After a long and tiring day at work, I attended to an invitation from Zuri Restaurant through my fellow Filipino-UAE-based-blogger, Carla (My Yellow Bells). We came with another blogger-friend, Sheila (AB and Me), and shared the same table with Sarah (On Cloud Zen).  I arrived at Zuri with my pockets emptied of great expectations, however, I went home with stretched gastric mucosa and a wide smile on the face!

Here’s my list of

Ten Random Reasons Why You Must Dine At Zuri Restaurant When You’re In Dubai. 

(1) Unusual Buffet-Dining Concept.

Unlike the common eat-all-you-want-restaurants, Zuri doesn’t provide a buffet spread but menu on tablets, where diners can select as many dishes as they like with just a flick of a finger. When food is prepared fresh and served piping hot from the chef’s open-kitchen, tasting and sampling everything on the menu is always encouraged.

(2) Reasonable Price.

Inclusive of unlimited orders of available appetizers, entrée, desserts and mocktails, everything can be savored at a total rate of 225/-AED per pax only. Reasonable enough for me!


Asian Mystery.  Mango juice, coconut puree, passion fruit and chili. I repeat -chili!
(3) Cozy and romantic ambiance.

Minimalist yet classy and sophisticated interiors, almost-dim-lights, relaxing music, inviting mood. So perfect for special events or even for casual get-together.

(4) Accesibility.

Located a stone’s throw away at the back of Mall of Emirates in Al Barsha, Dubai, parking isn’t an issue for those diners with cars and Auris Plaza Hotel where Zuri is located is very accessible to commuters as well.
Crab, tuna, bean, broth, sweet basil. Fried soft shell crab, pickled tuna, edamame beans, Asian master broth and sweet basil oil.

I love that soft-shell-crab soup not because I am biased with its main ingredient but it’s cleverly done with thin stock instead of rich and creamy soup, hence it’s not overwhelming. The chef knew how to highlight textures and flavors on each plate!
Prawn, seaweed, marie rose, aioli, tamarind, corn. Grilled prawns with seaweed, curried marie rose, ginger aioli, tamarind jelly, and crunchy sweet corn.

What can I say? I love seafood! And Zuri presented it so well that I died and went to heaven and back! Hahaha!
Scallops with cauliflower puree.

(5) Extraordinary fusion of textures, flavors, and taste!

Ingredients were played on plates so good, there’s a balance between taste, flavors, and textures. Case in point, the saltiness of scallops paired with almost-bland cauliflower puree. If that doesn’t sound creative and seems enticing to you, I rest my case.


(6) A considerable volume of choices.

In my opinion, the menu was well thought of. From its variety from poultry, meat and seafood, to mocktails and fresh juices and desserts, plus coffee or tea. The volume wasn’t insulting too. My definition of value for money and prioritizing quality over quantity.
Duck, hoisin, butter squash, raisin, spring onion.

Beef Cheek Risotto, Green Beans, Peanut, Garlic.

I am a fan of beef dishes when cooked to fork-tender and served medium well. The wait staff never failed to ask how I wanted my beef cheeks to be prepared, however, I found this dish so easily satiating and heavy as it’s served with risotto in coconut cream Its entirety is tasteful but made me feel full early.

(7) Quick service,  smart  and courteous wait staff.

A Filipina and a Burmese waitresses attended to our table the entire night. They made our dinner at Zuri extra remarkable and lovely. Seriously. I believe they deserve a salary raise for being so good at what they do.

(8) Dishes are  handsomely presented per plate, never boring.

Obviously, a self-explanatory creativity.


Short Ribs Tamarind Peanut Teriyaki Purple Yam Jasmine Sweet Potato.

Passionate Mint. Passion puree, mint leaves, honey. This is love in every sip.

(9) Mocktails and other drinks complement the entire dining experience. 

The Passionate Mint was so refresh while Asian Mystery (the mango with chili) was more than interesting; it’s seductive actually!


(10)  Spontaneity from starters to main dishes and desserts.

One may find it overly sweet but then again, creativity weighed more on my list. Imagine white chocolate as the egg white, and passion fruit jelly as the yolk. Who would’ve thought that a classic breakfast combo of eggs and bacon strips can be recreated into sweet endings? The chef and his culinary team were consistent and spontaneously witty from the start to finish!
Bacon, Egg, Chips. Chef  Zaw Special.  That’s my dessert plate. DESSERT PLATE, YEAH!!!

A corner at the lobby of Auris Plaza Hotel.

It’s difficult to beat the winning formula of satisfying your diners with discriminating taste, serving them with tasteful dishes and unforgettable dining experience via impeccable service, in a restaurant with sophisticated ambiance. Diners will surely spread the word about their pleasant gastronomic experience like an uncontrolled epidemic, without force and coercion.

Thumbs up to Zuri Restaurant! Thank you for inviting us!

ZURI RESTAURANT | AURIS PLAZA HOTEL, AL BARSHA, DUBAI  website : http://www.auris-hotels.com/en/auris-plaza-hotel/ | phone : +971 4 455 4800 | E-mail : reservation.plaza@auris-hotels.com



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