Sub Karakoy Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.

Great and accessible location, relaxed and beautiful ambiance, adequate and clean room, fantastic complimentary breakfast, fast and free wifi, efficient service, friendly staff. I was blessed to experience all these positive qualities in Sub Karakoy Hotel in Istanbul. It felt so good that I was never wrong in deciding to reserve my three-day-two-night-stay in this gem of accommodation at the heart of the iconic city, in between two continents! Everything was pleasant and made my first trip in Turkey incredibly memorable!

From the time I started writing them e-mails for my inquiries until I departed for Dubai, Sub Karakoy was so consistent in being excellent in rendering their humble service. They replied to my e-mails promptly, and even noted every bit of information I provided them. Such distinction has been a rarity particularly to large chain of hotels nowadays.

If you must know, my flight from Dubai via Emirates Airlines was delayed for 45 minutes, but I was thankful to the airport pick up from Sub Karakoy that they waited for me despite the inevitable circumstance. Their rates for airport transfers was reasonable, and I was provided with a huge van for pick up and departure that I enjoyed alone. I found it less demanding and more convenient, rather than taking public transportation, at least from and to the airport.

Although the trip from the Ataturk International Airport to Sub Karakoy, both located at the European side of Istanbul, took more than half an hour, the location of Sub was perfect and accessible to all. During my entire short stay in Istanbul, I used to walk for 2 to 5 minutes to the tram station en route to Beyoglu district and Sultanahmet area. Mini-groceries, bus, tram and ferry stations, small eateries and the Galata Tower, art galleries, even the Dolmabahce Palace are just a stone-throw-away from Sub Karakoy. What more could you ask for?

A warm smile amidst the cold winter afternoon greeted me when I arrived in Sub Karakoy from the airport. The receptionist knew my name; check in was done in a breeze, and before I knew it, I found myself sipping their sweet Turkish drink and savoring a Turkish pastry offered by the courteous wait staff who immediately asked me, “How was your flight to Istanbul? Is it your first time to visit Turkey?  It was nothing grand, but everything was done with a warm welcome.

The minimal noise from the vehicles in the street was tolerable, actually insignificant. The calming music and cozy ambiance inside the creatively built Sub Karakoy’s reception and dining areas were sublime and more relevant. The space wasn’t enormous however, the atmosphere and its entirety are a destination on its own in Istanbul!
My favorite couch from Sub. I spent delicious mornings here! My solitude was priceless!

Situated near the ferries, Galata Bridge and the majestic Golden Horn, Sub Karakoy Hotel’s interiors is apparently inspired by the nearby harbor. The steel bed frame reminded me of a ship, while noticeably, the minimalist design and the choice of materials and colors complemented the nautical theme so well. Aesthetics to me always comes secondary to comfort. And Sub Karakoy provided me both.

The harbor-inspired interiors is spontaneous to the comfort room. Small, however spotless.


On top of my sincerest Hallelujahs to Sub Karakoy is their simple, yet bountiful and deliciously satisfying complimentary breakfast. A well balanced variety of breads, heart-shaped pancakes, fruits, cold cuts, cereals, yoghurt, jams, spreads, all sorts of cheese, a choice of eggs, overflowing Turkish tea, coffee, orange juice, and a dessert of the day that a wait staff offers from table to table were truly unforgettable!

Undoubtedly, I spent beautiful mornings in Istanbul as I started them with gorgeous breakfast from Sub Karakoy!

On one of my days, I opted to have Menemen, or Turkish omelet that was included in the free breakfast and was cooked and brought to my table in a blink.

Then as mentioned, a dessert of the day was offered by a wait staff from table to table every after breakfast. One of them – a mildly flavored sweet-lemon pastry and a melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate pudding the next morning. Both were tasteful and certainly a class act to do such!

Every after a day in Istanbul, I indulged in their dining area, savored a sip of either a Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, a rose wine, a bottle of one of the local beers, Bomonti. Things I don’t do routinely. Ahhh, what a vacation it was!

It was snowy Tuesday from morning till night, but I had to depart from Sub Karakoy to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport at the Asian side this time, of Istanbul to catch my flight with Air Arabia Airlines. The manager of Sub Karakoy was even worried that my flight that midnight was included in the cancelled flights that day due to heavy snowfall. The receptionist was kind enough to volunteer and verify my flight status online. Even better was an offer to stay for extra night. The flight status was positive and I was brought to the airport safely, again alone with the driver in a huge van, with proper time allotted for me to check in and rest a bit in the terminal.

My stay was short but definitely sweet!


*This Istanbul Travel Blog Series includes :


Although this is NOT a sponsored blog post, I was thankful for the 25% discount provided to me as a media-travel-blogger by Sub Karakoy. And of course, even grateful for the warm, safe, and pleasant stay I had with them. Definitely, I highly recommend and would stay again the next time I revisit Istanbul.

For more details, visit their website : | facebook :




  1. It appears that you have chosen wisely your choice of accommodations. How did you find out about it? I cannot wait for this series to unfold. I’ve always wanted to see more of Turkey (been to Izmir and Ephesus only) and somehow for one reason or another, we always find other places to visit before Turkey. Someday, God willing.

    Seen the photos on FB and I knew there were more to those photos than what you can put on FB.

    1. It was love at first sight after seeing their website. With surprisingly affordable rates, and impressive interiors, I relied on my strong instincts that Sub Karakoy must be my home in Istanbul. Fantastic, isn’t it?

      I’m very picky now with accomodation. I’m done trying 100 Baht per night per 10 people in a room to a 123-square-meter-luxury suite. I know my preference now. My traveling choices have matured already.

      Thank you for always reading my posts! Really appreciate it! Stay tuned for more!

  2. Very good choice for accommodation, Gelo, especially since it’s snowing now in Istanbul! There’s nothing more I’d like to do than to sip Turkish coffee as well in the comfort and warmth of the hotel haha Welcome to the solitary wandering club! 😀

    1. And this only proves two things :

      (1) The architect and brilliant interior designer in you (mykhel showed me what you did for that Bernadette?) agreed that Sub Karakoy is beautiful home in Istanbul.

      (2) Glad we have the same taste! Flattering actually.

      I can refer you to them so they’ll give you 25% discount.

  3. wow! lucky you…turkey is certainly on top of my travel list…i wish i could visit it sooner in a year or two…havent been there…just saw how lovely the Republic of Turkey on the net and i was inlove…Goodluck and more achievements and adventures;)

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