As 2014 has been life-changing and extremely challenging for me, I’d like to spend the last days of the year, and welcome the new one with hope, love and generosity.

With these simple travel mementos that I got from Jordan last May, Morocco last October and from United Arab Emirates particularly, Dubai that provided me a fresh ground to thrive, rebuild myself and work to support my families back home in The Philippines, I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to my blog readers and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by sharing with you my humble blessings via these personally favored travel souvenirs.


From Dubai, UAE :

  • 3 pieces of fridge magnets
  • 1 piece of red and white ghutra
  • 1 piece of Dubai Starbucks Coffee tumbler


From Petra, Jordan :

  • 1 red baseball cap
  • 1 small coin purse
  • 2 fridge magnets


From Fes, Morocco and from a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger based in Dubai :

  • 3 Moroccan-tile-design fridge magnets
  • 1 small blue travel journal called, Little Blank Book by Surat Journals, handmade from Dubai, UAE by Kenneth Surat.

Interested to win all those? Join in the fun! Here’s how :

  1. This blog giveaway contest is open to everyone, worldwide.
  2. It will run from 03/12/2014 to 31/12/2014.
  3. Only one winner will be selected randomly via RandomPicker.com to win all travel mementos listed above.
  4. Draw will be done on 01/01/2015, evening, Dubai time.
  5. Winner will be notified via email.
  6. The entire set of prize as shown on photos above will be sent to the winner via courier.
  7. The results will be published on this blog, twitter, facebook and Instagram account of DocGelo.
  8. Kindly leave your name and email address on the comment section below.
  9. Please provide answers to these queries :  (1) Why do you like to win? (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com?
  10. Sharing about this blog giveaway contest via social networks is not mandatory however, appreciated.

All the best to those who will join and may we all have the merriest holidays and meaningful and blessed Christmas season! Thank you very much!



  1. Wow the best of the best!!this is what I call a giveaway. My name is Denise, from the Netherlands. I always enjoyed traveling, and culture is one of the most interesting things. Atm I can not travel because I decided to go back to university.. This gives you the same feeling as traveling 🙂 if I see my souvenirs from precious trips it reminds me why I’m going to school and not to take everything for granted. Thank you for the opportunity and may 2015 be filled with happiness and health for you.

  2. Ay bakit isa lang ang winner? 😥 I want to win because I love the items you’re giving away, particularly the ref magnets and the tumbler. I suggest changing your background color. Personally I don’t like a black background hehe

  3. (1) Why do you like to win?

    I want to win as until now, i did not go to Dubai, Jordan ad Morocco so I hope that I can get the souvenirs to know more about those places.

    (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com?

    As I quite enjoy read your blog so nothing that I can say to your blog. Keep it up!


  4. I want to win because having those mementos is like touching the places where it has come from.
    Doc Gelo’s blog is awe inspiring and it makes you want to go to those places where he has been. His blog becomes a motivation for me that someday I will also travel to those places.

  5. First of all, I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude for this generosity. I think this is the first time that I’ve seen a travel blogger give this much. All of the items you’ll be giving away are my favorite things to collect whenever I travel. 🙂 I will be a really happy lady if I win this.

    I appreciate travel bloggers so much cause they make life easier for other travelers by giving out tips and information which are really helpful. They also inspire me to go out of my comfort zone and visit other places, experience new things.

    Keep up your blog and may you have a wonderful days ahead! 🙂

    Ma. Lorena Geda
    Cavite, Philippines

  6. I want to win because I want that red and white ghutra (read: thinning hair) and those ref magnets from Jordan and Morocco.
    Comments? Hmmm…. I say just keep writing and taking (beautiful) pictures.

  7. Hi DocGelo, I want to win the 2014 Beyond Toxicity Giveaway because apart from the simple but great & meaningful prizes, they make you feel that you’ve already been to the places you visited. I love the Moroccan pieces especially, and it inspire me, to one day God willing, be able to visit that place also. Just keep doing what you do Best! Inspire, Encourage & Share these beautiful places with us. Thank You!😊

  8. Doc Gelo pasali ako! 🙂
    1. Why do you like to win?
    I absolutely love the stuff from Morocco. If I win, I can also share it with my friends 🙂

    2. Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com?
    I suggest a white background for your blog. I think it will make your photos stand out and more lively 🙂

  9. Saying that I wanted to win all of it would be so greedy, but no one can’t resist to that giveaway. Photos posted on social media about these places are so inspiring. Having these items feels like the places are not too far from me. I’m a huge fan of Pinoy travel bloggers and still hoping to become one. Their passion for travel inspires me to pursue a lifelong dream.

