Cheers to Al Ghurair Rayhaan and Al Ghurair Arjaan by Rotana for hosting a Press and Bloggers Gathering!

It has been eight months since I arrived in Dubai which only means, it has been eight months of being exposed to diversities in cultures, people, religion and yes, cuisine! Among the many dishes available and made authentic by local and foreign chefs in this cosmopolitan city, the Iranian or Persian cuisine is one of the most fascinating.  And best place to sample it? SHAYAN RESTAURANT in AL GHURAIR BY ROTANA in Deira, Dubai.

I was fortunately invited to attend a Press and Bloggers Gathering hosted by Shayan Restaurant, and even luckier to treat my discriminating palates to a succulent taste of Iranian cuisine.  The night was filled with new introduction. First time to meet famous and established Dubai-based bloggers and press people, first time to dine while listening to soothing music played on traditional string instrument called, Santoor, and first time for my taste buds to be introduced to Iranian menu beyond skewered kebabs.

With elegant and modern interiors, yet casual and friendly atmosphere, quick and attentive service, most of all, interestingly good Persian food, Shayan Restaurant easily earned a spot on my personal list, as one of the best dining places in this emirate.

What did we sample?

Cold Mezzah, Sabzi platter was served generously…

SABZI PLATTER : Lettuce, cucumber, radish, spring onion, mint leaves, cherry tomato and feta cheese.

Dip it, dunk it onto :

ZEYTOON PARVARDEH- green olives, walnut dressing and pomegranate.

MASTO KHIYAR – yogurt, cucumber and raisins.

ASH  E RESHTEH – Traditional Persian Soup with noodles, mint, onions and topped with whey.

As Hot Mezzeh, the following authentic Iranian dishes landed on our table…
SALAD SHIRAZI on the left, and KASHK E BADEMJAN on the right. Tongue-tied? Fine. It’s tasteful anyway!

KASHK E BADEMJAN -fried eggplant mixed with special aged curd, seasoned with traditional spices.

MIRZA GHASEMI -grilled eggplant mixed with fried egg and tomato.

SALAD SHIRAZI -traditional salad, mixed with cucumber, onion, virgin olive oil and lime juice.

The main dishes consist of …


JOOJEH KABAB BEDONE OSTOKHAN – skewer of marinated chicken on the bone with saffron sauce.

TIKKE MASTI -cuts of beef tenderloin marinated with yoghurt, saffron and Persian spices.

CHELO KABAB KUBIDEH -skewers of minced lamb, with Persian spices and grated onions.

KEBAB MEYGOO -skewers of marinated grilled tiger prawn.

Those skewered goodness were all must-taste! Well seasoned, fork-tender and delightful in every bite!
GHEYMEH BADEMJAN -lamb stew prepared with lentils, tomatoes and fried eggplant.

If you’re a follower of this blog, you must know that I’m not fond of lamb dishes unless it’s tender and cooked perfectly right without leaving an after-taste. That Gheymeh Bademjan (exhale! such effort in pronouncing Iranian food!) doesn’t disappoint. No overpowering flavor. Seriously delicious!

Noticeably, the use of spices, particularly the very expensive, saffron was done in abundance! Shayan offers saffron dishes, saffron rice and even saffron-flavored drinks! Need I say more?

BAGHALI POLO- steamed rice with fava beans and dill and SAFFRON RICE.

SHOLEH ZARD-rice pudding flavoured with fine saffron, pistachios, almond and cinnamon.

The dessert reminded me of white porridge or chocolate champorado which are a classic favorite back home!





Interesting place, fascinating Persian cuisine, great company. Fun night!

Special thanks to Shayan Restaurant for the invitation!

SHAYAN RESTAURANT | 3rd floor of  Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana | Phone : +971 (0)4 293 3000 |

website :


  1. When I dropped by your blog, I was having a “dinner” of a hamburger and a beer while a dirty movie was running on my cable tv and I was happy…..until I saw what I’m missing gastronomically. You sure have a way of ruining a dirty man’s delight LOL. Just kidding.

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