tokwa, kape, lugaw
puto, dinuguan, chicharon
pancit malabon at pichi-pichi

My parents prepared a simple feast to celebrate my youngest brother’s 28th birthday (who’s presently based in UAE) last September 17th, and my 37th birthday today, September 18th.  I thank the good and forgiving Lord for blessing me with a loving and understanding immediate family.  God knows we’ve been through a lot but at the end of the day, I remain their eldest son and brother, and that relationship rules over our individual flaws.  That alone, is more than enough reason to celebrate life.

PS : I love you, Gabby! Always remember that I love you so much, son!



33 thoughts on “MANILA | MY 37TH BIRTHDAY

  1. Happy birthday doc!!! Sarap naman ng handa 😋 at ilang weeks Ka dyan? I wish you more blessings and (free) travels to come and good health always to you and your family😉😊

  2. Happy birthday to you and your brother! Wala bang nagpapunta sa inyong celebration ng exotic female dancers to liven up the occasion? At 37, you are just a kid but you already accomplished so much. Iba na talaga ang magaling.

  3. This may be late (I was away you see) but I want to greet you a belated Happy Birthday Doc Gelo! Kamuntik pa pala kayong magkasabay ng younger brother mo. I can only imagine what your parents were thinking back then hehe!

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