Passeport 6
Don’t you wish you have this masterpiece on your passport? I do! At least on my old one.

I became an instant fanatic of his amazingly unique art work the moment I saw them and read the article from my facebook timeline. What makes Berlin-based French illustrator, Leonard Combier different from other artists? His medium : Valid passports!

Are you daring and brave enough to let him doodle on your most important travel document? I heard he does it for free for as long as your passport isn’t expired yet. Yikes! It’ll certainly draw reactions from immigration officers when you present it to enter or exit a country! Some border-authorities might be happy, some otherwise. Just like perception of any art in any medium, it’s always subjective. And I belong to the group who appreciates Combier’s provocatively beautiful masterpieces!

To be honest, I wrote him a private message on his facebook page, asked him if he can do this travel and food blog’s header. He’s busy as of present because of his work, and has no time to do other things. Nonetheless, he agreed to do my (old) passport for free when he finds time someday.

Imagine my reaction when he offered to send me high resolution copies of his passport files. Ecstatic! He gave his green light for me to share it on this blog. So enjoy his passport drawings and share your comments on the below thread. Are we on the same page loving his work?
Passeport 3
Certainly not mine, however, I wish to have one!

Passeport 4
Passeport 5
Passeport 7
Passeport 8
Passeport 1
Passeport 2

*For more details, visit his website, http://leonardcombier.com/| Like his page on facebook : Here!



  1. Looks great, a bit adventurous – are you sure your passport will remain valid? You can show us yours when its complete 🙂

    1. Hi Yvette,

      I read in one article about him that some countries honor such passport with drawings but I’m not sure with US.

      If I’ll have mine done by Leonard, I’ll have my old one, haha

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