactly similar Lego-Light Buzzyear watch from one of our fellows in our HKDL trip) I held on to my wallet tight and kept my will power. Success! haha! And although those keychains are cute, I passed the chance of buying for I am not much into keychains.
The Star Wars Lego gift that Gabby got from his maternal Lolo last Christmas was as big as this. He has yet to explore and build it soon!
If you must know, I frequently rise up early and always beat my alarm clock- even weekends and holidays, mind you. I believe I don't need a large one as that in my old mobile still does the job perfectly. But these Lego-movie-themed alarm clocks were such an enormous temptations that greater will power to held on to the budget was a must! 🙂 I know I only wanted them but don't need actually (why do we buy things often times we don't need anyway?) . But then again, they're so cute, aren't they? haha! 🙂




Yes, Food Republic is the CityGate Outlets’ food court!  And I apologize for thinking that we might smell like the food they offer after eating inside; I was so wrong!  It must be a great food place for it’s almost packed when we arrived.

Thou shall not judge people by their hairstyles. There are 5 types in this shot, can you count them all? *snickers*
hip and edgy... i like the hoody more than the hair
It's a must when in Hong Kong
Ate, ano ginagawa nyo sa dim sum?
Bibili na sana ako Kuya, pero parang galit ka. Why?

HCR = Hainanese Chicken Rice is happiness. But we passed up because hawkers offer this in Penang anyway or perhaps, we're craving for something else.
Korea House : Tina's choice
Milo or Ovaltine? Guess.
Tina's Korean Lunch : A Bowl of Beef & Veggies. It was OK according to her.

I almost ordered a Korean Bento Box from that Korea House where Tina bought her lunch set but I decided to hop from one food stall to another and tried  to feel what my gastric mucosa’s craving was.

Food Republic’s made of various Asian cuisines -Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and my palate opted for a Japanese fastfood favorite!

Impeccable Teamwork : While a lady-crew tends the cashier, these two create our very own favorite that was sorely missed (read: it has been more than 2 years!) Japanese fastfood sizzling yummies in a few sec. However, because queues and orders pile up, customers and hungry diners like Gabby and I need to wait despite the two's perfectly coordinated moves in the kitchen.
They're making Gabby's lunch!

I know.

When in Hong Kong, one should savor Chinese dishes –dim sum, noodles, and anything cooked Cantonese or Sichuan.

But it has been years since we last enjoyed cooking our own food in a sizzling plate with lotsa butter and pepper on the rice meal.

We love Pepper Lunch! We miss their Shangri La Plaza and Powerplant Mall branches back home (We have not tried Greenbelt branch yet). We even won in one of PL’s promo contests years ago (CLICK THIS!). I know now that PL has a branch in Malaysia, but it’s in Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur! That’s 5 hour-away via bus ride from Penang. So when opportunity presented itself, Gabby and I didn’t think twice, we had PL Rice for our last lunch in Hong Kong!

Gabby's Pepper Lunch favorite : Beef Pepper Rice (I can still hear my boy saying, "Daddy ang sarap! Favorite ko ito!")

My Pepper Lunch Meal : Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo. With butter beneath and over the meat, plus that favorite HONEY BROWN SAUCE, a cup of Japanese rice seemed not enough! ANG SARAP!!! Miss na miss!

 We loved those moments in Tung Chung!

Before 3PM, we went back to Disney's Hollywood Hotel, collected our luggage and bags and rode a cab to the HKIA. Bye bye, Tung Chung! Bye bye Hong Kong. Thanks for the memories! They're one of our coolest! See you again in the near future! 😉

*PS : LEGOLAND MALAYSIA in Johor Bahru (near Singapore) opens end of 2012 (view HERE!)


24 thoughts on “IN TUNG CHUNG

  1. I haven’t tried Pepper Lunch here. Meron sa Greenbelt. Laki lang ng serving hehehe.

    On the lego side, we used to play lego sarap i-assemble kaso i’m wondering kung asan na sila dami pa naman nun. My son loves those lego starwars game in PSP but have no patience in building up one hahaha.

    1. try PL! you’ll get hooked. sarap! for first-timers there, i recommed their double beef pepper rice, samahan mo na ng crab salad nila, yung shine-shake! 🙂

      gabby’s asking me to help him build his huge star wars lego spacecraft. we’ll see in the next few weekends.
      how can you say no to such adorable big boy? 🙂

      1. eight and counting! congratulations!

        and for the record, we have not dared to step foot at that copycat-sizzling knock off!

        more power to Pepper Lunch Philippines! 🙂

        regards to ms. chuvaness.

  2. MTR in HK is so convenient, it can take you anywhere in HK plus it doesn’t get too crowded even on rush hours because the interval of the trains are fast. And is safe to commuters because of the glass barrier on every station which remain closed down until the train arrives. Dito sa Pinas, accident prone un stations because people can bend halfway to peep the coming train. 😦

    1. Oo nga, it’s MTR (just like in Sg) hindi MRT, haha! Pinas pa din nasa isip ko when i wrote this post (thanks, ms. elna, edited na po! hehe!).

      i agree with your comment. sad but true ‘ika nga.
      minsan sa LRT sa pinas, lalo na sa line 1, uusad at gagalaw ka even without a single step kasi itutulak ka ng tao papapasok at palabas ng tren.

  3. mas magaling pa sigurong gumamit ng chopstick si gabby sa akin, hahaha.

    di ba may food republic din sa singapore? chain pala yan.

    gusto ko yung pirate of the caribbean lego doll. btw, authentic ba ung mga branded clothing or baka fake, lam mo na mahirap na. not that i buy any branded items.

    1. hahaha! hindi pa ganoong kahusay gumamit ng chopsticks si gabby.
      kahit din naman kami ni tina, pero ayos na din ng kaunti. haha!

      i also like that jack sparrow lego but it’s not a doll, it’s an alarm clock.
      no, the shops in citygate outlets hong kong are all original branded stores; i know what you mean. 🙂

  4. One of the dreams I had when I was younger was to explore the world but I haven’t had the chance to do so, maybe soon if time and money permits me, but for now, I can always read books and explore the universe. So glad that you have the chance, so enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. My guess on Gabby’s drink…Milo? :p

    I suddenly had a PL craving. Love their salmon rice. I’m quite excited about Legoland opening soon!

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