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19 thoughts on “*CONTACT DOCGELO

  1. Hello,
    can I order a beautiful Wau Bulan for sending to Germany?
    Im very interested in the original material. May be you can roll the ready painted Paper and add the right sticks for completing here.
    Im very delighted from this type of kites.


    1. hi there! i’m sorry for i cannot grant your request.
      most authentic wau bulan are made in a malaysian state called kelantan which is almost 5 hours from our current place in penang.
      but thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. Hi Doc Gelo,

    For four years now, Kumon Philippines and its partners have been conducting Kumon Philippines Education and Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) to bring significant insights to the public. This year, with it’s theme “Achievers of Today, Ready for the Future!” How Parents Can Guide Their Children Amidst The Changing Lanscape of Philippine Education; it will once again inform and enlighten the many who seek deeper understanding of the different trends and issues regarding parenting and education.

    In accordance to this, we cordially invite you to a Kumon Press Launch to cover it’s worthy news value. The event will take place at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5, April 26 at 3 PM. We hope that we can give time for this occasion amidst your active schedules, as we believe that your participation will greatly affect the success of this endeavor.

    Again, we would greatly appreciate if you grace us with your presence at the press launch.

    Thank you and looking forward to see you.

    Best Regards,

    Rachel Cabrera – Santos
    PR and Events Head
    mobile: 09178062267 | 02 9753340
    Unit 204 Estuar Building # 41 Timog Avenue, Qc

    1. Hi Ms. Rachel,

      It’s my pleasure to be invited to your event as I value education, children and greenbelt 5, haha!
      However, I and my family are currently based in Penang, Malaysia where our present work place is.

      Again, thank you for considering me on this event and all the best to your endeavors!


    1. thank you, sir!
      i just didn’t post your photo because it turned out to be blurred; sorry for that.
      i’ll drop by the event again on the 7th july and cover for my blog.

      terima kasih, joe! 🙂

  3. Hi Doc,

    I like your entries very much especially your fantastic photos. Maybe i can suggest u to visit Cameron Highland or Putrajaya some other time.

    Thank you v(^_^)v

    1. hello hazer! thanks for dropping by.
      may I ask how did you learn about my blog?

      there’s so much more of malaysia to explore! i’ve never brought my family yet to cameron highlands, putrajaya (although i’ve been there a couple of times for immigration purposes), melaka, langkawi and the list goes on.

      we’ll see. 🙂

  4. Hi Doc Gelo! I just spent a couple of hours reading your blog and I’m kinda hooked already. I still have many articles to read here. I’m not sure yet how to subscribe so I will just bookmark it for now and continue when I do have the time. If you’re wondering how I ended up here, I was looking for Mann Hann reviews for dining experience essay for my gf and saw the link. Keep on sharing your adventures and keep on inspiring us. Got a lot of tips from your blog already in such a short time. Hello to your lovely family.

    Best regards,


  5. Hi there! 2013 is a hot year to visit the Philippines… Check out this website: taal.ph and find out why you should add Taal Heritage Town to your bucket list! 🙂

  6. THANK YOU again for coming to GTF 2013, please next time say hello:):) would really like to meet you. I cant seem to trace back your email, can you please send me your email address. joe sidek

    1. hi mr. joe sidek,

      i was one of the media (as blogger of this site) men invited by wanida and i took a snap of you just before the i musici concert at dewan sri pinang started. you smiled and generously granted my random request for me to capture a photo of you against the gtf 2013 backdrop at the lobby. i posted it on a blog post here about i musici.

      thanks and congratulations, sir for a job well done for the gtf2013 celebration!

      -doc gelo

  7. Hi Doc Gelo,

    Your blog is very interesting and the pictures are really wonderful. Is it possible that you can share your expertise in creating such beautiful pictures (i.e camera, equipment, software, etc…).

    More power to you and God bless.


    1. Hello Sir Fernando,

      Thank you for taking time reading my blog and I’m grateful you like my photos.
      Admittedly, I know nothing technical and theoretical about photography, so I deny the term, “expertise” for I’m no expert
      in taking photos. Perhaps, I only have an eye for what I fancy. I always keep my amateur photos raw, with only cropping and minimal
      adjustments in brightness, saturation, contrast using Microsoft office – I don’t use photoshop. I use Nikon D7000 with only kit lens of 18-105mm.
      As of the moment, I’m financially limited to purchase a prime lens or upgrade to a better camera. At least there are few people like you who appreciate my modest photos. Thank you very much!

      Stay tuned as I’m thrilled to share my next blog posts and hopefully inspire more people to step outside and travel whenever possible.

      Maraming salamat po!


  8. Thank you very much Doc Gelo. Actually, we have the same model camera, but using Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8F. I’m a beginner with regards to photography and really amaze with your photos, very lively and colorful. Now, I know it is not the equipment or software that you can produce a nice picture, but how you execute it.

    I’m really appreciate for taking your time to answer my question.

    Maraming Salamat Doc and enjoy your stay in UAE.


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