Fifteen months of stay in Dubai and I have noticed the flourishing of coffee shops in this cosmopolitan emirate. Specialty or themed cafes have been springing like mushrooms in various corners. I personally observed that coffee culture thrives in parallel with the future-forward progress of Dubai. Coffee shops have been offering more than coffee; they have been providing a complete sensational dining experience -from impeccable service, aromatic brew and a variety of blends, plus a one of a kind ambiance that surely will stimulate the senses of every diner across the age bracket. And the winners in this situation? The patrons like me who thrive on coffee!

One of those I’ve experienced recently was Café Rider.
A shop that builds custom-made-motorcycles, a warehouse with relaxed and spacious atmosphere, a specialty store, and yes, a unique coffee bar that prides in having Award-winning barista. That’s what Café Rider is all about. A place not only for big bike lovers, but a chill-out-spot for their friends and families as well.
Visually appealing. Gustatory and olfactory stimulating. Café Rider is simply sensational!
Amazed with the sight of the stunning red vintage Ford Mustang, I excitedly approached the counter to ask of the staff’s recommendation. With an empty stomach as I was directly out from my night-shift work, I relied on the fellow kabayan’s suggestions. I had Banana Nutella crepe and a cup of flat white.

Did they pass my discriminating taste buds and budget? Oh yes, with flying colors!


Value for money, quick and efficient service, tasteful menu. However, for lunch and other meals, one must note that orders are prepared and cooked from the neighboring Boutique Kitchen and delivered to Café Rider. This was explained to me by one of staff, that it has something to do with kitchen-restaurant requirements by the authorities in Dubai. Nonetheless, it was one of the most extraordinary cafes I’ve been to lately. And I don’t mind coming back for more cups!

Have you tried having coffee at Café Rider?

Café Rider | Warehouse 7, 14C Umm Suqeim Road, Dubai (it’s slightly opposite Lulu Supermarket at the back of Mall of Emirates) | Timings : 8AM – 8PM.

*This is not a sponsored post. All photos on this post were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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