Dining without prejudice. That’s what I had in mind when I brought my appetite and my relatives from Deira to Boardwalk Dubai to sample their menu for lunch last weekend. I never entertained the unjust concept that such place is only for people who live in huge villas or tourists with plenty of pocket money to burn. Some people develop an aversion to what they casually perceived as “intimidating places” even without being there yet. Wrong. Unfair. Imperfect impression. Just because Boardwalk Dubai is beautifully tucked within the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and offers a Mediterranean menu doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. It’s one of the must-try fantastic restaurants when you’re in Dubai!


Interiors of immaculate white and  powder blue that’s apparently inspired by the waters, renders a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. The indoor restaurant’s spacious, fit for large groups of friends and families, even for business meetings. For people who prefer outdoor dining and those who are worshipers of sunset and sea  breeze,  Boardwalk’s famous terrace provides a spectacular view of Dubai Creek and skyline that’s even more breathtaking at sundown.

I and my relatives enjoyed our lunch inside Boardwalk’s air-conditioned dining area, and promised ourselves to come back  to sip refreshments while savoring the red and yellow sunset hues at the terrace soon.

Reminiscent of Mediterranean market, Boardwalk has a minimalist yet striking seafood display where diners have the liberty of selecting the fish and/or seafood of wide variety from king fish, sherry, sweet lip, red snapper, seabream, hammour, salmon, seabass, tuna, cod, clams, prawns, cuttlefish, welks, scallops, lobster, to how they want the dishes to be seasoned, cooked, served with side dishes and sauces.

I could not think of any people but them to share my dining experience at Boardwalk and the lovely weekend afternoon. Meet my relatives family in Deira, Dubai. My cousins, Ate Arlene and Kuya Orvil, and 2 of their kids, Ian and Mark.

I always consider brief encounters and conversations with people who prepare my food a special opportunity to understand every flavor, every seasoning, every effort they put on my plate. And for that, I am grateful!  We had the pleasure of meeting Boardwalk’s Chef De Cuisine, Chef Stefano Andreoni. He spontaneously explained what Boardwalk and his dishes are all about.

I appreciate the fact that the Mediterranean theme of Boardwalk is infused with his Italian expertise. The moment he mentioned the use of olive oil in his cooking, I knew we’re in for some great dining.

At Boardwalk, diners have option to select their own seasoning. When having Greek cuisine, lemon, fennel, and thyme may be used. If Sicilian, there’s oregano, chilli and garlic. Levant dishes calls for zaatar, coriander and sumac, while Italian dishes commonly have tomato and olive, and for Piqant, mostly with chilli and five peppers. The freshest pick from Boardwalk’s seafood display may also be cooked upon diners’ request, either oven baked, fried, grilled or steamed. Side dishes also vary from fried, roasted, or olive mashed potato; for vegetable side dishes – one may opt to have ratatouille, steamed, roasted medley, root veggies or mixed green leaves, and for rice, diner may choose to have it with saffron, lemon, or star anise. Meals are already delicious sans sauces but to add more flavors and complete the dining experience, Chef Stefano offers lemon butter, salmoriglio and salsa verde.
Thank You to Boardwalk’s Chef De Cuisine, Chef Stefano, our fellow Kabayan Outlet Supervisor, Ms. Juliana Tuazon, and Restaurant Manager, Ms. Ines Fourquet (not in photo)

Apart from its priceless location, lovely ambiance, quick, efficient and friendly service, the main reason why people must try Boardwalk is of course, the food.  We surrendered our options and allowed Chef Stefano to surprise us with his dishes, from starters to entrees.

From appetizers, mezzeh and antipasti, we’re almost satiated; it’s a sensory feast! The starters weren’t that overwhelming but just the right flavors and textures to stimulate our senses as a prelude to a wonderful dining experience.

King Fish Carpaccio.

We had butter and high fiber bread, King Fish Carpaccio. That plate of thin slices of king fish topped with insalata siciliana and orange vinaigrette is such a textured goodness!
Mezzeh and Antipasti to share.

