Allow me to begin this post by commending the Reception staff of The Elizabeth Hotel in Singapore by the name of Bernard.  That guy needs an applause, a promotion, a salary raise or perhaps, even an award for Best Hotel Service or whatever appropriate title, in my own opinion.


Picture this – We had more than 9 hours of travel via bus from Penang to Johor Bahru to Singapore, crossing borders and Immigration proceedings on foot, barely slept comfortably, took the 45 minute-MRT-ride from Kranji Station to Newton and finally, a short taxi cab ride from Newton to Mount Elizabeth Road where The Elizabeth Hotel is secluded.  And did I already mention that we brought a heavy luggage and several bags with loads whose weights were illogical for a 3D2N trip? To make the scenario more dramatic and worse, it rained heavily just right after we boarded the taxi cab en route to the facade of The Elizabeth Hotel.

And then we got the warmest and friendliest reception service from Bernard.  Because my request of early-check in was granted, everything else seemed icing on a cake.  Bernard attended to us professionally with smile and concern with our luggages; he immediately offered to keep them safely behind the concierge as he informed us that our room’s still being prepared. Bernard upgraded our Family Room to a Suite free of charge, which we found the sweetest! And until after we checked out the next morning, he carried our luggage to the taxi cab despite there were other staff that could do that for us.  In case he gets to read this, thank you for everything, Bernard! You made our stay memorable!

Over and beyond the elegant and well-thought-of-interiors, accessibility and outstanding and quality service are what I like the most about hotels of Far East Hospitality.

Just so you know, it was not my first time to check in at one of their hotels in Singapore. Together with my family a few years back, we spent a lovely accomodation in Quincy Hotel (blog post HERE!) and when I came back to Singapore exactly a year after, I enjoyed a 3D2N stay in Oasia Hotel (blog post HERE!).

And so on my 5th visit to the Lion City,

you cannot blame me if I set my expectations high with

The Elizabeth Hotel.

Now, meet my travel buddies.  They’re first-time-tourists in Singapore and it was their very first time to travel abroad together. They’re sisters to each other, with no other siblings in between.
My travel companions for this Singapore trip : my maternal aunty and my one and only mom. 🙂

After waiting comfortably for about half an hour in the lobby (while the staff were preparing the room), we were finally led to our suite.

The name of the suite says it all!  I cannot be grateful enough!

The size of the suite was just fine, never intimidating.

Its white and a blush of pastel color-interiors was very soothing to vision.

ANS_4704 ANS_4707
The complimentary Mini Bar

I immediately checked out the wifi connection with my mobile, then laptop and found out that it’s fast & free!

The Master’s bedroom was simply inviting.
Handsome lines, classy & minimalist interiors. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The only little thing I didn’t like was the airconditioning that was pre-set to a colder temperature than expected and we couldn’t modify it ourselves.  You know my relatives are in their senior years, so almost everything must be regulated and in moderation.

The gorgeous bed where restful sleeps and dreams were made!

Details that deserve a second look. 

Almost all you need are in the wardrobe!

A peek at the Living Room and Mini Bar from the Master’s Bedroom…

I’m very particular with hotel toiletries. They must be hypoallergenic and olfactory nerve-friendly.

Similar to Oasia Hotel Singapore, The Elizabeth Hotel also provides one of my favorite lines of bathroom essentials with citrus-masculine scent, Thann made in Thailand!

The toilet, shower and bath were all built in fine marble, almost spotless with only little hints of age.

Too bad, I failed to sample the tub! 😦

Our accomodation was inclusive of breakfast buffet at Modesto’s, the Italian Restaurant at the lobby of The Elizabeth Hotel.

Where first meal of the day is served; an all-day-Italian restaurant too!

This is where we had breakfast.

The view from where we sat. There’s a flowing water on the glass windows by the greens.

I honestly like those large framed paintings; something unusual from buffet spreads, or at least, it lives up to being Italian themed restaurant. However, breakfast menu also includes a few local dishes, some continental ones and staples.

Can you spot where we dined?

Like an Art Gallery! A visual & gastronomic treats. Nice!

Here are what my mom and aunty had on their morning plates…


And mine…

And man created BACON! I was a happy boy with bacon! Oops, with healthy salad too! hehehe!

My plate : Fried Noodles, Roti Prata and some Blueberry & Chocolate MUFFINS to die for! Believe me, those bite-sized ones are a big reason for you to dine at Modesto’s!

We didn’t pass the chance to visit the swimming pool area just a few steps from Modesto’s.  For a tropical country such as Singapore, a dip in the pool is always a pleasure.

But we only settled for photo-ops by the pool side.
Thank you, The Elizabeth Hotel Singapore! My aunty, my mom and I were all delighted with our stay!

With its walking-distance-location to Orchard Road and its proximity to Mouth Elizabeth Medical Center and Paragon Mall (and other upscale shopping complexes along Orchard Road), excellent hotel service, accomodating and friendly staff, minimalist yet classic interiors and homey ambiance, do you think The Elizabeth Hotel met my great expectations?

It even exceeded.  🙂


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The Elizabeth Hotel | 24 Mount Elizabeth, S228518 Singapore | For more details and reservation, kindly visit the website of The Elizabeth Hotel by Far East Hospitality :

Thank you to Far East Hospitality & particularly to The Elizabeth Hotel for sponsoring our overnight stay at the suite. We really appreciate it! Special thanks goes out to Ms. Ericia Li, Ms. Christina Tan  & Mr. Mike Cheong for generously responding to my emails and request. 



    1. hi bert! most hotels in singapore, at least those few that i have sampled, keep their safe inside the wardrobe. i didn’t check how securely it is fastened but by the look at it, it seems fine; unless you have gold bars to keep. 🙂

  1. It was very obvious from your Mom’s and Auntie’s face, how they are delighted to stay in this Hotel. Ibang Level talaga standards mo Doc pag hotel reviews na pag uusapan. Staying this kind of Hotel would only be a dream for us. 🙂

    1. hi joey+krissy,

      i’m just grateful that most, if not all invites i get are from sponsors offer nothing but excellence.

      i can proudly recommend the elizabeth hotel in singapore!

    1. hi aleah! yes, this was the hotel that hosted noks for sba2012, but we’re fortunate to be offered to stay at the regal suite.

      and guess what, my next blog post will be about a review of the hotel that hosted you for the same event.

    1. i agree. those pastel colors and whites look so clean and appeal to either sexes.

      we appreciated and enjoyed our stay at the elizabeth hotel. the only problem was, we wished we could’ve stayed longer.

      thanks, gracious!

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