18 July 2013, Thursday.  Some days are really better than the others. After a long and tiring day at work (I conducted two-hour-lecture in Medical Parasitology, then facilitated an-hour-written-exam and another 2-hour-laboratory-exam in 3 different blocks of our work place), I cannot complain but rather overwhelmed and grateful! I receieved a priceless reward, enough for me to celebrate with a tachycardic heart and a smile stretching from ear to ear. Today, I found this inside our mail box : 

July-August 2013 issue of Lonely Planet Magazine Asia by Regent Media in Singapore. Get your copy now!

For the second time around, one of my amateurish and very raw photos was published in this esteemed travel magazine’s Postcards section. How could you not be so happy and very proud with that? 😀  If you must know, my very first photo on Lonely Planet Magazine Asia was printed last year, blogged HERE!

LP ANS_5280 - Copy

I was silently euphoric.

My Ringed Beauty. Published on glossy-double-page-goodness! Happiness took over, baby! 🙂

When I went to Chiang Mai,Thailand, the so called, “Rose of  the North” from our current home base in Penang on the last days of December 2012, I was prepared to experience something extraordinary, or probably something new to me.  Alone and on a tight budget, I braved to experience traveling with just a backpack (OK, so plus the laptop bag!), without the usual comfort when I slept for 3 days in a 6-pax-per-room-backpackers’ guesthouse for the very first time. One of my remarkable moments in Chiang Mai was when I met a few Burmese refugees who fled from Myanmar to Northern Thailand years ago because of their personal and political reasons. The rest of the story and my photos of the Padaung Karen Hill Tribe, or more commonly known as, the Long Neck Women on my blog post, HERE!

Fast forward to few months after, I submitted some of my captures taken from the said short trip to Chiang Mai with few of my photos taken in Penang to the Editor of Lonely Planet Magazine Asia. Frankly, I was surprised when the editor replied back to my email and noted that she liked and very much interested with my photo of a Padaung girl with a clasped smart phone on her hands while wearing her culture and tradition around her neck. Perhaps, the photo has more stories to tell.

So while I was ecstatic to see that glossy double-page-spread on LP Magazine-Asia, it almost felt I reached Nirvana when I flipped pages 5 and 6 (other than pages 10 & 11) and saw them containing the same photo of mine! If my Mathematics is correct, my photo appeared in four beautiful pages of the magazine. That’s too sweet!

Thank you very much, Lonely Planet Magazine Asia! Maraming salamat! Mabuhay! 🙂




  1. Hi Doc Gelo, congratulations … four times over (for each page spread)! that is some privilege and honor … not only were your photos published but your written article as well … this might be the start of something bigger for you! great to be Pinoy — April

  2. Hey Doc Gelo, another big thumbs up to you! The picture of that girl clasping a mobile phone does tell a story and you were able to convey that beautifully.

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