Breathtaking view of Jumeirah Beach from my room at 20th floor of Amwaj Rotana Hotel.

It is during the holy month of Ramadan, which usually coincides with summer season in Dubai, that work timings are shortened and huge sale and massive discounts are offered by malls and hotels within the emirate hence, there’s a lot of opportunities to unwind and relax particularly on weekends and on days off.  I was one of those residents in Dubai who grabbed such opportunity to avail of a hotel promo package during this time. My gameplan? To spend an overnight staycation at Amwaj Rotana Hotel in Jumeirah Beach.

@gelothebear was happy to keep me company in this staycation at Amwaj Rotana Hotel.


Considering the many options of hotels to have staycation, why did I choose Amwaj Rotana Hotel Jumeirah Beach Dubai? Primarily because of location, location, location! The hotel is situated a stone’s throw away from one of my favourite places in Dubai, The Walk at JBR and the Jumeirah Beach itself!  There’s a wide range of things to do in this area – from spending no money and simply to while away time, to strolling around aimlessly, feeling the sand or the splash of water on your bare feet, to window-shop from upscale shops and boutiques, to dine in during Iftar, or have a takeaway to bring to your hotel room, or even watch a movie in the cinema -the possibilities are almost infinite!

Although temperature in summer may rise from scorching 40 to unbearable over 50 degrees Celsius, it is still refreshing to see turquoise blue water that provides relaxing and soothing sight. It’s such a welcome breather from roaming inside Dubai’s expansive malls or from seeing impressive skyscrapers. It is enough to rejuvenate and re-energize me from my daily routine at work, and an enticing break from doing personal chores in my flat. Change of environment, even for a day, is always healthy and therapeutic.

These things and many more are within reach to savour from Amwaj Rotana Hotel in Jumeirah Beach Dubai!

Good morning smiles from super friendly Emiratis and their camels at Jumeirah Beach!

The view from the balcony of my room was even more stunning at dusk!




Check-in was a breeze and hassle-free! It didn’t take me 10 minutes to complete the check-in process and I must state, the Kabayan staff at the reception was cordial and quick. It’s a class act that provided me a first-impression that I’ll be in for a relaxing and homey staycation.

DSCF1238 DSCF1227DSCF1245DSCF1303DSCF1243

My room was upgraded for free; Thank you very much! I was given a corner premium room at the 20th floor, that’s so spacious even an entire basketball team could fit in! There’s a reading nook, a working table with a nice seat, a comfortable lounge, a king-sized bed where I spent one of my restful sleeps, and spic-and-span-bathroom and toilet where I enjoyed half-hour-soak in the tub, and a balcony with a striking view of yes, the stretch of Jumeirah Beach!

DSCF1122DSCF1128DSCF1126    DSCF1236
My beautiful mess. I finalized all flights and accommodation for my trip to South America in August.

I also got to check out the swimming pool of Amwaj Rotana Hotel.

DSCF1175DSCF1311  DSCF1322DSCF1315

And because the fast-food joints down the lateral of Amwaj, and all food establishments along The Walk at JBR were closed during the day due to observance of Ramadan, I was left with a very pleasing option.



For late lunch and early dinner, I opted for Caesar’s salad with prawns, spaghetti in tomato sauce and orange juice. They served it with complimentary bread and butter. Everything’s tasteful and delish! A generous amount of parmesan cheese was provided for free! Just perfect to make the cheese-monster-in-me happy!



I always look forward to waking up from hotels to eat breakfast like a king. And that morning in Horizon restaurant at Amwaj Rotana Hotel was not an exception. With wide variety of choices from local Arabic to International breakfast favourites, I ate to my heart, uhm…stomach’s content, and it lasted me to lunch until late afternoon! It was that good!

DSCF1272DSCF1288DSCF1291 DSCF1300

Why, good morning, @gelothebear! Bear hugs! (follow his adventures on Instagram through @gelothebear).


They allowed me to check out at 2PM free of charge. How cool was that?!

Overall, I enjoyed my quiet and restful time spent in Amwaj Rotana Hotel in Jumeirah Beach. Accessible location, service was efficient and friendly,  the room was spacious and comfortable, toilet and bath was topnotch clean, in-room amenities and supplies were complete. Room rates are highly competitive and reasonably affordable; truly, value for money!


*For more details and information, particularly about summer deals and promotions from Rotana Hotels, visit their website at Special thanks goes to Lakshmi of Villa Rotana!

*Although my room was upgraded for free, this article about Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach is not a sponsored post.


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