Here are 10 reasons why I enjoyed Iftar Buffet this Ramadan Season

at Dusit Thani Dubai.

(1) More tasteful, more flavorful!

This year’s Iftar buffet spread at Dusit Thani Dubai is so much better than last year’s. How did I know? I was fortunate to be invited to sample it 12 months ago. Has it been that long? It felt like days passed in a jiffy. I digress. But it’s true! It was like I’m having my very first Iftar in UAE at Dusit yesterday, then another Ramadan Season is upon us!


(2) Location, location, location!

Dusit Thani Dubai offers Iftar at its 24th floor with an amazing view of Sheikh Zayed Road, its skyscrapers and a fantastic glimpse of the iconic, Burj Khalifa. That alone is hard to beat!

(3) Heavy on the tummy, easy on the pocket.

At a reasonable price of 149 AED per person, diners can indulge in a wide variety of Arabic dishes from local appetizers to most loved entrees, along with international favorites like pasta on live cooking station, authentic Thai cuisine (Don’t forget to dunk your spoon and fork on that Roasted Duck Red Curry!!! It’s sooooo good! Well done with no overpowering taste! I bet even kids will love it!) and so much more!

Roasted Duck Red Curry, Roasted lamb, Cream Dory, Lamb Ouzi with Oriental rice.

(4) Three restaurants in one place!

Enjoy Iftar from Dusit Thani Dubai’s premier dining places in one buffet spread -Californian Restaurant, Benjarong Thai Restaurant and PAX Ristorante & Lounge.


(5) Drink-all-you-want.

Also included in the cost of Iftar buffet at Dusit are Arabic coffee, fresh fruit juices, tea and local favourite drinks.

Goin’ nuts over nuts and dried fruits!

(6) Shawarma-All-You-Want! No extra caption needed. 🙂


(7) Two words, 1 dish : Lamb Ouzi!

Slow-cooked at 4 hours, tendered to perfection and infused with Oriental rice, seasoned with herbs and spices, Dusit Thani’s version of Lamb Ouzi is guaranteed to satisfy even those with most discriminating taste! With subtle flavours and no after-taste, this dish could probably convert someone with aversion to lamb into someone who’ll crave for it the next Iftar!

Ouzi goodness!

(8) Relaxed and friendly ambiance.

Dusit Thani Dubai’s relaxed and friendly ambiance always sets the mood for friends (and family) from casual to engaging conversations. My friends and I have been dining at the same restaurants at Dusit and each time is remarkably fun!

(9) Divine desserts!

This year’s Iftar at Dusit Thani Dubai, I met Kunafa.

OMG, Kunafa!!! *craving alert*

Kunafa (topped with nuts) on the lower left corner of my plate.

It took few good friends and a year after my first Iftar at Dusit to be introduced to Kunafa. I probably missed it last year!

If you must know, Kunafa is a Levantine pastry dish made of cheese and sugar-based syrup.

And other than Kunafa, there are more Arabic and international desserts on the spread. Fresh fruit cake, chocolate mousse and creme caramel are a hit on my list!


(10) Because in summary, nobody does it like Dusit!

Thank you, Danelle for the invitation! Thank you so much, Dusit Thani Dubai! 

Dusit Thani Dubai | 133 Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 23335 Dubai | Tel: +971 (4) 343 3333+971 (4) 343 3333 | Fax: :+971 (4) 343 4222+971 (4) 343 4222 | website :


  1. lovely set-up! wasn’t able to join this iftar buffet. next time!
    doc. pano yung settings ng cam? very clear! waaa. i need to get acquainted uli with my cam. hahaha

  2. This is beyond what I’m used to in buffets. Mouthwatering talaga. Is it packed especially since everyone would be eating at the same time?

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