    The blog is full of inspiring reads and photos, but it needs a bit of makeover (something like that) for it to become the total package for the readers. If theirs any problem than that, I wouldn’t mind it anyway. The connection between the writer and the reader is the most important. Doc Gelo deserves more readers and admirers like me. 🙂 Thank you Doc 😀

  10. Firstly, I must say, this is one of the most generous giveaways I’ve seen in awhile! Great selection of travel mementos from places I doubt I’ll ever have a chance to visit! To win this would be a great Christmas gift for the collector in me! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity! Cheers, Danielle from Canada 🙂

  11. Honestly, without any sugar coating, I want to win because of the travel journal. Aside for my love of handmade things, I would also love to have a journal for the sole purpose of documenting my lakwatsa. 2014 has been a really tough year for me, and going outside my comfort zone (literally) helped me to see life in a different perspective.

    I first stumbled upon your blog through your Instagram account, and it’s quite interesting for an expat (let alone a doctor) to have such an established presence in the virtual world. I hope you write something on the different medical practices of various cultures (this coming from a Sociology major) and places you visit. That way, you’re not only inspiring people to travel but provide information to us.

    1. Luningning Arabiran

      (1) Why do you like to win?
      I love the prizes. I haven’t been to Dubai yet but the magnets are awesome. I know my brother would love the Starbucks cup.

      (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com?
      I think writing about what you are passionate about is really what matters most. Keep it up! ^_^

  12. All these items are so beautiful and I would really like to be able to win them because I love to travel and if I get to travel to all those lovely places you have been to, I’m going to record all my explorations in the journals :))
    This blog is really lovely, I don’t know what to say!

  13. Hi Doc!

    I wish i could be a winner because i’m now collecting fridge magnets! besides, i love moroccan patterns! i have some dubai magnets and all of them are camels. just realized i didn’t bought any dubai icon building magnets right when I’m home. and i wanna give the ghutra and caps for my little brother! i know he would really love them :p
    and since i was in elementary school, one of my hobby is buy some journals! haha! i wish i could win the travel journal too 🙂

    First time i look at your instagram account, i feel love at the first sight with your instagram because you have beautiful captures from your every journey. then i feel happier when you said you have travel blog. this is what i need! i regularly read Indonesian travel blog and you’re the only one english language-travel blog i added in my reading list! i could easily get your storyline assisted by so many pictures and make me feels like i go along with.

    One of my suggestion is i wish i could read more about traditional food in every journey, i know food and travel can’t be separated. i have read some of your food story but i wish you could make what’s should try and what’s not. and make a resume how many days should we stay for one country, it made me easier as a new traveler like me. sometimes when i have a plan to travel in the near future, its quite hard to decide how many days and where should we prioritized. because i don’t really like to go with travel guide all day long, it made me really rush and can’t enjoy the journey. oh! and if you could, please make suitcase vs backpacker trip! 😀

    Terima Kasih!

    Annisa Bella

  14. First of, I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone who are being given the chance to win such incredible things!
    So, why do I want to win?

    Comments about this blog:
    It’s always interesting when people write about what they love. So, your blog is really great!

  15. knowing you from your travel posts and personally, everything in the mementos above are collected and pick with the heart in mind, there is a slice of Doc Gelo’s personality in those mementos and who ever win this set of memorabilia will forever treasure them.

    I would love to see a redesign of your blog, it’s already awesome but a new design will make it stand out.

  16. Hi Doc Gelo! I’m a traveller myself, i love to go different places to learn and enjoy the cultural heritage of the place as well as trying different local cuisines.

    How the blog is detailed about the places you visit is perfect! Maybe more details and ideas on where to dine? thanks

  17. Hi Doc Gelo! I’m a traveller myself, i love to go different places to learn and enjoy the cultural heritage of the place as well as trying different local cuisines.

    How the blog is detailed about the places you visit is perfect! Maybe more details and ideas on where to dine? thanks

  18. Hi Doc Gelo. I love to win the contest to be inspired for me to visit those countries. I want to go back to Dubai again to explore it more. We were stranded then going back to the Philippines and we stayed in a hotel getting time also to visit nearby places.

    Blog suggestions? Do you have any plans to change the wordpress template / layout to make it more hip and trendy? You have a winning content, a heart to put in for every post, still, hope you can also give time to “prettify” it. LOL! Anyway, this is just a suggestion. Best of luck!

  19. I so love the ref magnets, doc. And that beautiful hand-made journal by Kenneth 🙂

    I agree with Aleah, though. A white minimalistic theme would be better suited (and more cheery!) for your travel-themed posts 🙂

  20. Dianne Mae Cariño

    Hello! I’d like to win because I particularly love the items from Morocco and the journal from Dubai. Its nice to have a piece of something that you know came from these wonderful places. It gives you that spark of hope that someday, God willing I will be able to personally visit those places.
    Congrats on an awesome blog however I wish you’d change the overall design and look so that it would be more attractive, easy on the eyes but still simple.

