In my utterly perplexing starting-over-again-phase-of-new-life in Dubai, I devote my weekdays to work and anticipate to celebrate weekends or at least my days off the best way possible. At times, I go to the mall, the shores, or other places where my camera, my taste buds and my feet could accompany me. I take efforts not to feel homesick and be drowned in inevitable stress, worries and whatnot.

Last weekend was extraordinary. I received an invitation via email to dine for brunch and review Claw BBQ, an American Grill and Seafood Bar and Restaurant located at Souk Al Bahar; just across Dubai Mall, near the foot of the iconic, Burj Khalifa. What made it more special was the fact that I got to share the fun and experience with 2 of my new friends at work. Happiness, as they say, is doubled when shared!

Hip. Fun. Edgy. Informal. Relaxed. Casual. Friendly. Welcoming. The mood and atmosphere inside Claw BBQ were so appropriate for the young and weary.  Too perfect for people who savor Dubai’s unspoken concept of Work-Life Balance!

Raw photos never lie. Happy people troop to Claw BBQ for food, drinks, songs and good time!

And for those with surge of adrenaline who are seeking heart-pumping entertainment, riding Claw BBQ’s mechanical bull could simply unleash their cowboy or cowgirl fantasies! Yeehaa!

Did I get to try it? Luckily for me, it was the bull’s day off too! 😀

I was happy enough to be invited at Claw BBQ, even happier to went there with 2 of my new workmates.

Meet Cleo and Ariane, 2 of my new found beautiful friends and colleagues in Dubai.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?  Here’s the shameless rundown of what we enjoyed, savored and indulged over our happiest and memorable hours at Claw BBQ…

Light starters landed on our table. Juiciest and fresh-tasting shrimps, nachos and dips!
Peel and Eat Shrimps!

Chips and Salsa

Although these starters are common in most American-themed restaurants, Claw’s version doesn’t disappoint.

We met Philip, the wait staff who was tasked to attend to our table. Friendly, smart and knows everything on the menu. Right there and then, I surrendered to his recommendations. We trusted his suggestions of what to drink. Then, I left Cleo and Ariane for a while and did a random quick check of the entire food place. Impressive bar, quick and efficient staff, inviting menu. Great songs played live on a mini-stage. What more can you ask for?

Alas! I discovered early what Philip and the bar tender were preparing for us. I, myself spoilt their surprise! Huge glasses of Margarita, individually infused with passion fruit, raspberry and cherry, finely blended ice, topped with Dos Equis beer.
Passion Fruit, Raspberry and Cherry.

Philip (not in photo) mentioned that we could order beverages from Claw BBQ’s promo package :

  • Freshman – 195AED for soft drinks and light drinks.
  • Varsity – 295AED for soft drinks and selected house beverages
  • Pro – 345AED for the above plus premium house beverages

We opted to go Pro. The amateurs went Pro!!! Let the drinking begin! 😀
A bunch of happy kids at Claw BBQ! 🙂

Apart from the shrimps and nacho chips served earlier, we also had 3 different starters to sample. From Claw BBQ’s Brunch menu, Ariane picked Buffalo Hot Wings, Cleo’s choice was Nacho Libre, while I had Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.

We had the luxury of tasting all dishes on our table. The three of us were unanimous in stating that everything’s good except for the Buffalo Hot Wings. From its name, we’d appreciate more some kick and spice but it tasted a bit sour and tangy.
Buffalo Hot Wings. Fried Chicken Wings tossed in Hot Sauce, served with celery and blue cheese dip.

Nacho Libre. Mountain of Tortilla Chips topped with chili, cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, scalions, guacamole, black olives, and sour cream. Once you munch, you can’t stop!
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. Icy Cold Jumbo Shrimps, with traditional cocktail sauce. So good!
Ariane’s apparently thrilled to sample the starters! Let’s dig in! …Attack! 😀

The drinks at Claw BBQ are at its best! Those humongous glasses were surprisingly light and refreshingly good!

