Coffee shops and restaurants are springing like mushrooms in Dubai and I’m not complaining. There’s always something fresh and exciting to sample, particularly for someone like me who considers himself a newbie in the emirates. For more than a year of stay in UAE, I have been to a few good ones and without a doubt, leading the pack on my list is none other than…

 *drum roll, please*,

The Sum Of Us.

*applause, applause!*


Located at the ground floor of Burj Al Salam, Trade Centre area (yes, right across Dubai World Trade Centre and just a stone’s throw-away from the World-Trade-Centre-Metro Station), The Sum Of Us hits the spot right upon my very first visit!

Minimalist yet impressive interiors, simple lines, well-thought-of-design, welcoming and non-intimidating ambiance, friendly and efficient multi-racial-staff, and of course, a delicious menu that can stimulate and challenge anyone’s appetite. What’s not to love about The Sum Of US? It sprung directly from the same genetic code of Tom and Serg, the coffee restaurant located in Al Quoz area that won my vote long before I sampled TSOU for exactly the same reasons (that reminds me, I haven’t shared Tom and Serg on this blog; I’ll sort out my thoughts and photos so stay tuned!).

Apart from being a cafe, The Sum of Us also prides itself as a bakery and a roastery, hence, diners can expect nothing but absolute freshness to land on their table. From a wide variety of pastries, desserts and bread, to coffee art, breakfast plates, lunch choices to dishes so apt for dinner (how does Grass-Fed-Angus RibEye or Crispy Salmon Skin appeal to you?), this newest dining place in this side of the emirates is set to transform anyone into a regular patron effortlessly! It’s that addictive and enticing!
Where freshest doughs are turned into pastries and breads!

In my own opinion, the strength and viability of a restaurant depend greatly on two compound cores :

  • Service and menu and
  • That X-factor that set it apart from both commercial and traditional ones.

And The Sum Of Us got it all covered.
TSOU Grazing Plate. 89 AED.

I was honestly content and satiated right after I wolf-down The Sum Of Us Grazing Plate. It looks appetizingly good and appears nutritious too! This platter comes with poached eggs, grilled halloumi, marinated olives, smoked salmon (magic word for me!), sliced avocado, double smoked sliced chicken confit, cherry tomatoes and The Sum Of Us Sourdough. What more can you ask for?

While my Filipino blogger-friends tried other offerings from the list…

Poached Eggs on Toast. 59 AED. Veal bacon, crushed avocado, kidney bean and tomato salsa.
Our coffee-convention! TSOU edition! 

Other than coffee, The Sum Of Us also has Valrhona Hot Chocolate, Chai latte, Matcha latte, pots of tea, and their must-try if you want to be perk up the most – their bottled Cold Brew! One may also opt to avoid milk particularly if he’s lactose-intolerant, by having almond milk instead. And the entrees on the menu are really something to try, one at a time!

Did I already mention, they also have fantastic-tasting desserts and snack-plates that are equally interesting? Dunk your forks in!

Cold Brew on bottle and Chocolate eclair. Divine. Sublime.

Homemade Chicken Pie. 38 AED. Good! So good!

Good food and nice space become extra-standout if shared with like-minded-friends. So I invited our crazy bunch of fellow Filipino bloggers based in UAE one Friday morning! And what did we get? A fun-filled breakfast at The Sum Of Us!

Believe me, it’s not that easy to gather these people specially on a very early weekend morning! But surprisingly despite the short notice, it happened! Hep hep, hooray!20150522_115912-1 20150522_120130-1
We’re a troop of happy bloggers, aren’t we? From left to right : Edcel, Myla, Lady, Carla, Sheila, me and Kenneth. Take note of our names, and remember our faces for we’ll all make it big here in UAE, then we’ll conquer the world eventually! Kidding! 

Just as strong and necessary. 🙂


If you are in UAE, have you dined at The Sum Of Us? How’s your experience? 

*All photos in this blog post were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

*This is not a sponsored blog post.

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  1. Your food photography is superb. I would love to learn how to capture food in the way that they are presented more palatable than they are.

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