The flavored Hummus with black olives, basil and pesto are perfect dips for the Arabic bread served in tiny but piping hot portions. We also loved the Tzatziki, prepared with cool yoghurt and cucumbers fused with tangy Greek recipe, and we’re all hands down to the Eggplant Caponata – an antipasti of diced eggplant cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, pine nuts, olives, capers and parsely. Ahhhhhh Heavenly!!!

Forgive me as the name of this prawn dish slipped my memory. It’s that delicious that numbed my cerebrum, hahaha! What I recall from what Chef Stefano had shared, it’s a dish inspired by sailors docking on shores, enjoying freshest catch from the sea.

Moving on, the classic Calamari landed on our table. I’ve tasted a lot of versions of this fried squid dish from a few countries I’ve been to but Boardwalk’s isn’t oily, lightly battered, and the freshly tasting Calamari ever! Highly recommended!


Then a black cookware with mussels was brought to our table. Mussels Al Podomorro. A very tasteful rendition of the common mussels however, cooked extraordinarily in tomato sauce, black pepper, parsley, and white wine. Thumbs up!

Since summer officially kicked in, we opted to cool and wash down everything with fibrous fresh fruit juices.

Obviously, Boardwalk’s appetizers served its function of prepping our palates so well. But like what Chef Stefano did on the antipasti, we’re all surprised and amazed of his choices for our entrees. Thank you so much, Chef! 


From the Sweet Lip fish dish served with roasted vegetables, olive mashed and fried potatoes, to the Grilled Prawns that tasted extra-delicious sans sauces, as the prawns according to Chef were imported from our country, The Philippines, to the sweetest and freshest tasting clams that ever laid on my taste buds, to the Risotto Porcini – made of Carnaroli rice with porcini mushrooms and parmesan cheese (that made it sooooo good!),  trust and believe me, these plates tasted more gorgeous than they look on photos!  Amazing! Everything’s sublime.
Chef Stefano choosing the freshest ingredients personally. Good job, Chef! Well done!

Glad my relatives enjoyed it!

Chef’s culinary masterpiece at Boardwalk gloriously ended with caffeine dose and divine desserts.  Ate Arlene had the Waffle served with raspberries and chocolate trimmings, Ian chose Banana Split, his brother Mark had Chocolate Mushroom, dramatically topped with chocolate meringue, hazelnut and chocolate sauce, Kuya Orvil opted for Coffee Liegeois; it’s a coffee ice cream served with warm sauce topped with chantilly cream and coffee beans, and I enjoyed Peach Melba, poached peaches served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.
Cappuccino, anyone?

After that wonderful weekend lunch at Boardwalk, we were graciously ushered to the other levels of the building by Boardwalk’s staff, Juliana upon our request. The view’s fantastic!  We also strolled a bit at the marina, and marveled at the expensive yachts. What a relaxing  and pretty weekend it was!

With my family in Dubai, cousins –Ate Arlene and her husband, Kuya Orvil. Thank you so much!

We certainly enjoyed our weekend indulgence at Boardwalk. I was telling my relatives that I was trying my best to find fault at the food, service and everything in Boardwalk but I failed. Needless to say, I highly recommend this gastronomic institution in Deira, Dubai to everyone who seek special dining experiences. Every minute and every dirham’s worth it!

BOARDWALK | Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Deira, Dubai | website :

Boardwalk’s conveniently located just across Deira City Centre.

“Boardwalk is open for Lunch and Dinner every day and for breakfast on weekends and is ideal for families, couples, groups of friends or even a business lunch.

Opening Times
12 noon to midnight from Sunday to Thursday
8am to midnight from Friday and Saturday”

For reservations please contact Boardwalk on +971 4 295 6000 or email  -Sourced from its website.

*Special THANKS goes out to Boardwalk Dubai, Chef Stefano Andreoni, Ms. Ines Fouruet, Ms. Juliana Tuazon, all the wait staff of Boardwalk and Mr. Tom Watterson for the invitation!

*Some of the photos published on this post were taken by my relatives, Ate Arlene, Ian and Mark. Thank you for allowing me to use them!

*Although the meals on this blog post were sponsored, the words, opinion, and insights of the blogger were never influenced and remain 100% his own.




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