  21. Why i like to win??
    Sebab bukan semua orang dapat pergi Dubai.Souvenir untuk apa ?Bagi saya ia adalah kenangan selama lamanya.Dapat kenal anda juga jodoh kita.sebab itu saya lagi ingin nak menangi.

    Do u have any comments,suggestions about this blog♡
    Saya rasa anda hendak tangkap gambar yang menarik,kalau boleh buat hantar postcard yang free tapi sambung dengan world vision.Menderma duit untuk orang.tapi kita juga dapat postcards.Saya rasa cara ini boleh menarik banyak pertolongan .Inilah satu cara yang saya pernah nampak dari seorang blogger yang saya kenal.Saya sertai juga activiti yang dia cadang .Duit yang derma dapat menolong orang yang memerlu penolongan kita.
    Minta maaf bahasa english tak bagus.

  22. First of, I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone who are being given the chance to win such incredible things!
    So, why do I want to win?

    Comments about this blog:
    It’s always interesting when people write about what they love. So, your blog is really great!

  23. Hi doc gelo! Thanks for having a blog giveaway. Here’s my response:
    1.) Why do you like to win? I like the stuff that you are giving away. Looking at them will make me more motivated in life (like doing well sa career, hehehe) so I can still be capable of travelling.
    2.) Comments/Suggestions: I think it’s better to change the color of your background and use the “Read More” function in your homepage instead of placing the whole blog entry.
    Jackie Cerdiña

  24. (1) Why do you like to win? I’ve never been to Dubai and to Jordan, so having these souvenir items for now will serve as an inspiration for me to work on fulfilling my wishes to travel more.
    (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com? Thank You for sharing your thoughts thru this blog. Keep it up and more Power

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  25. Hi! I wanna win because I’ve had a pretty crappy year to, and I don’t wanna end my year feeling crappy. I thought this would be a lovely pick me upper, especially since I collect ref magnets from other places, too!

    May I suggest please, if you can link your blog to bloglovin, and therefore put a way for me to follow via bloglovin. I read the blogs I follow on bloglovin, I would like very much to follow your blog.

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  26. Hi Doc Gelo! My name is Priya and I am a huge fan of your blog! 🙂
    I want to win because I love travelling and collecting souvenirs and mementos to remind me of places. I already have a huge ‘memory box’ that I keep adding to. Owning the beautiful and special travel mementos that you’re giving away would be a great honour!

    I am an avid reader of your blog and love the theme it focuses on – travel, culture, food – exactly what intrigues me in life! 🙂

  27. Kimberly Camille Tiu

    (1) Why do you like to win? I would love to win because I love to collect souvenirs from different countries and display them in our home
    (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com? More power to your blog

  28. JoseTuason/jorex_gamer@yahoo.com
    I would like to win specifically the one with the Starbucks Coffee tumbler because I’m a coffee mug and tumbler collector and never have the chance to travel outside Asia. It will be nice to have them added to my collection.
    Your blog seems okay just keep up the good work!


    (1) Why do you like to win?
    I just love to travel yet I don’t have something to spend. 😦 I keep on joining promos hoping for a chance to win. 😦

    (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com?
    You always have a choice but you only have a chance so enjoy the most out of it, SIR! :)))

  30. My name is Sophie and I’m 13. I’m from Germany and I’d like to win, because I’m very interested in other cultures etc. I can learn about the countries/places from which the magnets are from. Besides I love souvenirs from other countries:-) I haven’t visited these countries but some special things are little journeys in a country they’re from:D

  31. My name is Sarah and I’m from the Netherlands. I would like to win this because this is the coolest souvenir giveaway I have ever seen!!! I want to thank you for this opportunity to win this amazing collection of souvenirs.

    Each piece symbolizes a culture and adds a special value to it. A souvenir makes good travel memories touchable.
    especially when it comes from such beautiful, amazing countries like Jordan, Morocco and UAE.

    Keep up your blog, and may your 2015 be filled with love, happiness and a lot of traveling!! 😉

  32. Hi!
    I just lovvve the souvenirs you are giving away! I’m crazy for the Moroccan magnets as I’m into Islamic geometric arts.
    Pls include costs of basic stuff that you spent in your travels for the budget-concious traveller.
    Thanks and hoping to win!