Our second round of beverages were not photographed. Blame our engaging talks and euphoric mood at Claw!

Ariane obviously liked the Southern American flavors and chose still went for Sizzling Chargrilled Fajitas as her main dish that she split into chicken and shrimps. Clever!

Cleo had the best tasting plate. She opted for Half Rack of Smoked BBQ Ribs. I honestly wanted to order it too, however, for us to try other dishes from the menu, I silently let Cleo have it. Anyway, I knew she’d generously share it to Ariane and me and of course, she did, even without asking her to.


I had Blue Cheese Bacon Burger instead. I loved it the first time I dunked my fork at it and toyed a piece of classic hamburger crusted with blue cheese and bacon in my mouth.  But I got so engaged in talks with Cleo and Ariane as if we’ll not be meeting in the office again! In order words, I regret the fact of not finishing my burger until its last bite. Oh well!

The most fork-tender, fall-off-the-bones, well-marinated ribs I’ve ever tasted. Good choice, Cleo!

The girls are ready to wolf-down their plates! My appetite was challenged. Let’s go!

Philip and the other wait staff cleared our table and served its second and third sets of beverages under the PRO-list.  I swear, these girls were not tipsy yet! On Neuro exam, they’re still conscious, coherent, oriented, with intact sensory and motor reflexes. LOL! 😛
Second and third round of drinks. Tipsy and satiated now? Naaah! Brunch’s not over yet. 🙂

Forgive me for not jotting all the names of those cocktails; I’m sure from quick recall that Long Island Iced Tea was at the middle of those enticing jars.

Like many beautiful and sumptuous meals, it had to end with mouth-watering desserts. We tried all 3 listed on the Brunch menu.

  • Classic American Brownie
  • Key Lime Pie Baby
  • Mama’s Apple Pie

The two ladies voted for the Classic American Brownie as their top favorite among the three, and I could not agree more. I ranked those sweet slices in similar order as mentioned. Claw BBQ’s Classic American Brownie was indeed divine.
What’s an epic meal without sweet endings?

I highly recommend Claw BBQ to those in Dubai, particularly when you’re craving for tasteful American Grill and Seafood!

Coming to Claw BBQ without expectations and ending the day with cheerful memories over an unforgettable brunch and drinks were signs of more positive things to come!

So is it odd to feel happy at the expense of my homesickness? I don’t think so as my new found friends, new work and newly discovered fun places like Claw got me covered. 😉


CLAW BBQ | Souk Al Bahar (across Dubai Mall and near the foot of Burj Khalifa) Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Tel # +971 04432  2300 | website :

*The meal and drinks seen on this blog post were complimentary, but the words and opinion of the blogger remain unbiased and 100% his own.  Special thanks goes out to CLAW BBQ, their staff and to Mr. Tom Watterson for the invites.

Incidentally, this blog, BEYOND TOXICITY @  is celebrating its 7th Anniversary on 8th May 2014 and will be ushering on its 8th year of blogging. Thank you very much to all readers, fellow bloggers, and to all generous sponsors in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines and in UAE who have been sending invites for blog features and offering priceless and awesome experiences!

Terima Kasih! Xie Xie! Maraming Salamat po! Shukran! Thank you very much!




    1. Oh yes, Ms. N! Perhaps, even if someone sends me to Mars, I’ll still find time to blog! hehehe!

      Isn’t Claw BBQ and the rest of Dubai enough to keep me company? 🙂

  1. My wife is trying her best to convince me to visit Dubai and take a cruise from there to the Far East, I keep saying I’ll think about it. After I saw how hard you are working there and how beautiful your co-workers are, I made up my mind we are going but I did not tell her I will be staying in Dubai and she can continue on with the cruise to the Far East. It will be this November unless my wife got wind of my plan and I am “terminated with extreme prejudice”, the CIA’s way of saying I am dead meat LOL.

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