He knows I would not underestimate him but I realized that strolling and hopping on and off buses and cabs in foreign shores with him actually came in too early than I’ve imagined.  

Reunion in Penang : Rob with Tina and Gabby at Sleeping Buddha Thai Buddhist Temple

If you must know, Rob of Sensory Replays and I (with our closest friends) have known each other since 1993, when we began our college years in Far Eastern University. He’s the one who suggested for my blog in one of the outdated networking sites be transferred to wordpress. He eventually became my wife’s friend too and serves as one of our son’s dutiful godparents. 

My family and I became excited when he told us he’s going to Penang for a couple of days as part of his Malaysian getaway for an entire week (Kota Kinabalu-Penang-Kuala Lumpur). I filed for a replacement leave at work and took an early time off just to pick him up from Penang Airport. However, efforts were not enough to make his limited stay in Penang worthwhile because of inevitable hassles (I won’t elaborate and will let his blog relay the story). But it’s the thought that counts, right? 😀

Like anyone from abroad (he came from his paramedic work in Saudi via Pinas), he brought some pasalubong for us. He gave me his black and white ghuttra (Arabian scarf), a rosary he bought from Monasterio de Tarlac…

And lots of these sachets of seasoning and mixes which are so hard to find in Penang, if not expensive in few Filipino stores here…

Thanks, Rob for the visit and bring more pasalubong when you decide to drop by Penang again! 😀 Next time, I want some Purefoods corned beef, chicharon, Chocnut, Boy Bawang nuts, Skyflakes, Century Tuna Bangus fillet (Spanish style), flat tops, Sunflower crackers (original flavor), bagnet, longganisang Vigan and Lucban, Clover chips, Chippy and Chiz curls. Seriously, you know we’ll welcome you anytime, anywhere.

14 thoughts on “REUNION IN PENANG

  1. .. wow, a post for me! haha. thanks doc for everything, though my visit was short i enjoyed it a lot specially we’re with tina and gab (sarap kasama ng mag-ina mo sa galaan!). i need to post my penang trip, sobra late na! 😀

  2. ang swerte mo naman doc may taga dala ka pa ng mga chichiria nyo dyan hehehe…ako rin pag umuuwi yun isang maleta namin puno ng mga anik-anik hehehe….wala kang patawad doc pati ba naman de lata e nagrequest ka pa, ang bigat kaya nun hehehe…sige nga dalawin ko yun blog ng friend mo minsan 😉 baka maging friend ko rin at bigyanako ng pasalubong hahaha joke lang no

  3. Doc, wow!!! magdadalawang dekada na ang inyong pagkakaibigan. Lahat ng inilista mong food from dito sa akin, favorite ko yan. Hahaha. Idagdag lang ang LUCKY ME pancit canton. Solve na solve na. Happy weekend, Doc. 🙂

  4. Doc Gelo,

    Me too gamit ko lahat mamasita mixes kaya I can cook now.
    I like the rosary. Miss na kita Gabby. I love you so much.

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