Grateful. Ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Excited. Hopeful.

Despite my pineal gland is fighting a good battle with Insomnia, because I need to stay awake for my responsibilities as I work on perpetual night shifts in an Award-winning-International-medical-insurance-company based in Dubai with branches worldwide, I cannot put into a single word the mixed emotions I’m currently experiencing as the new year ushers in.

The last weeks of December 2014 made me look forward to 2015 for so many reasons. Apart from my ambitious travel plans to set foot in more countries inscribed in my bucket list, my very first travel photo book entitled, #travelmemories (yes, with the hashtag!), published in LA, California was officially launched on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk last 27th December 2014. Massive thank you goes to my publisher, Mr. Percival Cruz, a Filipino author-publisher based in the US, who trusted and encouraged me to become an author myself.

From my unforgettable journeys to date in Malaysia, Nepal, Morocco, New Zealand, USA, Thailand, UAE, Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, Jordan, Hong Kong and Brunei Darussalam, we selected a few to be included in the first volume of the book. A spin off of this travel blog, #travelmemories features my personal stories paired with humble photos, taken from extraordinary places that provided me with remarkable experiences.

I aim to validate that traveling is more than a way of life, as it does not only expand and challenge the mind, but enriches our  hearts and entire being!


As the book debuted online, a glossy news magazine distributed in United Arab Emirates called, The Filipino Times interviewed yours truly about my blogging and #travelmemories. This blog and my book are featured on page 23 of the January 2-8, 2015 issue of The Filipino Times.

I honestly didn’t expect an entire page would be devoted for the article. Thank you to Ms. Anne Santos who conducted the interview via e-mail and the rest of the staff of The Filipino Times; the feature was well-written and visually stunning! Maraming salamat po!


I had a chance to share my humble tips for fellow bloggers and aspiring new ones on the article…


Regardless of where I am, whether I’m blogging from my home country, The Philippines, or from Malaysia where I lived for 3 years, or be it here in Dubai, UAE, where I found a new life and a promising career, I sincerely take pride in being a Filipino travel and food blogger who continuously enjoys the passion, at the same time, upholds integrity in blogging!


Mabuhay po ang mga Filipino bloggers sa buong mundo!

Again, you may place your orders and purchase my book, #travelmemories via amazon.com and amazon.co.uk or you can order directly from me.

Thank you so much for those people who expressed interest on buying and supporting the book! Few even wanted a signed copy of #travelmemories! Maraming salamat po!

Happy New Year to everyone!



    1. Thank you so much!

      I’m sorry it has been long that I haven’t visited your blogs but thank you for being such a loyal friend all these years. Really appreciate it!

  1. Congratulations on your book! Though somehow, I was not surprised that you will eventually publish a book with all your “magazine-worthy,” and now “book-worthy” photos. Happy new year too!

  2. Congratulations, Doc Gelo!! I’m so proud and happy for you!

    I’m headed to Penang this year, and I’ll look through your archives for the best places and experiences 😀

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