One of my good friends have been inspiring me to always look at the positive side of things, rather than to focus on being cynical and to pay attention to all things negative. His views reminded me that it’s healthier to see the good amidst the inevitable complications and unforeseen sequela. It’s tough but it’s possible and it can be done.


After appreciating Machu Picchu and admiring the quaint town of Cusco, I was ready to fall in love with Peruvian capital city, Lima. However, my supposed love affair with Peru’s largest city was greatly affected by delayed flight from Cusco, that eventually deterred me from exploring much of one of South America’s must-visit-cities. Yes, I may have only scheduled half a day and overnight stay in Lima however, I initially believed that it’ll be sufficient for my first visit. But who would’ve thought that my expected arrival of 12:30PM in Lima would be as late as 5PM? A proof that certain things can go beyond our control. Bad weather, forces of nature, and the list goes on. Thankfully, my local driver who was supposed to pick me up from the impressively massive, Aeropuerto International Jorge Chavez was considerate enough to stay, and waited for my plane to arrive. Of course, I needed to pay the charges for his parking fee that became more expensive than it should be. And then I found out he doesn’t speak English, so I struggled with my very limited Spanish and had to resort to ever reliable hand-gestures until he drove me safely to my AirBnB accommodation, Casa Nuestra Peru in the town of Barranco. Looking back, and trying my best to see the brighter side of things, I can’t help but just smile and learn from such experiences.


5:00 PM : Arrival at the airport. My pre-arranged airport pick up, courtesy of my AirBnB host, drove me to Barranco; we reached my home in Lima 45 minutes after.

5:45 PM : Reached Casa Nuestra Peru in Barranco. Met Carmen, minus her husband, Francesco. I was in awe with how their 3-storey-place looks like! I’ve seen it on AirBnB website but it’s more gorgeous up-close.

What a lovely and inspiring living room, isn’t it?
No corner was overlooked. I fell in love at first sight!
Perhaps, some may find it too eccentric or quirky but I liked it! Better than boring!
I found the interiors as warm as my AirBnB host, Carmen.
Wish I had luxury of time to stay longer.
Where I retired for the day.
What a bright and happy bedroom! I bet I was snoring in my deep slumber! Hahaha!

5:55 PM : My host, Carmen briefed me quickly about her home and handed me a map of Lima and its tourist spots, complete with her wifi access and home address. Then before I knew it, she already tapped an application on her cellphone and a taxi cab arrived in front of her home 2 minutes after. How awesome is that?

6:20 PM : I arrived in one of Peru’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Plaza Mayor or also known as Plaza de Armas del Lima, Peru. Are there more important sites to see when you’re pressed for time?
Palacio de Gobierno del Peru.
Cathedral of Lima.
Detailed structure at the lateral part of Palacio de Gobierno del Peru.
Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru.
Club of the Union.
The fountain at Plaza Mayor with the arguably most visited church in Lima.
Another view of the Basilica Cathedral of Lima at dusk.DSCF6797
The facade of the Cathedral of Lima is a sight to behold!
I only regret that I arrived late due to flight delay; hence the church was already closed.
Then I walked my way from Plaza Mayor to Iglesia de San Francisco.

6:50 PM : Iglesia de San Francisco.
Good thing, the Church of San Francisco which is a 10-minute-walk-away from Plaza Mayor was still open past 6 in the evening.

Holy Mass was about to start, so I only had few minutes to take photos. Fantastic interiors!
Isn’t it inspiring that despite the world’s problems, faith still reigns regardless of religion?
Following my church visit, my feet led me to some souvenir stalls, then I got taste probably one of Lima’s must-sample treats in a nearby eatery!

7:30 PM : Time for some local Churros!
A local eatery that sells Churros! Lima, Peru-sytle!
How wonderful what you can discover by just mere walking! I ordered two for less than 2 soles each, I think (USD 0.60) and a bottle of Coke. *burp*

8:00 PM : I took a stroll further and found an interesting Chinese eatery. I gave in easily!

Chinese dinner in Peru may sound so inappropriate than eating local food but heck, it’s Chinese, one of my favourite cuisines ’round the globe.

10:30 PM : Back in my bed in Barranco.

5:00 AM, the following day : I left for the airport with the same taxi cab driver who pick me up on my arrival. I needed to catch my 8AM flight to La Paz, Bolivia via Cusco (yes, via Cusco again! So it seems I only had dinner and slept overnight in Lima. Why not?!). And guess what? My flight that day from Lima to Cusco was delayed again, leaving me without a choice but to stay an extra night in Cusco again. Hello, traveling challenges! I’ve learned more than I expected.


This South American Travel Blog Series includes :

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.

 -Paulo Coelho


  1. The photos are incredible. You have definitely gone several notches up in your photography. Keep up the good work and always believe in yourself. Ignore the critics. Sabi nga ni Taylor Swift…haters gonna hate, hate, hate! That’s all they will do.

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