Twenty-eight degrees. 9th of March 2014. Sunny Sunday. While most people in UAE began their new work week (Yes, work days here starts Sunday-Thursday and UAE weekends are celebrated every Fridays & Saturdays), I made an effort to be in the middle of the desert where they grow and maintain millions of flowers in vibrant colors, before summer officially kicks in.

From my current flat in Deira, Dubai, I took the Green Line of Dubai Metro train at Abu Baker Al Siddique station. Alighted at Union to transfer to Red Line and hopped off at Mall of Emirates (MOE) station. At around 9AM, I took a roughly 10-minute-taxi ride from MOE to Dubai Miracle Garden that costs me around 23 dirhams (US $6.26).

To be in a very picturesque place with more than 45 million blooming flowers, in an amazing landscaped and manicured gardens, with longest flower wall recorded in Guiness Book of Records, amidsts the desert was something refreshing! It’s a great breather from seeing skyscrapers and impressive shopping complex and so apt to silently celebrate my fourteenth day in Dubai.

At 30 dirhams (US $ 8.16) entrance rates per adult, inclusive of admission to Phase 1 & the newly opened, Phase 2 gardens, one can enjoy Dubai’s newest tourist attraction.

Although there were not much variety of flowers, the stunning arrangements of millions of pots of Petunias were enough for my Sunday’s visual feast!


One of my favorites at Dubai Miracle Garden are the 3-giant-floral-peacock installations. They’re located just near one of the gates of DMG.

It’s a very appropriate venue for prenuptial photoshoots as the place is absolutely romantic.


Stargazers steal the show from millions of colorful Petunias.

While most countries during winter have thick snow in flowerless and almost lifeless gardens, Petunias are grown in abundance during winter in UAE! Cultivated in pots, hanging and sprawling on the ground, Petunias of various colors proved that it can resists extreme conditions. Not only seen basically in Dubai Miracle Garden but most major roads and streets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (two of the emirates that I have toured to date) are made colorful with Petunias. They must have installed effective and efficient water system to maintain them. It’s gorgeous to see vivid nature at the foot of the vibrant Emirati skylines.

ANS_1852 ANS_1711

Apart from the umbrella-roofed pathway and peacock areas, I liked the part in DMG where they artistically installed junk BMW, Benz, Ferrari and other luxurious cars with decors in full blooms, just before a floral Valentine mansion.

Never fret when hungry and thirsty, there are multiple food and beverage shops within DMG. Imagine savoring ice cream, or sandwiches, or nachos with soda or your favorite blend of coffee under a floral roof. It doesn’t happen on a daily basis unless you have a million-Petunia-garden too at home!

This is where I nibbled and munched some Nachos, dunked them in cheese and salsa, washed down with orange-flavored canned soda while I enjoyed killing time.

It’s near the 18-meter-floral replica of Burj Khalifa, world’s current tallest man-made structure.

First time to eat under such impressive roof.

Instead of troubled water running under the wooden bridge, they had it flowers of course!

And like most gardens around, DMG also has a huge floral clock.

The vast Phase 1 of Dubai Miracle Garden has so much more features and the photos above were just my favorite spots. (Click here to know more :

Phase 2 that;’s located a few meters away from Phase 1 looks even bigger area to highlight winter blooms. It has souvenir shops, aromatic and edible plant gardens, and a soon-to-open-Butterfly Garden.


The entrance to the Flower Valleys is incredibly gorgeous!

The Flower Valley. Vast. Impressive. Beautiful!


It’s indeed a miracle to grow such oasis in the middle of the desert!

Have you been to Dubai Miracle Garden? If not, make sure to include it on your itinerary when visiting Dubai and the rest of UAE!


My mom would’ve love this blog post, I’m sure as she loves flowers so much! Mamy, this one’s for you! 🙂

*This is NOT a sponsored post.



15 thoughts on “DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN

    1. relaxing to the eyes, yes! but the weather is starting to become humid and hot, that’s why i made and effort to visit while there’s still tail end of the UAE winter 🙂

  1. I am very grateful to you for this post–love, love, love flowers. I just started my flower garden here in Florida. How amazing, how beautiful, I am going there next March 2015 to see this garden.

    1. hi thel,

      welcome to my blog! glad you liked the post! i’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit to dubai miracle garden next year. i’m guessing that their display will be more fancy & lovelier in 2015.


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