inside jetstream 41 cockpit

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh baby, I hate to go

Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go” 

No one’s leaving yet, ha ha! 🙂 This song instantly popped out of nowhere last night right after I came home exhausted from an appointment.  I had a long day yesterday and I found myself humming this tune inside my head.   Then my imaginary singing led to flight of ideas.  

What if my wife who’s a California-Registered Nurse and a Visa-Screen Certified by CGFNS finally finds an employer to petition her and would have to leave me for several months until she gets to petition me and our son?  I am not worried with being alone to take care of Gabby but with Tina. Can she bear and thrive without the 2 of us? ha ha. 😀  Who’s gonna wash the dishes?  Who’s gonna clean the toilet ? LOL! :DShe’ll LOL when she reads this. But the thing is, unlike you, kind reader, my wife barely scans my posts.

Or what if I’ll find an opportunity that will also require me to do the same thing of leaving my family temporarily for greener pasteurs, err we’re not cows! for a better future ?  Will I also experience what they call “homesick-ness” ? 

FYI, my dad worked as an OCW in KSA, Kuwait and UAE for more than 17 years and his earnings brought us to High School and College. Back then, he’d sent us so many “voice tapes”  in C30 or C90  (how very 80s) with a usual message that he missed us so much.  At present, I constantly chat with my mom who’s in UAE for work and would always tell her we miss her too.     

I know it’s unwise to count the chickens before they hatch.  I learned that from Farmville, LOL.  😀 

I am not preempting things; I’m just anxious thinking of the possiblities.

It’s an open book that Tina and I are trying to find chances of working abroad. But it seems luck isn’t on our side yet.  We’re not complaining. We both believe that the Lord has better plans for all of us and that sometimes, things don’t happen the way we planned it. We may not be content with the way things are at present and despite the challenges that life brings, we just have to trust His plans and let His will be done!  Do I sound profound now? 🙂

For those of you who are members of the local work fields, have you also considered going abroad to earn for your family? 

Or have you lived/have been living that life with homesick-ness?  If so, what’s the most memorable thing that you’ve experienced working abroad and lessons learned of doing so ?

17 thoughts on “LEAVING ON A JET PLANE

  1. tama! God has the BEST plans for all of us! I am tempted na rin to work abroad. kaso bigla namang tumawag yung hinihintay ko dito so new work na ko. siguro sign na di pa ko time mag abroad hehe 😛

  2. ako, basta ok ang kita ko dito, dito ako! 🙂 gusto ko lang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa just to experience it. mga 6 months ok na. ma-experience ko man lang.

    good luck sa plans docgelo! basta ba according to God’s plan, you and your family will be ok…dito man kayo sa pilipinas o sa ibang bansa. 🙂

    1. i agree! kung OK ang kita sa pinas, no need to work abroad. travel na lang di ba, kg? 🙂
      however i cannot comprehend why health sector in the country is always under paid!

  3. napakanta ako dun ah… 🙂

    my dad was an OFW who worked in Oman from 1986-1990. The down side was he didn’t get to see my sis Vanessa grow up kaya nde sila close before. Hinde techie ang dad ko so it was through snail mail that we communicate with him.

    we too are leaving Pinas for a greener pasture. Mahirap na talga ang buhay dito.

      1. california. john found a job there. we’re just waiting for the visas to be released. our petition was approved 2007-2008 pa e 2010 now darn retrogression! lahat ng skilled workers affected because of it.

  4. Good luck, Doc Gelo and Ms Tina! May your dreams come true.

    When I read the title of this post, I was thinking of three possible things:
    1. You’re leaving to work abroad.
    2. You’re having a holiday overseas.
    3. You’re leaving the blogosphere.

    Huhmn, the first two are possible but the last one, I don’t think so. Alam kong kahit nasa California na kayo you will still continue to update us with your food and travel adventures!

    1. doc rj, i’ll continue blogging wherever whenever for as long as there are readers like you who follow my humble site. 😀

      i’ll post something soon about this. thanks! 🙂

  5. .. memorable experience? i learned to appreciate more the sacrifice my tatay did to support us, his family, financially. goodluck on your plans, gelo!

  6. if you will bring your whole family to that country, that will be great.
    me: i dont think so. im having a comfortable life here. isa pa sakitin ako, I cant live alone.

  7. I was 23 years old when I left the Philippines to work in Saudi Arabia. It was a great sacrifice and I can well imagine your Dad felt the same way – being away from family and friends really made me homesick but thankfully I survived because of them. It’s great that technology now has made it easier to feel closer to home: there’s Skype, texting, The Filipino Channel, online edition of the PDI, Pinoy restaurants in Queens, etc. Pinoys are ever turning global and I’m hoping that you and your family will someday find a home away from home.

  8. The world has become one global village nowadays that it would be easier to work oceans away from your family and still keep in close contact.

    I have wanted to leave the country to seek employment before my petition got approved and not for financial gain. I was very interested in learning other culture. Unfortunately that didn’t happen as I got a job in my province.

    Here’s hoping all the best.

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