Mocha Nut Crunch,  Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Macadamia = Instant happiness!

A world is lonely without ice cream, is it not?  It’s one of my comfort foods.  What about you?

During my recent week-long days off back home,  Tina, Gabby and I managed to dropped by our favorite malls in Makati and sampled a few flavors of gelato from Gelatissimo in Greenbelt 5.

With Gabby at the counter, I asked the crew of their bestsellers and one of them told me to try tasting first before making a choice.  Everything looked so delicious but we wanted to order 3 flavors only on their biggest cup; we eneded up enjoying various chocolate-flavored gelato.  It was like heaven in every scoop! 😀

Look at Gabby’s smile with that cup of Italian gourmet ice cream; papasa bang endorser?  *paging Gelatissimo*

It was Tina and Gabby who already gave it a shot from their TriNoma Mall branch a few months ago and liked it from then on.

There’s Gelatissimo branch also here in Penang, located at Plaza Gurney in Gurney Drive but I refused the chance to sample it for I find it a bit costly and so does its Manila counterpart. I guess, indulgence always has a price.

Now, I’m craving for some ice cream. I wish I have vanilla on the fridge.

And you?

Have a great week ahead!  God bless.


12 thoughts on “GELATISSIMO

  1. hay naku doc gelo, tama ka talaga. ako i love ice cream kahit ice cream lang ni manong ice cream namin dito (dirty ice cream), love na love ko!

  2. i love ice cream too… comfort food yes especially when i feel down and stressed i can finished a pint of ice cream. sarap din nga local ice cream (dirty ice cream)

  3. Doc, I recommend their chili-chocolate and caramelized fig flavors. The chocolate is lush and dark with a slight nudge of heat when you swallow. (Parang frozen hot chocolate!) The fig, on the other hand, is rich and buttery with sweet chunks of fruit.

    1. that chili-chocolate from gelatissimo was eye-catching!
      a large red capsicum was put on top of the chocolate; it almost looked like smokin’! 😀

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