  33. Hello! I just finished a tourguiding course and I’m now starting to collect memorabilias such as you are giving away:) This will be give me a “push” to further enhance my craft. Hope to win:) Anyway, regarding your blog, I think a white or blue lay-out would be much better:)…
    Thanks and More power to your blog:)

  34. Jose Lorenzo Manongsong
    I want to win these products because I love every memorabilia of other countries and I want to us the tumbler to my workplace. You can also promote your blog to other social networking sites and have more giveaways so that everybody will participate. 🙂

  35. I’d like to have them because they remind me of the wonderful experiences when I was still travelling. I love exploring different places and cultures as it brings me closer to our brothers and sisters from the other part of the world. I also miss Arabs and Muslims friends whom I met when I was still working abroad. They opened my eyes and heart to the world where everyone can live no matter what races or religions are they from. One world for everyone. Mike Marcaida- mike.marcaida@yahoo.com

  36. I recently discovered your blog and instagram account and became an instant fan! Nicely written travel accounts and beautiful pictures of places, landmark and food.

    I love to win the freebies because I too started collecting fridge magnet from my previous travel in Europe. It would be a nice addition to my collection. Jordan is on my travel list and hope to go before I leave Dubai next year.

  37. I’d like to win because like you I like to travel if God’s given a chance to those countries and also I do collect magnets from different countries… I hope I win! thanks. keep blogging…

  38. Hello, I’m Ana from Lisbon, Portugal!

    This giveaway it’s *****

    (1) Why do you like to win? Because I like to have materials memories from other countries(2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com? Keep up the excellent work , is perfect

    Best Regards

    Ana Filipa

  39. Hi Doc!

    I love those items you are giving away especially the tumblers and fridge magnets 🙂
    I love your blog and the reviews. I actually just read your blog about legoland to get some tips because we are planning to travel this january.
    More power to you!


  40. To have a part/piece of doc gelos adventure….. how about a blog re: korea or russia…. love to go there….. keep on doing what you really want to do. ☺😊☺

  41. (1) Why do you like to win? I soooo love your blog and esp. the travel part.. I would love to travel someday also but for now I’m very much invested in terms of time, money and effort to my family only so definitely I am just amazed and happy looking at your travel photos and blog as it transports me right there also most esp. with your absolutely wonderful pictures that are as good as real 🙂

    (2) Do you have any comments, suggestions about this blog, Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com Go to Spain and more of Europe naman next time so it is like I have also already reached those place/s just by reading your blog ;))

  42. Why I want to win? Simply because I love to travel and its just a dream. By having all the souvenirs and stuff its like a dream come true. I may not be able to do travelling as Doc Gelo but following him with his blogpost and having the souvenirs will definitely a dream come true. 😁

  43. I love to win this giveaway because I love collecting fridgemagnet and these are awesome!
    This site really is an inspiration and I love to travel to. Nothing negative.

    Happy New Year 😀

  44. i would like to win because the prizes from different countries are awesome. i especially like the journal because i am fond of writing.i hope to see more budget-friendly travel tips n this blog. happy holidays 🙂

    camille quiambao

  45. Wow such a huge giveaway and thank you for the giveaway chance 😀
    1. Why i want to win this? I follow your instgram account and i like the place where youre living UAE, if I may describe them its futuristic. Also when i read your travelling journey it opens my view that those Asia’s countries worth to visit and developes so fast. For me, who think Europe and America as priority travelling destination, this blog opens my knowledge that they are so beautiful and the culture too. I hope to visit them someday. So getting those treasures would be great for me, for sure they will be tourist destination someday, at least now I have souvenirs from those countries.
    2. I love reading your blog because you describe them very detail and show your feeling about the trip, so I enjoy it. But it makes me jealous, seeing how great your travelling must be 😀 The suggestion can you tell us the cost to visit those beautiful place? And also why you chose those places during your short trip? 😀
    Thank you so much once again. Cant wait to follow your journey in this blog. Have a great day! Wish you all the best in 2015.

  46. Hi Doc Gelo, I have been following your blog for quite sometime and its an absolute delight to read, it infact helped me a lot in planning my Dubai trip earlier this year. Just wanted to give you a big shout out from India, great going cheers!
    I would love to win the goodies because I collect Magnets and souvenirs from the places I travel to as a hobby so it would really add to my collection.
    As for the blog my only recommendation would be an easier navigational system on the home page as I have often struggled in the past to go to a specific post on your blog.
    Keep up the good work. Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

  47. Hi Doc, I stumbled upon your blog a while ago & I’ve been loving the experiences you post.
    Your blog is such an inspiration & honestly makes me want to travel to all these beautiful places….so a BIG thumbs up for the great work.
    I’d love to win this giveaway/goodies as a present/gift for my darling husband who has a passion for travelling & exploring…he’d love nothing more than these souvenirs from around some of his favorite places!
    You’ve got a lovely blog, I just wish it had a simpler navigation.
    Hope your family & you have a blessed year ahead…happy new year!
    Love from India!

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